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How to message on Tinder: Ultimate guide for beginners 2023

message on tinder

Introduction to messaging on Tinder

To express interest on tinder, swipe right or click the heart icon on a user’s profile. You are matched and can start a message exchange if they show interest.

To get started, visit the website. Choose a match from the screen’s left side. Type a message in the area that reads “Type a message,” then hit “Send.”

How Tinder Messaging Operates

A helpful tool for meeting new people is Tinder. Even so, it takes a different method to deliver messages to other users than other dating apps. You may send a direct message to another user right away on other social networking platforms and dating apps. Tinder, on the other hand, demands that both users indicate interest in one another before contact can begin.

You and the other user must swipe on their profile to speak with one another. When you and the other user swipe right on one another, the app notifies each of you that there is a new match and adds you to each other’s conversation tab.

After like another person, you might occasionally need to wait for them to browse and like your profile. When you swipe right, you are instantly informed of the match if they have previously liked you.

On the other hand, the other user might not view your profile, and the user can also decide to swipe left on it due to a lack of interest. This implies that you won’t match and cannot communicate via Tinder.

How to Send a Tinder Message to Someone

On Tinder, you may message someone you’ve been matched with by using the chat feature of the mobile app. Both the iOS and Android versions of these instructions follow the same format.

Tap the speech bubble-shaped symbol in the top-right corner of the app once you’ve been matched with someone on Tinder.

After swiping right on someone’s profile, if you match with them straight away, you can get a fullscreen message asking you to message them.

A screen displaying your matches and received messages is displayed to you. The matches are listed horizontally at the top of the screen. Tap a user’s image to send a message to them.

The conversation window appears. Write a message in the text box by tapping on the bottom of the screen.

Alternatively, you may press the Bitmoji Sticker or GIF icons to send an animated gif or sticker.

You may converse with other messaging services like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Vero.

On the Tinder website, how do you send a message?

The official Tinder website also allows you to message other app users. This is how.

Like the Tinder applications, you can only chat with someone on the Tinder website after you have matched them. A list of all the people you’ve been matched with appears on the left side of the screen. Choose the chat partner’s profile from the list. Choose the text box labeled “Type a message” towards the bottom of the screen. Then select “Send” after entering your message.

The online version of Tinder and the applications that utilize the same account information synchronizes messages. In other words, you may start a discussion on your computer and continue it on your smartphone using the Tinder app or vice versa.

Hot Takes Chat on Tinder

The Hot Takes function on the Explore page allows you to communicate with other users. Every evening from 6 PM to 12 AM local time, users have the option to reply to a fake question from Tinder. Answers are shown for 30 seconds in a chat window that is visible to everyone. If someone replies, you can check their profile and initiate contact. In this manner, you’ll engage in some conversation before matching and have a topic to discuss.

You must be paired with someone on Tinder to message them. Launch the app first, and then log in. When you see your match list, press the speech bubble icon to select the person you wish to communicate with. When finished, type your message in the “Message” box and press the “Send” button.

Seems very simple, doesn’t it? It is, but we’ll still provide detailed instructions demonstrating how to do everything. Turn on your smartphone, open the app, and sign in. Tap the speech bubble symbol in the menu along the top of your Tinder main screen.

How to access your Tinder chats and matches

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A list of the people you’ve been successfully matched with is now visible to you. On Tinder, “New Matches” are individuals you’ve matched with but haven’t messaged or been messaged by yet. “Messages” displays your matches who have either sent you or received at least one message from you. The most recent message either of you sent will be shown next to the match’s name.

How to locate and pick a Tinder match to message

To narrow your match list as you enter, you may also touch inside the “Search Matches” box and input the name of a specific match. This is helpful if you have many matches and don’t want to browse through them all to find a specific one. Simply tap the name of the match you want to message when you discover them. A track of your interactions with that match is shown once you are within the match’s chat window. You would also get to see the time and date of the messages.

If you send the message to the other user on Tinder, you will see details of the day and time you were matched with them. You may tell your match you value their feedback by tapping the heart icon next to one of their messages.

You may send a message yourself by tapping the “Message” box at the bottom of the screen. Then, type the message you wish to send to your match using your device’s (virtual) keyboard. Next, press the Send button. You may look through your smartphone for a photo to send to your match by tapping the GIF button. Please note that as the button’s name suggests, only images with “.gif” file extensions will function.

Here is a video you can also watch

YouTube video

Four hints for striking up a conversation on Tinder

1.     On Tinder, you must express your feelings to a match if you like them.

Being paired with someone on Tinder implies that both parties have an iota of interest in one another, which doesn’t mean anything. Simply to see how many matches they can receive, some users will “like” as many of their potential matches on Tinder as they can. As a result, only around 50% of matches result in message exchanges. Don’t wait for a match you genuinely like to send the initial message if you want to shatter that stigma. Make the first move!

2.     By looking at your match’s profile, you can choose what strategies to use with them.

Regarding texting on Tinder, it’s crucial to initiate the conversation, but you shouldn’t jump right into it. Look at the details and pictures in your match’s profile and write a list of the things you share in common. They could enjoy the same foods that you do. Perhaps your political views and mine are similar. Maybe you have similar interests in one or more pastimes.

  1. Try looking for anything unique about your match if you can’t discover much in common with them. You could notice a subject that users are particularly interested in or a distinguishing quality about them that others might miss. The discussion starters listed above may be used to pique your match’s interest.

4.      Create a personalized, distinctive beginning speech that appeals to the emotions of your match.

So, you’ve decided on a subject to discuss with your Tinder match. The next stage is to consider how to start your first communication by engagingly introducing the issue. Basic greetings like “Hey,” “Hi,” “What’s up “or” How’s your day going?” don’t make for a great first impression with a match. Such basic greetings typically result in a discussion that one or both of you will grow tired of very fast.

Instead, make an effort to develop an introductory statement that will elicit a feeling. For instance, you might arouse your potential mate by praising them for a distinguishing quality that others might not have noticed or highlighted. However, you must be careful about commenting on their physical appearance.

Alternately, you might amuse your match by making a joke related to the subject you selected to talk about. Alternately, you may pleasantly surprise your match by pointing up a potential connection point. If you’re having difficulties determining which emotional angle to relate with your match from, re-read your match’s profile to see if it contains any hints.

One more point is that you should always include your match’s name in your opening message. It’s a thoughtful gesture that shows your match that you care about them on a personal level.


Be careful not to use slang terms. Ensure your spelling and use of grammar is correct. This advice is particularly relevant to your first message. Still, it’s also something you should keep in mind for all subsequent communications. Verify that your emails are grammatically correct and free of spelling errors. Additionally, avoid using contractions or slang for specific phrases often used on the Internet. For example, instead of using “you” “r” or “are” you can use “u” “ur” or “ur” respectively. Instead of “you” or “yes,” say “ya” “Luv” rather than “love.” “wat” rather than “what.”

Some acronyms or abbreviated variants, such as “haha” or “LOL,” are a bit less frowned upon (“laughing out loud”). The majority of other ones can make your potential mate think you’re uncultured (or at least lethargic), which might drastically harm your prospects of moving your relationship—let alone your conversation—anywhere fruitful. You can download Tinder app here.

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