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Fix for Spotify web player that is not working 2023

spotify web player

The world’s best website is the Spotify online player. This is because it enables instant access to a large selection of Spotify songs without requiring you to leave your web browser. Although it seems like a fantastic idea, several users have complained that the Spotify web player doesn’t function well in some browsers. To resolve this problem, we will examine the cause of the Spotify player’s malfunction and possible solutions. 

Outdated browsers

In the Help area of your browser, check and update it. Open the web player in a private or incognito window, if possible. Access to shared or public networks, such as work, school, or office, is limited. For more information, get in touch with the network administrators.

 Try listening on the desktop app if the problem persists.

Error message

If you see this error message, “Playback of password-protected content is not permitted.” Message or one similar, you need to install a media pack or enable the Widevine plugin. You don’t need to download anything to help the plugin, and your internet security is not jeopardized.

How do I fix Spotify that stops working on my browser

From 2020, Safari will be the only web browser that functions without a hitch. But one thing to remember is that the Safari online player for Spotify ceased working in 2017. Some visitors to the website even experienced a Spotify web Player dark screen problem. After a protracted absence, it resumed operation in 2020, and no issues have been observed. Step-by-step instructions on how to resolve the Spotify online player issue will be covered in the next section.

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  • To fix the Spotify web player not working on Chrome, enter chrome:/settings/content in your browser’s URL bar. Check the box next to Allow the site to play protected content.
  • To fix the Spotify web player that is not working on Firefox, follow these steps. At the top of the screen, click Enable DRM in the yellow warning box. If the yellow bar is not visible: Enter about: preferences#content in your browser’s address bar and turn on Play DRM under DRM content. Users of Firefox should make sure they can play DRM-restricted material. Launch Firefox settings (or type about: preferences in the address bar of Firefox) and look for DRM there. Finally, make sure this functionality is activated. To see if websites can play protected material, Edge users can type the following in the URL bar: edge:/settings/content/protected content?search=media.
  • To fix the Spotify web player that is not working on Edge, the web player has to be enabled by a Media Feature Pack in N versions of Windows 10. Visit the Microsoft download hub. After choosing your language, click “Download.” Click Next after selecting your platform. Visit the Microsoft download center for further information and comprehensive installation instructions.

The functionality of Windows 10 N is essentially the same as that of Windows 10’s other editions. However, they lack all of the media features included with the base version of the Windows 10 operating system. Additionally, Windows 10 N versions lack the media playback features necessary for the Spotify online player to run in the edge browser. You can download and install the media feature pack from the Microsoft website. After doing so, restart the Edge browser.

Please be aware that the media feature pack cannot be installed on Windows 10’s other editions. Try these solutions if running a different version of Windows and run into this issue. Open a Private Window in the Spotify online player. To determine which extension is causing the problem with the web player, try deactivating each one individually.

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File photo dated 11/06/14 of the Spotify App an Apple iPad, as award-winning Ed Sheeran has supported the levels of payments made to artists by streaming service Spotify and pointed the finger at record labels for poor returns.

What other methods can I use to resolve the Spotify web player?

Web Browser Support

You should check the official Spotify-supported browsers even if they can be used with specific other browsers. If yours isn’t on the list, try switching.

Cache and cookies clearing

Every operating system stores a little amount of data about the online material it browses. If a visitor revisits the website, it helps to serve such material fast.

However, occasionally it affects how the material is delivered. Therefore, if nothing has yet worked for you, try clearing the DNS cache. Resetting your internet connectivity settings is entirely safe.

When you click on a website URL, a lot takes place. Additionally, some of that remains in your browser when you leave the page.

It could include some components required for a website to operate as intended. However, some leftovers, such as the Spotify online player issue, might be problematic. There are several methods for cleaning cache and cookies for each browser and platform.

Utilize this according to your browser, such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge, etc. If your browser’s procedure isn’t stated here, look it up online.

You may also utilize browser cleanup applications like Avast Cleanup for a straightforward procedure that works for everyone.

This is a continuation of the earlier point. When cookies and cached data interfere with web programs, issues like the Spotify web player not working might occur.

