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Support Us

Solus is free, in its entirety, for end users. This will always be the case, and we love providing you with something we all share a passion in: an awesome computing experience! It is also true that it is not free to create and provide Solus, or any of its projects.

What do we need?

In order to develop Solus, we have to operate a small network of servers, obtain and replace hardware, pay for general hardware-related utilities such as network connectivity, and maintain infrastructure like domains and SSL certificates.

What is our plan?

2017 is dedicated to building upon the work we did for Solus. We have a lot of great things on our Roadmap, such as dynamic switchable graphics, integrated Recovery System, Migration Tools, and Backup Management.

Supporting via PayPal

PayPal allows you to quickly make one off donations, as a quick way of saying “thank you”. All of the processing is handled by PayPal's infrastructure.

Supporting via Patreon

You can support Solus through Patreon, which will allow you to make a monthly contribution to the project automatically. Visit our Patreon page for more details!

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