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Top Free Sports Streaming Sites in 2023

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Many cable and television stations offer access to live sports streaming. However, this innovation is not particularly useful when considering today’s world. Many activities are shut out due to the need to always be on the go, which leaves little or no room for viewers to be on their TV. A public favourite like sport has made innovative developments and provides free sports streaming sites where sports lovers can catch up with their favorite live broadcasts while on the move. 

There are many sports streaming sites available. However, not all of them uphold copyright laws. We looked at a good number of free sports streaming sites and hand-picked our top favorites. They are:

Top streaming sites for sports

  1. Stream2Watch streaming site

Stream2Watch is an IPTV website that provides extensive live sports, entertainment and news coverage. The platform is regarded as the overall best sports streaming site for many reasons. On the platform, viewers have access to baseball, soccer, basketball, volleyball and other sports streams. In addition, to live sports streaming, the platform provides access to popular TV channels as visitors can tune into various sports channels.  

Since Stream2Watch embeds streams from other websites, viewers may be prone to misleading pop-up ads. To avoid this, viewers can run an ad blocker. They may still run into ads overlaying on some videos, but the best solution will be to close each advertisement as they open and select the ‘Back’ button immediately if you have been redirected to another page.

The Stream2Watch platform has a simple interface, making it easy for visitors to find what they want. When users visit the website, they are welcomed on the home page, which offers basic information about the website: upcoming live streams, starting times and streaming links. To explore the sports categories available on the platform, viewers can use the appropriately labelled tabs for navigation. Stream2Watch offers a lot of high-quality video links. However, not all sports events are available in high-definition (HD) version.


The ESPN website is an excellent alternative to the cable service as it is available for sports enthusiasts who cannot sit in front of a TV due to the nature of their activities. The platform is one of the best live streaming sites as it provides an array of great sports content, which includes live matches, highlights and analysis videos. ESPN provides streaming services for basketball, American football, baseball, soccer and mixed martial arts (MMA).

The highlights and analysis videos are free, but viewers must subscribe to watch live matches. You can use your existing cable subscription to log in or make a streaming subscription separately.

ESPN is available for PCs, Macs, Android devices and iPhones, which makes it easy for any category of users. The platform has a visually pleasing interface that appeals to all types of users and is ad-free, which makes it the most convenient option. However, it is not available in some countries without a VPN.

3. Reddit streaming site

Reddit may register as a social networking site, but it is also one of the best sources for streaming links for a wide range of sports categories. The best part of the Reddit platform regarding online sports streaming is the array of online communities. On Reddit, viewers can come together to form a community around their favourite sports or events. On these communities or subreddits, you can discuss sports matches extensively and even make a go at the sports analysis hub. More importantly, participants can share streaming links for viewing other games. However, users must watch out for malicious links, especially in the subreddits which are poorly moderated.

Reddit has an average interface that may prove a little difficult for new users but can appeal to many users as time goes on. However, online communities can be pretty exciting, and anyone can join in conversations and follow them up quickly as they add them to their favourites. The Reddit app is available for Android and iOS users, which makes it easier to stream sports events.

  1. 4.  Facebook Watch

Facebook has made efforts in the direction of streaming, but it is not exactly considered the best sports streaming site. It has an on-demand video service that is useful in many ways. Although it has toned down its efforts in live sports streaming, users can still gain access to many sports streams on Facebook Watch. Some of these streams include Major League Baseball games, the World Surf League and La Liga.

A baseball fan can view one MLB game weekly during the regular season. The streams do not cost anything if you have a Facebook account and are an ad-free solution for watching games online for free. However, viewers must be cautious of streams that do not look authentic as they may be illegal content. To use the Facebook Watch platform, you must log in to your account and head to the Facebook Watch toggle. Then type ‘Sports’ into the search bar and select the eLive filter option. If there is a specific game you are looking for, you can try searching for the name of the team rather than the term ‘Sports’.

  1. 5.  Live TV

Live TV is one of the top sites to consider when looking for free live sports streaming. Live TV is a platform with a comprehensive selection of live sports streams, live scores and sports events. The platform is available to users worldwide, granting them access to American football, boxing, racing, ice hockey, combat sports and rugby as mainstream sports selection. Less mainstream choices include winter sports and handball. Live TV also provides up-to-date live scores and results if you can’t follow up with the live matches. 

Like most streaming websites for sports, Live TV has some annoying pop-up ads that help them gain more revenue. If you can deal with closing the ads each time they pop up, then the features will be worth the trouble.

Regarding the user interface, Live TV is average as the various categories for sports are not very obvious to users and maybe a little challenging to navigate. They are listed under a tab labelled as’ Broadcasts’. The live scores are also hidden but have corresponding labels to identify them. The platform does not need users to register before accessing its features, but you will need an account to access the online community.

  1. 6. Cricfree

Cricfree provides free live sports streaming services for viewers primarily interested in the game of cricket. However, you can also get live streams for other sports such as basketball, baseball, soccer, motorsports, golf and American football. These sports events are available in high-definition resolution, but viewers can adjust the quality to reduce buffering. 

Cricfree also provides access to TV channels such as BT sports, Eurosoports, Sky Sports, ESPN and Fox Sports. The platform doesn’t have a long list of options but lists the most popular ones. 

Cricfree has a simple interface that may look bland but is, in fact, intuitive. The homepage showcases icons for sports categories, channel icons and upcoming live events from different sports sites. There is also a chatbox so the viewers on the site can interact with each other. Cricfree makes some revenue on ads, so viewers can expect ad pop-ups from time to time. This is especially common when trying to access cable sports. However, there is in the works a donation initiative that will help to eradicate the need for ads.

7. Bosscat streaming site

Bosscast is an all-time favourite for those who want to watch their favourite sports through free sports streaming sites. The platform comes with a generous offering of sports categories: American football, wrestling, golf, rugby, soccer and tennis, amongst others. Bosscast is especially unique because every event has a main and alternative link, so viewers are not stuck on lagging streams. 

Users can stream many sports-related live TV channels on the website. Such channels include Sky Sports, Euro Sports, Bein Sports, ESPN and Fox Sports. 

Boss cast has a live chat option that allows users to interact with each other, making the experience more realistic. They can share text, media and links, which makes the interaction all the more fun. A scheduling system also ensures that viewers do not miss their top shows and live streams. Viewers can expect ads on Bosscast like most sports streaming sites. If this doesn’t count as an issue, then it may be the perfect website focused on North America. Another drawback is that links may open on different windows to new sites, which could be tedious for viewers.



There are a plethora of choices when selecting free sports streaming sites. While some may be available to specific locations, others can be accessible by anyone with an internet connection and a smart device. Some sites may not be legal in your country, so it is important to be familiar with your region’s laws before using a streaming site. 

Considering these factors, the platforms listed above are the most accessible and regulated. It is, however, essential to be cautious when using these sites, as some may have unmoderated communities that can allow malicious links. An ad-blocker is also necessary as most of them enable ads to roam free as a means of revenue generation.

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