Top 10 Cell Phone Spy Apps of 2023: Android & iPhone

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A spy app for mobile devices is useful whether you want to keep tabs on your child’s smartphone activity or your workers’ or see who’s calling your spouse without them knowing.

Free and paid spy applications can monitor a target’s communications and movements for eavesdropping. In addition, the applications are often disguised so that the user cannot know they are there. They monitor where you go online, what websites you visit, and even which social media applications you use to send and receive messages (including Facebook, WhatsApp, and Snapchat).

However, we do not condone the malicious use of these mobile spy applications, and they should never be used without the owner’s permission. To avoid infringing any rules, it is a good idea to research what regulations are in effect. Here are the top free Android and iPhone spy apps you can use to keep tabs on someone or gather information immediately.

Best Phone Spy Apps for remote surveillance in 2023


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This very effective Android and iPhone spy software provides free monitoring of the monitored device. In addition to its other distinctive capabilities, such as call recording, this program also allows users to listen in on calls in real-time. As an added bonus, you may start accessing the victim’s phone on day one without raising suspicion. On Android, you don’t need root access to utilize it, but iPhone users will require it.

In addition to monitoring the user’s online behaviour, you may log on and off remotely, disable the program, and prevent it from being installed altogether, all of which are useful for parents.

Web-based remote control, automated remote upgrades, and real-time dashboard notifications are available.

FamilySafe by OpenDNS

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This is yet another piece of parental monitoring software that may also be used as a spy program on desktops and mobile devices. The program contains pre-made blocklists you may use to prevent access to certain websites across your home network.

FamilyShield is a no-cost service that automatically blocks websites that OpenDNS has labelled as inappropriate, obscene, or otherwise undesirable due to sexual content, anonymizing tools, or bad taste. The program can be installed on your PC and also works on your Android or iOS smartphone, allowing you to control the traffic that passes through your network. Changing the DNS server numbers is as simple as going into the admin panel and making the necessary adjustments.

The result is faster DNS lookup times for certain users on some ISPs. By filtering data at the router level, your network’s phones will be protected, and you’ll have full visibility into their activity.


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As with Highster Mobile, KidLogger is a surveillance app for iOS and Android smartphones. The app’s keystroke and app use monitoring are the most comprehensive available. This software offers a free version that is limited to one device and does not have an audio recorder. What your kids’ type, what websites they visit, what screenshots they capture, and what apps they use are the only things it keeps tabs on

If you’re concerned about the safety of your children’s online interactions, you may use the inbuilt voice-activated sound recorder to listen in on such conversations. And if they’re older, you can monitor them while letting them have some personal space.

It’s a comprehensive solution for keeping tabs on your loved ones’ internet activity and blocking harmful content to keep them safe. It is compatible with PCs and BlackBerry smartphones.


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Spyrix is a surveillance program that can read text messages from an Android or iPhone and is mainly used to keep tabs on what children are typing. In addition to providing sophisticated mobile surveillance options, the keylogger may be used to learn about the target’s online activities, such as their search history and the contents of any messages they compose

Check-in on the keyboarding sessions anytime you want, and keep an eye on the printers and clipboards. Keylogging, social networking and email tracking, screenshots, live screen and camera surveillance are just a few of its impressive capabilities that can be accessed remotely through a private online account.

In addition to monitoring GPS positions, call data, online activity, call length, times or dates, examining images shot by phone, and URLs visited in a browser, you also gain access to more than 25 essential functions for activity management. Spyrix displays the phone’s app history, records all email and instant message activity tracks cell ID locations, and limits app access. Software may be updated automatically or uninstalled from afar.


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To ensure your children’s online safety, use Qustodio, a parental control software. The software is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. You can control how much time your kid spends playing games, checking Facebook or YouTube, making or receiving phone calls, and seeing what they’re looking at.

