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WhatsApp images and videos not showing in gallery – 2023 fix

WhatsApp images and videos

When you check your gallery on WhatsApp, you might be unable to locate highly significant media assets delivered to you in chats. Usually, a settings-related issue that prevents WhatsApp photographs and videos from appearing in the gallery can be easily fixed. You might not be able to see videos and pictures given to you on WhatsApp properly unless you open them from the gallery and receive a widescreen view. What to do if WhatsApp images and videos aren’t appearing in the gallery will be demonstrated in this post.

Reset your phone

WhatsApp images and videos

You can try rebooting the phone if you were able to see WhatsApp media files in your gallery but now couldn’t. Your device’s minor issue or glitch might have caused the disruption. It might only need a simple restart to resolve the problem of Whatsapp photographs and videos not appearing in the gallery.

  • Close all open windows and programs.
  • To restart the phone, hold the power button and swipe downward.
  • Another option is to correctly switch off the phone and turn it back on after a few minutes.
  • To resolve the issue, clear the WhatsApp Cache.

Make the Media Visibility Setting active.

If you have an Android phone, it’s possible that your media visibility settings are to blame for WhatsApp images and videos not appearing in the gallery. A picture or video you download from WhatsApp should appear in your gallery after you do so. With the help of WhatsApp’s Media Visibility function, you can keep downloaded movies and photos off your gallery. If not, you must activate media visibility to reveal the media.

Follow these instructions to make all contacts media visible.

  • Open WhatsApp.
  • Click the three-dot icon in the upper right corner.
  • Choose Settings
  • Locate and choose Chats
  • A button will be located next to Media exposure. Please turn it on (green).

After this, any pictures or videos you download from WhatsApp will appear in your gallery. There might be connections and group chats for which you may not always want the media visibility feature enabled. You might also need to make that contact’s media visibility available. Follow these instructions to modify the settings for individual connections or chats.

  • Select the specific contact or group by clicking on your conversation.
  • To contact or join a group, click its name at the top.
  • Select Media exposure.
  • Click “Yes” to enable the display of media files from that chat in your gallery.

If you do not want media files from the chat to appear in your gallery, choose “No.”

Delete Whatsapp Cache

Sometimes the Cache is the sole issue affecting your WhatsApp. The Cache must be cleared for everything to function correctly.

  • Start-Up Setting and select your apps and notifications.
  • Each app on the phone will be listed in full. Examine and select WhatsApp
  • Click Storage

Choose “Clear Cache.” Please take note that this will not remove your chats or media files. It only purges the system of any temporary files that might be causing a problem.

  • You can restart the phone once it’s been cleaned.

Make Whatsapp media visible in the private folder.

The media exposure option is active. Therefore why don’t my WhatsApp videos appear in the gallery?

If the answer to this query matches your issue, the files might be stored in a private folder. To use them, find them and copy them to your standard Whatsapp media folder.

  • Open your phone’s File Manager or File Explorer.
  • Click the WhatsApp folder.
  • Select Media
  • Click WhatsApp Pictures.
  • Open the Private folder when you see it.
  • Next, choose all photos and transfer them to the Whatsapp folder for all images.
  • Follow the same procedure for WhatsApp videos.

Why don’t the WhatsApp photographs appear in my gallery despite the media visibility being enabled?

The WhatsApp photographs might not appear if you have a media file in the WhatsApp media folder. Any folder with no media file won’t have its contents appear in other programs.

Open the File Manager or Explorer app, then tap the settings. The settings icon can be a round or three-dot icon, depending on your phone.

  • To activate it, choose Show hidden files.
  • Following that, navigate to the WhatsApp folder.
  • Tap Media and choose WhatsApp videos. Delete any no-media files you find.
  • For WhatsApp photos, repeat the process.
  • Check the private folder, and remove any no-media files.

How to use the gallery to search for WhatsApp videos and photographs

Usually, a settings-related issue that prevents WhatsApp photographs

All media should be accessible by default under the gallery session. You probably don’t know where to go for the files if you still need to inquire why WhatsApp movies are not preserved in the gallery.

Follow these instructions to search the gallery for WhatsApp videos and photographs.

Open the File Manager or File Explorer application.