How to clear the cache and cookies on Chrome and Microsoft Edge have already been covered. Other browsers also follow much the same procedures. Go to settings and do a quick search or check the privacy section.

Allow Protected Content

Are you seeing a message that says, “Playback of protected material is not enabled”? It’s simple to remedy that. Open the browser settings first. I’ll use Google Chrome as an illustration. Select Protected content under Settings > Site options > Additional settings.

‘Enable sites to play protected content option’ should be toggled here. To save time, you may also paste this into the browser; chrome:/settings/content

Suppose they get the message Playback of protected material is not enabled. In that case, Chrome users (and users of Chrome-based browsers like Brave) should use this.

Your platform—desktop or Android—again determines this. Desktop users can enable this feature by typing chrome:/settings/content/protected content in the Chrome address bar: Sites can play protected material.

Notably, how protected information is allowed varies depending on the web browser used.

Download Media Feature pack

Microsoft points out that N versions lack native media applications and functions out of the box. Even on a web browser, Spotify requires the Media Feature Pack, which you must download first. After all, the Windows software installed is the browser and might need some support.

Discover Extension Problems

Check whether your browser or one of the installed extensions is having a problem. Additionally, some media extensions may conflict with the Spotify online player. Open Incognito mode to see whether Spotify will work. If so, a specific extension is a problem. To determine which extension is creating a conflict, disable all and enable each simultaneously.

How do I make the Spotify web player work again?


Here are some reasons why the Spotify web player might not work on your device.

Stop using multiple devices

A user discovered that Spotify’s online app might become confused if you use it on several devices. Spotify Connect may be involved in this as well. If you or a family member uses a separate device to listen to music on the same Spotify account, Spotify might not function well on your device. Opening the program and choosing Web Player at the bottom of the screen is one approach to resolve this.

To stream Spotify, try varying your devices by using Chromecast. Then return to using the online player. You might be able to restart Spotify’s web player with the temporary switch.

Log out on other devices

From every device where you use the same account to stream music, you may log out of Spotify. On the web, the option is accessible from the Account overview tab under profile.

Change your country code if you travel

When you traveled, did you utilize Spotify? Spotify’s online player may not have updated the location of your device. A user discovered that altering the site in the profile is helpful.

Step 1: Open the URL below and change the word “US” to the appropriate country code (e.g., US, DE, FR).

Step 2: Go to your profile settings page, which should be accessible from this page.

Step 3: From the drop-down menu, choose your nation. You may then save the modifications.

Check if the Spotify web player is still functional by reloading it.

Refresh quickly

One Spotify user discovered an odd workaround for the issue “Spotify not functioning in browser” by doing a quick refresh. The play button should appear if you fast-click the album cover of the song you’re trying to stream a few times. Press the F5 or refresh button when it does. If the play button doesn’t appear immediately, try this technique again a few times.

Valuable tips to fix Spotify web player that is not working

If this is your first time running into this problem, you might wonder if Spotify’s online player is down. Although that can occasionally happen, that is not the cause of it not functioning in your browser. Here are some valuable tips that can help you fix Spotify web that is not working.

  • Your browser’s cookies and cache should be removed.
  • You must activate protected content in your browser if you notice that playback of the protected material isn’t enabled. All popular web browsers have this feature.
  • If the player launches without a hitch but won’t play music tracks, you should clear your system’s DNS cache.
  • Verify the network connection: This seems silly, yet it still occurs. Try a different web page or browser to test your internet connection.
  • Restart Your Browser: Some users have only needed to restart their browsers to get their Spotify online player back up and running.
  • Prevent Multiple Logins: Sign out of all other accounts to see whether the issue still exists.
  • Use incognito mode to avoid a lot of issues. If your Spotify online app operates in incognito mode, it’s likely due to browser extensions. To identify the offender, try deactivating each one separately.
  • Check Network Access: Access to some websites may be restricted on some private networks. To resolve this, speak with your system administrator.


We trust that our explanation of the situation with the Spotify online player has been clear. It’s more straightforward than you may believe in resolving this problem. If the problem continues, you must speak with the Spotify support staff for additional help.

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