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The Best Hindi Movies Watching Websites 2023


 Do you know that Bollywood releases the most movies worldwide each year? Where then are all these Hindi movies? They aren’t always accessible at the neighborhood theatre or on well-liked streaming platforms. Therefore, locating the most recent Bollywood releases can be challenging if you’re a Hindi film lover.

 The best part is that these streaming services won’t cost you a dime. You can watch your favorite Hindi movies online by logging onto these websites.

 How can I View Bollywood Films Securely? 

 A VPN is one such protective strategy. When you view a movie online, a virtual private network can hide your location and provide you with complete anonymity. Regrettably, not all VPNs operate similarly, and some can reduce your bandwidth, which lowers the video’s quality. Your online history, including any movies you choose to watch, will be recorded by other services.

 Visit the VPN Test page before registering for a virtual private network or streaming a Bollywood film. This enables you to determine the most exemplary service that keeps you safe and allows you to watch every movie uninterrupted.

 Where can I watch Hindi Movies Online for free?

 There are methods to indulge your eyes with the hues, dramas, and action found in Hindi films. You don’t have to look for them because thousands of websites and streaming services solely show the newest and best Bollywood films. Below are some of the websites where you can enjoy Hindi movies.

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Movies Saree

Movies saree is an ideal place to start if you want to catch up on some older Hindi films. Although it includes recently released Bollywood films, the quality isn’t as high as earlier films. Therefore, it would be better if you like watching old Hindi movies.

 Finding the Hindi movies you’re looking for is simple. The film’s cast, genre, and title organize everything on the website. To make sure you have the appropriate one, you may even watch the Hindi movie’s trailer before you start streaming the video.


 On Hotstar, there is a beautiful selection of Hindi films. Certain Bollywood films are considered premium, and you may need to sit through a few advertisements. You can find many Hindi movies that are entirely free to view.

 You can watch television programs, sports, and the news in addition to Bollywood movies if you need a break. There are many excellent Hindi movies and other stuff on the free service, so you don’t need to pay to remove the advertising.


 If you feel like watching some new Hindi movies, you may do it on HindiLinks4u without having to register or download anything. The vast library can be browsed, and the items can be sorted by directors, actors, release year, or genres.

 You can stream some documentaries if you don’t like watching Hindi movies. Every film and documentary is in high definition. Still, you must first view some advertisements to access your content. 


 Voot is one of the most well-liked streaming platforms for watching free Hindi movies online. The Viacom-owned portal offers a wide selection of recent Hindi films, vintage Bollywood blockbusters, and numerous more foreign films.

 You can watch Bollywood movies online on your phone, computer, tablet, and even Fire TV. Additionally, you can view various TV episodes, news, and a short film for free online.


 You might not consider searching YouTube for Bollywood films or television programs. Some channels have been authorized to host the content, even though some do not have the reserved rights to stream Hindi movies online.

 Rajshri Production

 This studio may be familiar to you because they created the film Hum Saath Saath Hain. If you’re unfamiliar with the genre, you can locate sequences and excerpts from some of the top Bollywood movies. There are also many classic Hindi films that you ought to include in your list.


 Another business that provides a streaming service with Hindi movies and live TV networks from India is Sony. On SonyLiv, there is a mix of free and paid content, but it is obvious which movies are available for free streaming.

 To view the free movies online, there is no registration required. You can stream something a little older, such as a romance, drama, comedy, or action movie, or you can locate Hindi movies that are currently popular. To access these movies, you must register for a user account if you choose the premium content.


 The variety of vibrant colors and effects is one of Hindi films’ most delicate features. Because of this, you must ensure that you see these works of art in high HD, which GoFilms4U does.

 Every Hindi film is accessible in HD and is categorized by genre, year of release, the nation of origin, and film caliber. Locate the movie you’re seeking, click “Play,” dismiss a few advertisements, and enjoy the free Hindi movie.


 YesMovies has more pop-ups and advertisements than the other streaming services on this list. YesMovies offers a significant selection of free Hindi movies and TV series. You even have a lot of options when it comes to international films.

 It’s easy to find anything to watch. The website seems to have been created with movie buffs that don’t have the time to spend hours skimming through information in mind. Additionally, every Hindi film is packed with information that can be used to determine whether you should press play or keep looking.


 Zee5 may be another streaming service with a few expensive movies, but it also has a sizable selection of free movies. It is simple to differentiate between the two to avoid frustration when attempting to watch a film you have to pay for. Even specific news segments, TV episodes, and viral videos are available for free online viewing.  

 Player MX

 On your laptop or desktop, Player MX is probably already installed. Typically, people utilize it to watch videos and listen to music. However, viewing movies for free online, notably Hindi movies, are also feasible.

You may watch the most recent Bollywood films on MX Player, which also has English movies with Hindi subtitles. There is no requirement to register your software or create an account, and you can decide which movie to watch, then relax and enjoy it.


 You might not want to watch movies online. You might want to download a Hindi movie or TV show to your device if you’re traveling or in an area with spotty internet. HDFriday offers this service with all of its films.

 With magnet links, you can download the whole library of Bollywood films on the platform. You also don’t have to create an account to purchase a movie. Just click the link, and then wait for the download to finish. When your Wi-Fi signal is more robust, you can also watch movies online.


  Hungama is one of the most well-known digital entertainment businesses in India. Over 2.5  million different types of media, including ringtones, music videos, TV series, and, of course, Hindi movies, are available on Hungama.

  Due to the free platform’s immense popularity, you can view a movie on various devices, including tablets, PCs, mobile phones, and even smart TVs. To watch a free movie, there is no need to register.


 Although you would believe that joining up and paying for membership are required to view all the movies you want, there is a tonne of free content available on Spuul. However, it’s not always clear from the search results whether a film is accessible without an account or not.

 However, there is a choice to filter a library so that only free movies are displayed. You can then choose the film you want to watch and the options that are accessible to stream.


 What this website does is evident. Even if you can’t discover the newest Bollywood blockbusters, you can still find a vintage Hindi film and watch it online in breathtaking high definition.  If you want to view a movie, you must disable it. Other than this modification, there are no further preparations you need to make to watch a film on this streaming service.

 HiiDudeMV 15

 HiiDudeMV may not make it simple to find movies to watch. Still, if you know exactly what you’re looking for, this is one of the most extraordinary streaming services.

 Many new blockbusters, well-liked TV shows, and a sizable selection of classic movies are available.

 The website houses an exclusive collection of Hindi music that isn’t found anyplace else. You can therefore find anything on HiiDudeMV, whether you want to view a movie or listen to some calming music.


 A Bollywood movie is unparalleled in the entire globe. It assaults the senses by fusing orchestral symphonies with vivid images to produce works of art on the screen. Although these movies are pretty famous, finding a trustworthy streaming service to watch them on can be challenging.

Fortunately, the websites mentioned above will let you choose a Hindi movie from a massive selection of recent films and classics. It would help if you always took extra care when viewing a movie online, even though some of these sites are hosted by significant entertainment corporations.


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