  • Access WhatsApp
  • Click WhatsApp Media.
  • Next, select WhatsApp Videos, Stickers, or Images.
  • Verify the available storage

When your phone’s capacity is limited, the issue of WhatsApp images and videos not appearing in the gallery might occasionally arise. Whether this is the case, try deleting some papers, films, or videos you don’t need to see if the problem persists.

Check for updates

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To ensure that your WhatsApp has all the most recent updates, you may also check the play store.

  • Launch the Play Store
  • Look up WhatsApp and click on it.
  • Look to see if the app has an Update button. Select Update.

There might be a reason for your WhatsApp videos not being preserved in the gallery. Several options are available here, and one of them should provide you with a solution.

If none of the above fixes work for you in highly unusual circumstances, back up your files, remove WhatsApp, and reinstall it.

How do I Fix WhatsApp Images and Videos That Don’t Display in the Gallery?

Pictures, videos, and other types of material are frequently saved by default in a WhatsApp folder within the Gallery or Photos app for Android and iOS. Unfortunately, there are occasions when these files are difficult to find, disappear, or fail to download.

The following information can help you save photographs from WhatsApp to your Camera Roll or Both the Gallery and Photos apps on Android and the iPhone and iPad support photos. The WhatsApp app for desktop and the web doesn’t have a media auto-download capability. However, if you’d like, you may manually save files using these apps.

Are you sure that Gallery and Photos’ correct folder is checked?

As you may anticipate, pictures and other files downloaded via WhatsApp don’t go into the standard Downloads or Pictures folders. Instead, they can be found in a WhatsApp folder. Whatsapp folder can be found in the Internal Storage folder on Android smartphones and tablets and in the My Albums section of the Photos app on iPhones and other iOS devices.

Turn on WhatsApp’s default auto-save feature.

The simplest way to save images from WhatsApp is to set your device to automatically save all conversational media to the Camera Roll or Gallery app. Go to WhatsApp Settings > Chats > Save to Camera Roll on iOS to turn on this feature. You can manually select the media you wish to download on Android by going to Settings > Storage and data > Media auto-download and selecting the cellular or internet connections you want to use.

Verify the download preferences for WhatsApp.

You can choose what kinds of media files automatically download and which internet connections will cause each download in the WhatsApp apps for Android and iOS.

Allow individual Android users’ media visibility.

If a specific user’s media isn’t appearing on your Android smartphone or tablet, press their profile name in the chat window and choose Media visibility > Yes > OK. Finally, select “Yes.”

On the iPhone, enable particular user or group download options

Media auto-downloading may have been turned off for specific individuals or groups. To make sure, tap their name and switch the Save to Camera Roll setting to Default or Always.

Verify your web connection.

Your media won’t upload if you have Wi-Fi turned off or use your cell provider’s 3G, 4G, or 5G signals. The media might also not upload when your WhatsApp media download options are set to Wi-Fi only.

Verify your mobile connection

Similarly, suppose you’ve set up media uploads to only occur via a cellular connection. In that case, they might not start when you’re logged on to the internet at home or work. For instance, you might decide to limit video uploads to Wi-Fi exclusively while allowing photo uploads on both cellular and Wi-Fi to save data. On iOS, go to Settings > Storage and Data to do this.

Make room for storage.

If there isn’t enough room, WhatsApp won’t download any media. You will need to make room on either your Android or iPhone device. Inspect your SD card for damage. Apps may be unable to save data to a damaged SD card.

Turn off the read-only setting on your SD card.

Your SD card cannot be written with any new data in read-only mode.

Verify the time zone on your device

WhatsApp may prevent downloading images, movies, and other information if the time on your tablet or smartphone doesn’t correspond to your location. You may manually adjust it to the correct time or set your iPhone or Android smartphone to do it automatically.

Screenshot photographs on WhatsApp and saves them.

Taking a screenshot of an image in a WhatsApp discussion is a clever approach to keep it if none of the other methods mentioned above work. You may quickly complete this task on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.


Incorrect app settings, a loss of Wi-Fi or cellular connectivity, and a corrupted or damaged SD card are common causes of WhatsApp pictures and movies not downloading correctly. