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How to View Deleted Messages on iPhone instantly in 2023

deleted messages on iphone


If you delete a message on your iPhone, it may not be permanently removed from your device. You may still retrieve previously sent messages by opening the Settings app on your device. This does not imply that the discussion has come to an end. Make sure that: If you don’t see any deleted messages under “Messages,” it’s because you’re missing some of them. If you want to see deleted messages on your iPhone you may really retrieve them later. This applies to both photos and texts. Continue reading to discover how to access texts that have been erased on an iPhone.

In this article, you will learn about how to check your deleted messages on iPhone.

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In this post, you will discover how to check your deleted texts on your iPhone and will leave with some useful knowledge. You may examine the trash bin as well as your past text messages to see if there are any texts that have been erased. If you have a backup, it will be simple for you to retrieve the messages that you have deleted; however, if you do not have a backup, it will be vital for you to learn how to retrieve deleted texts from an iPhone when you do not have a backup.

It is possible to recover lost messages on an iPhone in one of two ways: with or without the use of any third-party software or applications. The first option needs the user to have access to an iCloud account, the password for which the user may have forgotten or lost. If you choose to utilize the second approach, the iMessage app will not operate at all since Apple ensures that each message is stored only once (on its servers). So if you want to get back those precious moments with your loved ones, keep following these steps carefully.

Here are the steps for viewing deleted messages on an iPhone:

Downloading and installing the iOS version of PhoneRescue on your computer is the first step in this process. After that, open PhoneRescue and ensure that your iPhone is connected to the PC. Choose the option to Recover from iOS Device, then hit the Scan button followed by the Continue button, and then wait for the scan procedure to finish (usually about 30 seconds).

After you have successfully retrieved messages from an older backup file, you will be able to see them in their original format inside iTunes or iBooks on OS X or Windows 10 PCs/Macs, depending on which you have installed.

View Deleted Messages on iPhone Using PhoneRescue

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Downloading the program is the first step in utilizing PhoneRescue to recover texts from an iPhone that have been erased. You may look for it in the App Store, or you can use one of the following ways to install it straight from your computer:

  • Click here to download PhoneRescue for Mac (direct link).
  • Click here to download PhoneRescue for Windows (direct link).

Open PhoneRescue and start the software by clicking on its icon in your dock or the Start menu once you have successfully downloaded and installed it on your personal computer. After that, choose Open Scanner, and wait while it searches through all of the files on your device.

When it is finished, you may access all of your conversations by clicking on the Messages tab. You will then be able to check for any suspicious behavior and go through all of your communications from that location. If you come across anything that seems fishy, you should highlight it and then click the Recover button that is located at the very top of the window. This will preserve a copy of all the material that was discussed during that chat for you to examine at a later time.

View Deleted Messages on iPhone without Backups

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It’s possible that you’re thinking to yourself, “How can I read deleted texts on my iPhone without backups?” This is an issue that often arises, and there are several compelling arguments in favour of backing up your device. You will need to restore your phone, for instance, from a backup file in the event that you misplace it or it sustains damage that cannot be repaired. Or, if your phone is stolen and the thief deletes all of the information on it (which has been known to happen), the thief will not be able to access any personal information that is saved in the memory of the stolen phone.

In addition to these advantages that come with backing up an iPhone by using iCloud or iTunes (see below), there are also some disadvantages associated with not having backups. One of these disadvantages is the inability to recover deleted text messages and photos after they have been deleted from the device itself.

In the event that you have deleted a picture or text message from your iPhone inadvertently and would want to retrieve it, you may do so as follows: Restore your iPhone using a backup that was stored in iTunes or iCloud.

If you have an iCloud backup, then you will be able to restore your iPhone without losing any of the information that is stored on it. This is due to the fact that backups stored in iCloud are exhaustive and contain information about all programs and the settings they utilize in addition to the system settings for the device. If, on the other hand, you have a backup of your iPhone stored in iTunes, you may be able to utilize that file to restore your iPhone; however, the backup must have been produced within the last week.

To do this, go to Settings > General > Reset, and from the selection that appears, choose Erase All Contents and Settings. After that, run iTunes on your computer and connect your device so it can communicate with the computer.

In iTunes, if your device isn’t already chosen in the Devices section, pick it now and then click the Restore iPhone button in the Summary pane located on the right side of the window.

Use Finder or iTunes

You may try restoring your iPhone using the backup you created on a Mac or PC in instead of using iCloud. This entails utilizing Finder on a Mac or iTunes if you have Windows.

Using Finder or iTunes, you may recover lost iPhone messages

1. If they don’t open immediately, connect your iPhone to your computer and launch iTunes or Finder.

2. In iTunes, choose Summary from the left-hand menu after clicking the phone symbol at the top of the screen. Click the name of your phone in the Finder’s Locations menu on the left.

3. If you choose Restore Backup, your previous SMS should return to your phone. If they don’t, these messages weren’t included in your backup.


We hope that you find this information to be informative and useful. Keep in mind that it is quite simple for you to read texts that have been erased on your iPhone if you so want. Remember that there are other ways to recover a lost iPhone or iPad as well. For example, iCloud backups and iTunes sync backups can store older versions of messages (which may have been deleted) before they were sent out over the internet. This is true even if the messages were sent out over the internet.

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