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How to know if someone has blocked your number in 2023

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You might be wondering why someone would block your number. Therefore you want to know if your number has been blocked. Attempting to contact the individual via social media or email might help you try to find a solution. It is advisable to avoid making an immediate call if you’re angry. Additionally, hold off on making a call until you are calm. You can then text them to explain why you think they blocked your number.

How can you determine if your phone has been blocked?

Silence is the first sign that someone has blocked your phone number. If they don’t text you back, they have probably blocked you. Good news! You may still directly dial limited numbers and attempt to connect.

The best approach to accomplish this is to send them as SMS. You can also see if other devices have banned the blocked number. It wouldn’t b idea too terrible to try to contact the person if they have a mobile device.

You can try sending a text to see whether the individual is blocked if you’ve attempted to phone their phone and they haven’t responded. You can look for several indications, but there is no accurate way to know.

For instance, the person’s mobile might not be able to send you messages if you don’t receive any. You may also see if other phones have likewise blocked the blocked number.

Can you find out if your phone number has been blocked?

You can determine if someone has blocked you by looking at your most recent communication status. The final message status should say “Delivered” if it is on iMessage. If not, the individual who blocked you has disabled iMessage. You can get in touch with them by going through a relative and asking them why they stopped you. You can find out whether someone has blocked you in a few different ways.

What do I do if I think my number has been blocked?

You can attempt to call the blocked number as well. If you initially stopped the person, this might not work; however, if the call was never connected, it might. If the call was successful, you might be in luck. You’d need to try calling the blocked number again to ensure it isn’t blocked on the other end of the call didn’t go through. If possible, you can also try calling the number from around the globe.

It’s critical to remember that this approach is unreliable. If the number is blocked, you will need to call the person to find out directly. You must then dial the person’s number. You should receive a delivery receipt depending on the blocking technique you use.

How can you tell if someone has blocked your iPhone number?

Do you know that you can quickly determine whether your iPhone number has been blocked?

You can determine whether a phone number has been blocked in several ways. Most iPhones include a “do not disturb” setting, which prevents the owner from receiving your calls. However, you can also check to see if they are still receiving calls. In most circumstances, this will signify that they have switched their phone off or aren’t taking calls. If so, they have likely blocked your phone number.

You can also try phoning the person to see if they’ve blocked your iPhone number. You should attempt blocking the caller’s number if you get a call from them. Additionally, make sure the recipient’s phone has received the message. If the communication is shown as “Delivered,” that individual has not blocked you. If this individual does not receive the news, they have likely blocked your number.

Can I check if my number has been blocked?

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Check the block list on your cellular provider’s website to see if your number has been blocked.

Some carriers will notify you via a prerecorded message if your number has been blocked. If you do, tap the “Unblock” button and press OK. You may have mistakenly activated “Do Not Disturb” mode if you don’t hear anything. Try various settings on your iPhone, and then test it with your phone to ensure it isn’t blocked.

Now that you know how to determine if your phone number has been blocked on an iPhone, how can Android users choose the same thing?

How can I detect if my phone has been blocked on Android?

The act of blocking a number is awkward. It would please you to learn that you can quickly determine whether someone has blocked your number. This can be done by unblocking it and phoning the individual if you’ve ever received a message from a blocker. Voicemail is usually sent to blocked phones. You’ll be astonished by how simple it is to find them. These pointers will help you locate a blocker’s phone number.

  • Call the blocked number first

This straightforward technique will show whether the number is blocked. The blockers’ phone number will have your contact on their phone as blocked. You will need to manually delete the connection if you can’t find it in your contact list. The blocked number will then become visible.

You can confirm if the contact is the one you’re looking for after removing it. It’s annoying to have a phone number blocked. When the number rings, you won’t receive a notification; if it does, you’ll have to wait for several rings before the call reaches you.

  • Text the person

You can text the individual using WhatsApp or message them on social media. It’s a practical approach to inform the person who has blocked your phone number.

What are the indicators that my number has been blocked?

Several indicators indicate that someone has blocked your number on their iPhone or Android device, including strange messages and the speed at which your call is transferred to voicemail. Let’s examine the telltale signs that your phone number is blocked and what you may do to resolve the situation.

  • A message from your network provider

There isn’t a standard message for blocked numbers, and many people don’t want you to be confident that you have been blocked. They have most likely blocked your number through their cellphone carrier if you receive an unexpected message that you haven’t heard before. Although the message differs depending on the provider, it typically looks like this:

The person you are trying to reach is not available.

The person you are trying to get is not currently taking calls.

The phone number you are trying to get might be unreachable.

  • The number of times you hear the ring

You are likely blocked if you receive only one or no ring before your call is transferred to voicemail. The person in this instance has utilized the phone’s number blocking capability. If you call once daily for a few days and receive the same response each time, your number is likely banned. The person is probably not blocking you (yet). Still, they are either denying your calls or ignoring them if you hear three to five rings before your call goes to voicemail.

  • Busy indication

If you receive a busy or quickly busy indication before your call is disconnected, their wireless provider has probably blocked your number. Consider proof that you have been stopped if test calls made several days in a row produce the same outcome. This is the least frequent of the signs of a blocked number, though some carriers still use it.

This outcome could be caused by either your carrier or theirs having technical issues, which is a likely explanation. Call another person to confirm, primarily if they use the same carrier as the person you’re attempting to reach, and see if the call is successful.

  • Sending an SMS to the number can provide another hint

Send a text and check whether the iMessage interface is the same and if you can see that it was delivered if, for instance, you were both using iMessage on an iPhone. You got the sudden urge to wonder if they had blocked you. If you cannot, and the SMS sends a regular text, they may have stopped you. However, one exception is if they’ve simply disabled iMessage or no longer possess an iMessage-capable device.

What to do if a caller blocks your number

There are a few ways to get through or confirm your number is banned, even while there is nothing you can do to have the block on your number lifted with their cellular provider or phone. Take it as proof that you’ve been blocked if you try one of the options below and receive a different result or hint from the list above (provided they don’t answer).

  • When you call, dial the number with *67 to avoid having your number appear on their caller ID.
  • Turn off your caller ID on incoming calls by hiding your number in your phone’s settings.
  • Use a friend’s phone to call them or ask a reliable friend to do it on your behalf.
  • Ask them directly whether they have blocked you via social media or email.


Remember that the most accessible approach to learning whether you’ve been blocked is to ask the person directly because it’s not always easy to tell if you’ve been blocked. Whether you can’t or don’t want to do that, we have some hints to help you figure out if you’re blocked.

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