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samsung vs huawei


Many people wonder which is better between Samsung vs Huawei since they are both top Android manufacturers and have been for some time. Comparing Huawei vs Samsung is challenging since both companies provide gadgets that compete in the market and are competitive. Samsung continues to dominate in terms of sales and demand. Still, Huawei came very close to passing the South Korean tech titan last year. The latter, which is an entirely different game, was unable to outsell its competitors in the Android market since its products could only be bought in China.

Huawei vs Samsung: Which One Is the Better Phone?

The Galaxy Fold, Galaxy Z Flip, and the most recent Galaxy Z Fold 2 are just a few examples of Samsung’s superiority against Huawei in the smartphone market. There were other folding smartphones on the market, including Huawei’s own Mate X and Mate Xs, but they differed from the Z Fold 2. While the former’s notion of having the screen face outwards may have been novel at the time, it may now seem bad due to the increased likelihood of the screen being broken. Regarding foldable phones, Samsung is currently the best brand to deliver what people want; however, at a hefty price.

Samsung vs Huawei?

It would be helpful to know how Huawei and Samsung fare against one another when comparing cameras, batteries, and affordable smartphones. In that case, let’s jump right in.



The Huawei P30 Pro’s camera specifications have lifted the bar for smartphones. A 5x optical zoom is what you can anticipate from this model. This enables you to focus on a distant topic closely without sacrificing image quality. This model has the additional benefit of producing excellent images and recordings at night. One explanation is that Huawei’s AI makes the appropriate adjustments to the picture. Still, sometimes the colours might be excessively intense.

On the other hand, Samsung’s high-end smartphones are often linked to outstanding photography performance. 

Sim Free Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus 128GB Mobile Phone

Consider the S10 model, which has three cameras in the back. Every time you use this gadget to take a photo, you’ll find the picture more accurate. A benefit of image stabilization technology is that it aids in preventing images from becoming blurry. Any photos produced using their gadgets will be enhanced by the various apertures involved.


When looking for a smartphone, one of the things that many of us customers consider is the battery life. Now let’s examine the battery life of Huawei and Samsung’s mobile devices.


Huawei P40 Pro+ llega a España: precio y disponibilidad

The Huawei P40 Pro’s 4,200mAh battery pack is the highest one that this company currently provides. For its size, it may last up to two days on a single charge, which is decent. This model’s ability to be charged through wired or wireless means that you can quickly restore its power


Nuevo Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra: características, precio y ficha técnica

The S20 Ultra has the largest battery in this brand’s lineup, at 5,000mAh, and can be used for extended periods. The 120Hz display and its 5G capabilities potentially impact this. It supports wired and wireless charging, which is a benefit, just like Huawei. Huawei was outdone by the A90 5G’s 4,500mAh battery.

When looking for a smartphone, one of the things that many of us customers take into consideration is the battery life. Now let’s examine the battery life of Huawei and Samsung’s mobile devices.

Apple or Samsung batteries, which is superior? According to the most recent products from these two companies, Samsung has an excellent battery. The S21 and S21 Plus have batteries that are, respectively, 4,000mAh and 4,800mAh larger than the iPhone 12, which only has a 2,815mAh battery.

Midrange phones

Mid-range phones, as defined by Expert Reviews, are those with suggested retail prices between £300 and £500. They are less expensive than other premium models, as seen by their low costs. You will have many options since, as was already noted, both Huawei and Samsung provide a superb selection of high-end and affordable models. Let’s compare the possibilities offered by the two brands.

OnePlus 1 and P30 Lite

Huawei's P30, P30 Lite, and P30 Pro are now up for pre-order in the US ...

The P30 is downsized and more reasonably priced in this model, with a 6.15-inch LCD screen and a plastic shell. It contains a 48MP primary sensor, a 24MP selfie camera sensor, and a 3,340mAh battery in its three-camera setup on the back. This is available for less than £200.