The program provides various options for monitoring your children’s online activities and protecting them from any dangers. Additionally, the free version is one of the most feature-rich available since it allows you to create time schedules and restrictions to prevent inappropriate information.

The free version of Qustodio can only monitor one device at a time and only stores the last seven days of data.


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For those curious about what others are doing on their mobile devices, mSpy is an Android and iOS spy phone software that might assist. In this manner, you won’t have to depend on a gut feeling to determine reality. The phone tracker this software provides makes it easy to keep tabs on your kid from afar, and the GPS position of the device and all messages sent and received may be seen.

You can track their every move, read their text messages (including the ones they thought they had erased), examine their call log, see what websites they visited, and even see what they searched for online.

Additionally, you may see their online picture-sharing and receiving activity without being noticed.

The program runs invisibly in the background to encrypt and safeguard your information. Further, it will notify you of the targeted phone’s recent behaviour every five minutes. mSpy serves 180 countries and provides multilingual help.


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Kaspersky Safe Kids is a fantastic spy software for phones if you’re a parent who wants to keep tabs on your children’s phone usage. While it’s marketed as a tool for keeping children safe online, it can also be a surveillance app for your own devices. The program supports various gadgets, has features tailored to mobile use, and may limit users’ screen time. The free version may limit the usage of applications by time, category, or user, blocking access to adult material online.

Time spent on screens might be limited as well.

The app’s flexibility means it can provide monitoring services on any platform. You’ll need to upgrade to the subscription plan to access advanced features like GPS tracking, social media monitoring, battery tracking, and more. Still, even with the free plan, you can track the location of the phone’s users in some useful ways.

Mobile Tracker Free

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Mobile Tracker Free is a top-notch monitoring and spying program that doesn’t cost anything to download, set up, or use. The program lets you keep tabs on the target’s social media and text message activities (both incoming and outgoing) without having to get root access to their devices.

The free service captures and logs all incoming, outgoing, and missed calls, SMS and MMS text messages, GPS positions so you can find your kid or any user online, and social media messaging.

You can keep tabs on any photographs sent or received, even ones the user has erased, and record any sounds around them using a phone’s microphone.


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Another great spy phone app often used as a parental control tool is iKeyMonitor. The user’s texts, applications, calls, keystrokes, social media activity, and more may all be spied on or monitored using this program. The software has features that allow parents to restrict their children’s time on their phones, including the ability to ban certain games or applications, record their surroundings at predetermined times, and more. In addition, warnings are sent out if potentially harmful or offensive phrases are discovered when using the user’s phone.

Specifically, iKeyMonitor allows you to keep tabs on things like social media chats, keystrokes, screenshots, phone calls, and text messages. The free plan also includes GPS tracking and geofencing capabilities. With iKeyMonitor, you can easily track any Android or iPhone you want for free.


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Mobisafer is a free Android and iOS spy software that allows you to remotely and automatically back up all of your important data. The program can monitor and save a wide variety of data, including text messages, phone calls, geolocation, and social network conversations.

The greatest thing is that it’s undetectable since it’s buried deep inside the phone’s code. As long as you don’t inform anybody, they won’t know it’s been installed on the target device.

The program is also one of the most secure options for spying on someone else’s smartphone since it doesn’t include annoying pop-ups or advertisements. It combines strong AES encryption and SSL (secure socket layer) technologies and procedures to send and store the data it captures online, making it very hard to access by unauthorized parties.

The app and the device in question routinely synchronize their respective data stores. You may monitor the target phone from anywhere in the globe and then see or erase the information whenever you choose.

Furthermore, Mobisafer does not include any adware or malware. Upon entering your login credentials, you can decrypt and access the data in its original form.


You can only escape the prevalence of mobile devices in some aspects of life, from your child’s playing to your job.Any of these free spy phone apps may let you monitor their devices so you can be in the know and have peace of mind if you’re concerned about their whereabouts or the content they’re seeing on them at home, school, or the workplace.

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