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How to upload Snapchat stories – Ultimate Guide in 2023

Upload snapchat stories


If you are having difficulty uploading snapchat stories, worry no more as you are about how to uncover how to upload snapchat stories of your choice without hassle.

When ready to save your images, choose Camera Roll from the camera tab’s Memories icon (the overlapping photos).

The three-dot menu on iOS devices allows users to access picture and video editing options (Android).

You may save the snap in your Snapchat Memories, share it with a buddy, or publish it to your Snapchat story.

In this tutorial, we’ll go through the basics of using Snapchat on both iOS and Android to send and receive multimedia messages.

Snapchat’s Guide to Viewing Your Past Snaps

Snaps taken inside Snapchat may be saved to Snapchat Memories, and existing images and videos can be uploaded from your smartphone. Get quick access to Snapchat’s Memories by following these steps:

  • In the Snapchat app, swipe left or right to go to the camera tab if you aren’t already there.
  • Select the little two-picture symbol that appears below the camera button.
  • If you have saved any photos, a new tab titled Memories will rise from the bottom of the screen and display a grid of them. This tab will be empty if you still need to save it.

Guidelines for Beginning Media Sharing

It would be best if you used the Memories function to transfer any content from your smartphone. The Snapchat mobile app allows users to modify their photos, and video messages sent using Snapchat may be edited for length, volume, text, and drawings.

You should see the Snaps, Camera Roll, and My Eyes Only options when you open the Memories menu. (You can only watch My Eyes Only if activated.) You may access the right screen by tapping Camera Roll.

The photos and videos on your phone are stored in a ” Camera Roll folder.” Use My Eyes Only to save your Snapchat content in a secure location. Once you’ve chosen the photos you wish to keep private, hit the lock symbol at the bottom of the screen and proceed with the on-screen instructions.

Snapchat won’t work unless you give it permission to see your images. It should prompt you to grant permission if you haven’t already. Tap the OK button to continue.

  • Choose a moving image to share with your pals or publish it on your profile.
  • Select options using the three dots (menu) in the top right corner.
  • Tap either Edit Photo (iOS) or Edit Snap (Android).
  • Using the pop-up tools, you can add text, emoji, drawings, effects, or even just cut and paste to your picture or video.

Since you did not snap a picture or video inside the Snapchat app, you cannot add filters that include Bitmoji or animations. However, you should be able to use one of the several coloured filters.

When you’re satisfied with your changes, choose Done, and then follow the on-screen instructions to save the picture if you want.

The modified picture may be sent without being saved beforehand. The send button may send your uploaded photo as a narrative or message to friends.

Image and video file formats accepted by Snapchat

Some photographs and videos you share on Snapchat may appear differently than those you create using the program itself. Some may look cropped with black borders around them, while others may appear to have been zoomed in with the corners trimmed off. If you snap a picture or video outside of Snapchat, the app will try to make it appear presentable so that you may transmit it.

The Inhibition of Alternative Apps

The Memories feature replaces some third-party applications that promised to make it easier for Snapchat users to contribute photographs and videos before its release. Since then, Snapchat has prohibited using external applications, citing a breach of its Terms of Service.

Incorporating Recollections and Camera Roll

Snapchat’s “memories” feature lets users upload and store media from other platforms for later viewing. Excellent Snapchat tales may be made with its help.

How can you add a picture from your Snapchat Memories or an imported photo to your story?

To put it simply, it’s simple. To get started, open Memories:

  • Get Snapchat going by opening it and signing in.
  • Select the gallery button that looks like a bunch of little squares adjacent to the large circle button.
  • There will be a change to the current screen. And those are the Memories.
  • Use the “Camera Roll” button.
  • Using the “Camera Roll,” you may browse through the media stored on your mobile device.

If you can’t see any photographs when you tap the Camera Roll option, Snapchat needs access to your phone’s storage.

  • Choose one of the two approaches below.
  • First, you may access this option from your Snapchat preferences.
  • Select your account by clicking the profile picture.
  • With little restrictions in place.
  • To manage, click “Manage.”
  • To choose “Authorizations,” click here.
  • To activate the camera, tap the toggle next to “Camera.”
  • Phone Settings

The other option is to use your phone.

Devices running Android

  • Start by accessing your phone’s configuration menu.
  • Go to the menu and choose “Apps & Notifications.”
  • Select “Snapchat” from the drop-down menu.
  • A drop-down list of options will show up. Just go on over to “permissions.”
  • To see whether the camera is active, click the “Camera” button. If it is off, turn it on.

With an iPhone

  • Select Preferences.
  • Tap the tab labelled “Snapchat.”
  • Enable the feature labelled “Camera.”
  • Camera Roll Image Uploading
  • Go back to Camera Roll and choose a picture to add to your Snapchat story.
  • Select the “Edit” tab in the photo’s lower left corner to make changes.
  • Locate the upload button in the lower left corner and click the story button.
  • Snap the image and press the “Add” button to include it in your story.
  • If you touch the “Share to” option and choose recipients, you may send the picture to individual Snapchat buddies.

Using the Phone Gallery

You’ll need a third-party app if you want to add a picture from your phone’s gallery to your Snapchat story. Casper is one third-party app available for usage, and this is a helpful app for anyone using Android phones. Keep in mind, however, that it is an unofficial Snapchat add-on. You cannot use any third-party app to access your Snapchat account. As a result, Snapchat might terminate your account.

Get the app on your computer and start using it. To use the apk file, your device must be set to accept software downloads from untrusted sources.

To begin using it, you must first log out of Snapchat (Profile icon > Settings > Log out) after installation.

Now that you have your Snapchat credentials, you can return to Casper and log in. (Begin the Snapchat app, input your Snapchat Username, then Snapchat Password, and then click “Log in”).

Select “Choose from Gallery” to upload a picture from your library.

Edit the picture with the help of the app. You may modify your photo by applying a filter, typing some text, or adding a sticker.

Transmit the snapshot by clicking the Snapchat icon.

You can see whether your Snapchat story has been changed by logging out of Casper and into your Snapchat account directly.

The In-App Camera of Snap

Use Snapchat’s in-app camera to snap a photo and add it to your story.

The following is the procedure:

By selecting the Snapchat icon, you may launch the program.

  • Press the bottom-right circular button to snap a picture. To take a selfie, you must first turn on the front-facing camera. Choose the appropriate option in the upper right corner to turn the camera around.
  • Modify the image using the in-app tools.
  • Choose the tale from the drop-down menu with a download option to read it.
  • You may add the snapshot to your Snapchat tales by clicking the “Add” button.
  • If you don’t like the picture, you can get rid of it. Pick the cross button.


Snapchat: How can I play back a video in reverse?

Snapchat users may flip their recorded videos by tapping the three reverse arrows () after recording a new video snap and swiping left on the preview screen.

Does Snapchat have a way to slow down a video?

Snappers may slow down videos by shooting a new one at a slower frame rate or selecting an existing one from their camera roll and using the Edit button. Then, swipe left and click the snail symbol to activate the slowdown.

To what extent is it possible to record content from Snapchat and store it?

You may save films you shoot on Snapchat by tapping the down arrow once you’ve finished recording. A notification reading “Saved” will appear when the video is successfully saved.


Including an image in a Snapchat story is easy. Do it in any of the ways I just listed. The steps are simple to implement. Feel free to pass on any of these strategies to anyone who may benefit from them.

This is the last sentence of the article. Add additional photographs and videos to your Snapchat Story to keep in touch with your Snapchat pals.

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