Y9 Prime 2

Huawei Y9 Prime 2019: El gama media con cámara retráctil

This smartphone has no bezels and a 6.59 LCD screen with a pop-up camera. It performs quite well for daily duties, but could be better for playing games. However, it is a fantastic low-cost phone and is available to you for only £198.


Samsung Galaxy S10e Unboxing: Most Compact Flagship Phone of Latest ...

Galaxy S10e, first. This gadget has a 5.8-inch Full HD display and is the lighter variant of the S10. Although it lacks a telephoto lens, it does feature a primary lens and an ultra-wide lens, to mention a few. With its specifications and price of £599, this one is already an excellent value.

Galaxy M31 2. 

Samsung Galaxy M31 Dual SIM Azul de 64GB e 6GB RAM - SM-M315F ...

The M31 is an excellent alternative if you’re searching for a real affordable smartphone in the UK. The lengthy battery life of this device is its finest quality. This is ideal for folks who are on a limited budget yet want a gadget that can last them for a number of hours since it costs less than £250.

Both companies have competitive alternatives for mid-range smartphones; however when comparing Huawei and Samsung, Samsung has more powerful specifications than Huawei, despite the latter’s availability of less expensive devices.

If you choose a used Samsung phone, the price may be lower than an iPhone.


Huawei, China Telecom and State Grid Complete World's First 5G SA ...

How about when you contrast the 5G capabilities of Huawei and Samsung? Since 5G-ready smartphones entered the market, we have anticipated transitioning from 4G to 5G technology in the following years. Even though both companies have established themselves worldwide, Europe has forbidden Huawei from selling any 5G-capable equipment. This is one of the factors that contributed to Samsung taking the lead in selling 5G equipment last year.

Huawei: Can it defeat Samsung?

Let’s look at how many units these brands sold last year. Business Insider reports that Huawei topped tech titans Apple and Samsung after 9 years in terms of sales in the second quarter. This was based on the results of the research business named Canlys.

According to their report, Huawei shipped out 55.8 million of their products, compared to Samsung’s 53.7 million. What led to this? The majority of sales were concentrated in China, which, despite the ongoing pandemic, was able to quickly recover. Given that its goods were prohibited from being sold in the US and European markets, this mobile phone firm concentrated on marketing its products domestically.

Will Huawei be able to maintain its lead at this point? Some things might work against them, including the brand’s dominance in China, which needed to be more to keep sales when the other nations recover from the epidemic.

As these two titans of the mobile phone business prepare to lower their pricing to make their goods more alluring, there will be a fierce rivalry between Apple and Samsung.

Given the limits in place and the fact that many nations are sceptical of Huawei’s technology, it may be difficult for Huawei to re-enter the global market. This is due to recent reports that Huawei is snooping on China using its equipment.

Apple and Samsung are considering releasing smartphones at lower prices to appeal to customers looking for inexpensive portable devices. Suppose Huawei wants to continue to be at the top of the scoreboard. In that case, they must consider this additional market in their plan.

Although Huawei may have enjoyed surprising its rivals in 2018, it may face greater competition as Samsung and Apple put out their respective S21 and Note series models. No, this does not imply that Huawei won’t be able to unseat these two industry titans. Still, in the years to come, anybody may overtake them, particularly given the predicted fall in smartphone sales brought on by the continuing health issue.

A Samsung or a Huawei? Which One Should You Choose?

You have seen how we contrast Huawei and Samsung regarding their mid-range phone options, cameras, and batteries. In terms of mobile phones, the calibre of their cameras, and battery life, both offer competitive lineups. Which one ought you to choose? Yes, it comes down to personal choice, but it also relies on your requirements.

Be aware that Huawei has been outlawed in the US and several European nations; thus, none of their other mobile devices will run Google apps. The most incredible option for you may be Samsung if you often use Google for chores. However, Huawei provides some eye-catching designs and features, like the Y9 Prime, so we should expect Huawei to stay for a while.

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