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How to take screenshot on snapchat without detection in 2023

take screenshot on snapchat


When it comes to having a good time and engaging in meaningful conversation with your pals, Snapchat is a great option.

Snaps may be used to share videos, photos, and other material forms on Snapchat.

However, the Snapchat app does have one minor drawback: users can’t take screenshot on Snapchat without the other person seeing them.

This does not prevent you from taking a screenshot; instead, it alerts the other user on their mobile device that a screenshot has been taken.

If your friend doesn’t mind that you save snaps, then you can skip this post. However, if they do mind, then keep reading to find out how to screenshot on Snapchat without them knowing.

This brand-new blog article will instruct you on how to take screenshot on Snapchat

The history of Snapchat’s screenshot alerts; Different applications’ instructions for taking screenshots; Alternatives for screenshotting Snapchat without triggering the alert.

The purpose of Snapchat’s notification system for taking screenshots must be clarified.

What exactly is the deal with Snapchat’s screenshot alerts? This is the only messaging app, including Telegram and Whatsapp, that has this problem.

Corporate policy is to inform both parties when a Snapchat screenshot is taken.

Since the app’s screenshot notification cannot be disabled, this behaviour is permanent.

And let’s face it: we’d all want to know if someone is capturing screenshots of us without our knowledge or consent.

When you take a screenshot of a Snapchat Story, does Snapchat know?

How To Screenshot On Snapchat Without Them Knowing (2021)

True, Snapchat has always alerted users when they were screenshotted in a story. Unless the other user has disabled Snapchat notifications, they will get a pop-up message on their home screen informing them of what you just accomplished.

It’s common knowledge that you can’t track who visits your public profile.

In contrast, there are two instances in which you may learn whether or not the other person snapped a screenshot on Snapchat.

Looking for additional information about Snapchat’s public profiles? Then check out our advice and show the world what your profile is capable of.

Snapshot from the Snapchat Account

How to Screenshot a Snapchat Story without them Knowing in 2022 - YouTube

This is the notice that will be sent to the Snapchatter once you see their story:

A little screenshot sign will appear in their Snapchat Story, so plan ahead if you don’t want them to know that you just took one.

Capturing a Conversational Window Screenshot

A screenshot will trigger a notice whether you just got a text message, video, or picture.

Picture this: you’re having a private conversation with someone, but they merely capture a picture of what you’re saying.

How do you think you would feel when put in such a position? This is why it’s helpful to understand how to take a screenshot on Snapchat.

Methods for Taking Secret Snaps

Here comes the real test: let’s secretly snap a screenshot of their screen.

Thankfully, there are various methods to do this, and we’ll demonstrate them to you.

First, use your device’s in-built screen recording features.

Your iOS or Android smartphone likely has a built-in screen recorder that you can utilize without effort.

You understand the concept by now: to save photos on your phone, you must first record the screen.

Various Android-Based Gadgets

If you’re using the most up-to-date Android operating system version, you can access the screen recorder with a simple swipe down and press a button.

Android users may launch Snapchat on their devices and directly take the desired video.

Electronics Product Designed for the iPhone.

To begin recording a video on an iPhone, scroll down from the top of the screen and hit the button.

Then, launch Snapchat, and the screen recorder will automatically capture anything you see on the screen.

Use an External Screen Recording Program

How to Take Screenshots on Snapchat (Without Them Knowing)

Apps developed by third-party developers may also be helpful in this regard.

However, before utilizing any Snapchat screenshot tools, please read up on them.

Taking a screenshot on Snapchat is only sometimes as successful as you’d want!


You may use this app to record and preserve videos from Snapchat on your iPhone, even though it isn’t explicitly designed for that purpose.

One drawback is that it requires you to log in using your Snapchat credentials, which may be boring to certain people.

Visit the Android version of the Google Play Store.

An Android smartphone can run any of the thousands of third-party applications available.

Visit the Google Play store and download your preferred movie recording app.

Airplane Mode, Third Method

Every Snapchat user who has been around for a while knows this little secret.

Taking a screenshot when the app is in Airplane mode is a tried-and-true method, but caution must be taken.

To begin, disconnect your phone from the internet in any way by switching off mobile data and Wi-Fi.

After that, activate Airplane Mode, open Snapchat, snap the screenshot and exit the app.

Others insist you should launch the Control Center on iOS at this point.

Keep in mind that you must Clear your cache!

This is a necessary prerequisite for suppressing the alert.

The other person can get a Snapchat notice if you switch off Airplane Mode without clearing the Snapchat cache.

Regardless of your operating system, clearing the cache will speed up changing your phone’s settings.

It’s business as usual with your phone once you’ve emptied the cache.

Mirror Your Device’s Screen

Taking screenshots with this app is challenging; however, this is a great alternative.

When using an Android device, the Mirror Function may be used in two primary ways:

Use an HDMI connection to link your phone to a bigger screen, such as a TV or computer, and then access the TV or computer from your phone’s Control Center.

A different gadget is required to record the multimedia file on the modern display.

Have someone else record using their phone.

This choice is rather essential.

Discover another device and film the Snap you wish to keep.

Obviously, it will be low quality, but it will get the job done.

The Sixth Method: Instruct Google’s Assistant to Take a Screenshot Users of the Android version of Snapchat may use Google Assistance for various tasks, including clearing their search history and taking screenshots with no effort.

As a matter of fact, several users have remarked that utilizing Google to record screenshots is a perfect technique to screenshot Snapchat without them knowing. Here are the three simple actions to take:

Just as always, open Snapchat on your mobile device;

Snap onto the profile of the person whose Snapchat you want to secretly capture, say, “Ok, Google,” and then say “, Capture a Screenshot.” If you’re having problems with Google’s screen recording tool, try these steps: Improve Google+ snippets.

In the future, you may get this screenshot from your camera roll, thanks to Google Assistant.

To be safe, it’s best to explore other options before settling on this one, but keep this one in mind.

QuickTime Player for Mac

How to record the Mac screen with QuickTime Player (OS X 10.8.4 ...

Taking a screenshot or recording a video is a breeze on a Mac.

There are just three simple steps to follow:

Launch QuickTime Player and sync your iPhone. A little arrow will appear; choose “Select iPhone” by clicking on it.

Choose the “new movie recording” option to start capturing the screen in QuickTime.

This will allow you to see what’s on your iPhone’s screen on your Mac, so all you have to do is save the Snapchat image.

Adopting an Android emulator on Windows PC

Top 5 Android emulators for Windows 10 [Gamers and Developers] -

As far as Android emulators go, BlueStacks is tops.

Get Snapchat on PC by installing BlueStacks.

Launch the file containing the narrative, image, or video to start recording on your computer.

As a result, you may secretly create a file out of it without the other party ever suspecting a thing.

As you can see, several options are available for capturing screenshots without triggering a distracting alert.

And remember to enable Snap Stories alerts if you want to know if people have screenshotted your Snapchat movies, photos, or stories.

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