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How to view private Instagram Account without following 2023

private instagram

Instagram is one of the largest social media platforms available, boasting of over one billion users. The Instagram platform is specifically designed for creators who want to share their content with the rest of the world. However, there are some users who would rather keep their content restricted to a short list of people, who they have approved as followers.

This divides instagram accounts into different types; private instagram accounts and public accounts.

The public account is the default Instagram account where everyone can find and view everything a user shares on their profile.

When an account is made private through Settings, the content is not available publicly and other users cannot see beyond the bio and profile photo.

This special feature is important for people who like to keep their memories and content away from non-following viewers and helps them share personal content with only the people they want to.

how to see or view a private instagram account

If for any reason, an Instagram user wants to view a private Instagram account without adding, there are several ways to do so.  Here are some of the ways you can view an Instagram account withoiut actually adding the user to your following list:

Send a Follow Request to the Private Account`

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There are many reasons why people make their Instagram account private. They usually only want people they know viewing their profile and content. The most legitimate way of viewing such profiles is to send a follow request and hope that it gets accepted. Depending on how often the person users their Instagram account, this method coukd take several days.

If the request hasn’t been attended to, one can try sending a DM (Direct Message) to the profile owner and hope to get their attention. By doing this, there is a higher chance of the request getting noticed and being accepted. 

If you are in luck and the person is online at the time, then they may accept the request and you will be able to view their profile.

Use Google Search

Google keeps record of Instagram content and by simply searching the profile username, the Google search engine can find content from them. However, only content that was created when the account was public will be available for viewing.

Once the search page loads, it will display all images, news and videos relevant to the search query. Select the ‘Image’ tab  and you should access to a collection of the person’s public posts.

This is one of the easiest ways of bypassing private Instagram accounts without breaking any of Instagram’s community rules.

Use a Third Party Instagram Viewer App

Third party tools allow you to view private accounts without actually following the account. Examples of these tools include Private Insta, Private Instagram Viewer, InstaRipper, InstaGrammies, GWAA and others. Any of these apps can allow you to view private Instagram accounts. is one of thge several third-party tools youy can easikly use to view private Instagram accounts without adding. To do this on an iPhone, simply open ‘settings’ and g go to ‘general’. Once you are in, find the ‘background app refresh’ button and turn it on. Then, go to battery and turn off low power mode. Go to the App store and set automatic downloads on and then visit ‘Com’. there will be a displayed list of options, click on ‘view private account’.

After the page loads, a box labelled ‘Target Instagram Username’ will appear, type in the username you are trying to view and hit ‘Connect’. You will receive a message requesting you to confirm the account, once you have, click on ‘confirm’. You will need to wait a few seconds for the progress bar to complete. Finally, you will get a message that says, ‘Private data successfully unlocked for ABC’.

Go back to Instagram and search for the username and you will be able to view the account.

Create a Fake Account

This method is regarded as a black hat way of gaining access to a private account and is assuredly creepy. It is unethical and goes against the terms of use of most platforms including instagram. By using a fake account, you cann pose as anything and edit the article to portray the user’s interests so as to gain access to their content. 

Experts say that you have a better chance at getting approved as a female than a male. This means that a man could create a fake account and pose as a woman to have their requests approved. This is not a recommended way of viewing a private Instagram account and can come off as intrusive even.

Create an Account Posing as an Acquaintance

This particular approach is considered a step too far and plain creepy. This should be a last resort when trying to view a private Instagram account wiothout adding when trying to find evidence leading to a crime or something along the lines.

The method is very simple and can be achieved in only a few minutes. Ypou need to find  a person that the profile knows and create a clone account that looks similar to it. After doing this, you need to send a request like on the first method.

To be cover all loopholes, you can go on other social platforms to find a person the targetted profile frequently engages with and create the clone. This method can come off as criminal and is only added to this list only to ensure completeness. It should not be used at any point for frivolous reasons as it can be incriminating.

View Through a Friend

If you have a friend who is a friend of the person you are trying to get access to their content, you can ask trhem to check their account for you. Since they are already following them, you do not need to break Instagram’s terms of use by using black hat methods. To know who is already following the person, you can simply as your friends on your Whatsapp status.

Search Other Platforms

Other platforms are not like Instagram and most of them do not have the private feature. If someone has made their Istagram account private and it is imperative that you see their content, you can search for them on other platforms such as TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat etc. 

If you do not know their full name, you can find this out through their Instagram bio and use this information to search on other platforms. By scouring other plkatforms, you can find just as many photos and videos of the person as you need.


Private accounts are purposeful and a personal decision to keep content hidden from the whole Instagram community. The aim of the feature is to limit viewing to just personally approved and selected followers. However, sometimes the need to view a private instagram account becomes great and thus requires covert or simple approaches. 

There are many ways to view Instagram account without adding and this list gives you the most effective means to do so. However, using black hat methods such as creating a fake account or a clone account should be out of the works unless it is absolutely necessary.

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