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is someone on Tinder dating app? Ultimate Guide in 2023

tinder dating app

Modern dating applications like Tinder dating app have given us countless opportunities to meet new people and hopefully find genuine love. But it’s also a haven for persistent liars, cheats, and catfish prowling about and ruining hearts.

What do I do if I want to know whether someone has a Tinder dating app or profile?

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Unfortunately, Tinder limits your ability to search for your matches exclusively, excluding everyone else who is also using the app for privacy concerns. Here are more options available to you:


Make TruthFinder your first destination if you want to uncover unspoken facts about individuals. TruthFinder has millions of data points in its database. TruthFinder enables you to conduct a thorough investigation into individuals by using just their names. This includes looking up their personal information, dating profiles, social media accounts, assets, properties they own, and, if applicable, any criminal records.

Visit the TruthFinder website, type in the subject’s name, and click “Search Now.” You might also enter the name into the search field.

You’ll get a thorough background report in step two. From there, you may learn about the person’s online dating activity.


BeenVerified is an effective social media search engine that enables you to look for someone’s existence on more than 55 social media platforms. People frequently use the same handle across many social media platforms. Even if BeenVerified doesn’t support Tinder, it is still feasible to locate someone’s Tinder profile.

Click SEARCH after selecting a search option (username, name, phone number, or email address). You’ll get a thorough background report with all discovered public documents about the person in less than a minute. This also contains, if offered, a link to their dating profile.

You will have to pay a charge to view the report. The good news is that a 7-day trial of BeenVerified is now available for just $1. You are permitted to use all features associated with a regular membership during the trial period.

Social Catfish

Have you just met someone on Tinder and are unsure about their identity? Or do you believe your boyfriend may be lurking on Tinder? You may get the solution from Social Catfish.

Social Catfish is a dating research service that finds dating profiles and validates them.

Input your name, email, phone number, username, location, or upload an image to get started.

  • Visit the Social Catfish website to see whether someone is using Tinder.
  • Select a search type, fill out the form, and press Search.
  • You’ll get a thorough report about the individual you sought in a matter of minutes. If any other dating websites are accessible, this often includes their activity on Tinder.

In America and more than 100 other nations worldwide, Social Catfish has assisted users in catching thousands of cheaters, catfishers, and other fraudsters.


A potent person’s search engine is Spokeo. It enables you to search any person’s personal information on more than 120 social networks thanks to its billions of current entries database. This implies that a search at Spokeo will bring up a person’s profile on any dating app, including Tinder, OkCupid, MeetMe, Hinge, Bumble, Instagram, and Snapchat.

The persons you look up won’t be informed of any searches because they are all done confidently. Additionally, the procedure needs a few minutes. Here’s how to check someone’s Spokeo profile to see whether they have a Tinder profile.

Step 1: Visit the Spokeo website.

Step 2: Type the name (only the first name), number, or email address and press the SEARCH NOW button.

Step 3: Hold off on having Spokeo search its database.

Step 4: When you’re done, you’ll be shown a complete report with all the information you looked for, including the person’s social media and dating website profiles (when available).

Note: Whether the person you’re seeking has a Tinder profile, you may click on the link Spokeo supplied to their profile. You would also see if it’s the person you’re looking for by seeing their bio or photo. Basic information search is available on Spokeo at no cost. But you’ll have to pay a monthly fee if you want access to the entire study. You may test out the 7-day trial for just $0.95 if you’re not quite ready to commit to the subscription.

Conduct an internet search

Another reliable way to find out if someone is using Tinder is using search engines. To accomplish this, open your web browser, put into the search bar, and press Enter. You’ll need to change @username with the name of the person you’re attempting to look for.

All users of Tinder with that name will be displayed to you in a matter of seconds. To see if the person is on the website, click on the results and look through each individually.

Attempt “signing in.”

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With this one, you run the danger of betraying the trust you have with the other person. Suppose you’re set on going for it. In that case, you may open the Tinder app and sign in using your partner’s email address before entering any password.

If you receive a “wrong password” error message, someone already uses your email address and has a Tinder account. Do not click on a” forgot your password” or “Reset Password” link that might cause the system to send an email to the bill if you wish to keep it a secret.

How to find out if someone is using Tinder

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You could have mentally braced yourself for the outcome when you started your search to see if the individual had a Tinder profile. So, if you come across profiles with that person’s name, don’t become alarmed.

Additionally, just because someone has a profile doesn’t imply they’ve been active on it or been unfaithful. The user may have made the account years ago and forgotten about it (you two met). Nevertheless, if you choose to continue spying, you may.

Again, Tinder doesn’t provide the user’s most recent activity or online status. Still, suppose you have access to their profile. In that case, you may use the following indicators to determine whether they have at least recently used the app:

The dotted green line

A person has been online in the previous 24 hours if there is a green dot next to their name. However, this green dot may not represent real-time status like other messaging platforms. Because this is a paid feature, you must be a Tinder Gold or Tinder Platinum member to view this symbol on other users.

See whenever a user is typing.

This is a clear cue, but you can only test it if you anticipate the other person responding. You might be able to see the typing bubbles when they type something into the chatbox if they are writing to you.

Check to see if they swipe right on you by doing so

Swiping directly could work to see if they respond similarly. If so, the users have the app and could also glance you over if their alerts are switched. However, if you don’t receive a “match,” he isn’t using the app or interested in you.

Changes to the profile

Continue to go over their Tinder profile to see if any modifications have been made that indicate recent involvement. For instance, posting a picture from three years ago, before you two were engaged, on his profile would not be concrete proof that he hangs out on Tinder. On the other hand, posting photos from last week in the bathroom of your shared apartment would be quite another matter.

A shift in location

This is a helpful tip because Tinder refreshes your location as long as the app is active and connected to the internet. You may see if your site has changed if you haven’t spoken to someone recently or checked their profile. The person you are searching for, for instance, has most likely been using the app during the past 48 hours if they were 16 miles away from you two days ago and are now 28 miles away.


Finding out whether they are on a dating site, especially Tinder, is an intelligent place to start. This is a good starting point whether you want to scout out your new date there or you have suspicions that your boyfriend, girlfriend, or husband isn’t being faithful.

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