How to turn off Snapchat notification sound instantly 2023


Can you alter the Snapchat alert tone on an Android device? There is no cause for alarm if you don’t. As a result of our instructional guidance, you will.

Snapchat stands apart from other social media sites. The creators of this platform have made it a priority from the start to keep users interested.

The result is a steady stream of updates that bring the app’s list of features up-to-date and fresh. You’re likely a Snapchat addict, too. And you want to customize the Snapchat notification sound on your Android smartphone. Changing Snapchat’s alert tone is a breeze, so you should feel good about giving it a try.

It’s fascinating that there are several options for doing this. That’s why this essay will cover every way you may modify your Snapchat alert tone.

Okay, let’s get started…

How to control the Android Snapchat notification tone

How To Change Snapchat Notification Sound Android

Multiple tens of millions of Android-powered smartphones are now in circulation. They’re all made by different companies, use various operating systems, and have various applications installed. Adjusting the Snapchat notification sound may vary somewhat depending on your Android device. Don’t worry, however. Because we’ll do our best to present the issue from the viewpoints of a wide variety of readers. We will also include a fundamental, almost universal technique among Android devices.

Modify Android’s Default System Notification

Changing the sound played when a notification comes in is the quickest and easiest method to alter Snapchat’s notification sound. Here we’ll demonstrate the process using many Android mobile devices.

On Honor and Huawei Android Devices

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To use this approach, your phone must be a Huawei or Honor model.

Here are the steps

  • To adjust your phone’s preferences, open the Settings menu.
  • Choose the ‘Sounds’ option from the menu that appears.
  • When that page loads, go to the bottom and choose “Notification Sound.”
  • Many distinct alert tones are available for your perusal on this page.
  • It will play immediately when you choose the desired alert tone by tapping on its name.
  • If you like this sound and want to use it as your new notification sound, touch on the sound’s name. You may now turn around.
  • You may set any song or piece of music on your phone as a notification tone if you don’t like the preset options.
  • To do so, choose “Music on device” from the menu and pick the desired tone.
  • An Option to Modify the System’s Alert Tone

Snapchat’s notification sound may be adjusted via your device’s sound preferences.

To all iPhone owners:

  • To begin, open your phone’s settings and choose “Notifications.”
  • Go down the list and choose ” Snapchat.”
  • Select “Sound.”
  • Select the “Default” bubble by tapping on it.
  • Select “iPhone Default” from the menu.
  • Conclude by selecting the “Done” button.

How can I restore the previous notification tone?

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If you don’t like your Android phone’s default notification sound, you may swap it out for anything different. However, what if you second-guess yourself and decide you like the standard audio? Learn the steps here.

How to modify App audio notification on iPhone

To adjust how you hear notifications, use the Settings menu. Use the drop-down menu next to the Default notification sound to choose an ear-pleasing tone.

If the desired sound isn’t present, you may add it by tapping the Add button and choosing the appropriate sound file. If you wish to change the app’s default notification sound to anything else, you may do so under the app’s settings. Access the Sound & Notification settings, and then press the down arrow next to the Default notification sound to revert to the factory settings. Choose a ringtone from the Android menu.

How can I set the default tone for the app’s notifications?

How To Change Snapchat Notification Sound Android

App-specific default sounds may be set as an alternative to the system-wide default, which might be useful in certain situations. Here, you’ll learn how to set a sound as the default for your Android device’s notification apps.

Get started by launching Android’s settings menu. Then choose “Sound” from the menu that appears.

Choose the Default notification app from the Device menu.

All the applications that may send you alerts are shown here. Select the app you’d want to use for alerts by tapping on it. This will cause the app’s sound to play instead of the system’s when a notice is received.

When I go to Snapchat, how can I modify the settings for notifications?

How would you want to be notified on Snapchat when you get a new message? The answer is yes!

Open Snapchat and choose the ghost icon in the upper left corner to access the Notifications menu. Then, to access the options, choose the cogwheel symbol.

How to Acquire a Good Suppler

Select “Notifications” from the drop-down menu. Here you may set alerts for when you get a message, join a group chat, are added to a story, or have your tale viewed.

Select a new sound to use as the alert tone by tapping the “Sound” option.

Flip the switch next to it to stop receiving a certain kind of alert.

The Snapchat ringtone won’t stop playing. What can I do?

The Snapchat ringtone plays whenever you get a snap, but there may be moments when you’d rather it didn’t. Thankfully, there is a simple solution to turn it off.

Snapchat’s ringtone may be disabled from the Settings menu. Select “Sound” after tapping “Notifications.” New Snap should be at the top of the aural alerts list. Turning off ‘New Snap’ is as simple as toggling the corresponding switch.

You’ll get a text message whenever someone sends you a snap rather than hearing the ringtone.

Snapchat on iOS: How can I customize the notification tone?

  • Snapchat’s alert tone on iOS may be customized with a few taps.
  • Start by opening your device’s Settings menu.
  • Click Notifications, then tap Snapchat.
  • Snapchat’s notification tone may be modified in the Settings > Sound menu.
  • You can pick from a variety of pre-made sounds or make your own by clicking the “Custom” button.
  • After you’ve made your final sound choice, you may confirm it by touching the OK button.

What is a standard notification tone?

When a new notification is received on a device, the default notification sound is the one that plays instantly. Although most smartphones allow for customization of this sound, notifications typically play a preset sound. The music on the device may be this sound, or it could be a ringtone.


Every day Snapchat gains more users, and they are updating the app with many novel and exciting features. About 350 million individuals, according to recent estimates, are using Snapchat right now. You’ll have to admit that you’re one of those people. The Snapchat notification sound is often changed from its factory setting. As we said we would, we’ll show you a few different methods to modify your Android’s Snapchat alert tone. In addition, we’ve done our best to lay out each procedure in detail. For everyone, regardless of their familiarity with technology, to easily follow directions.

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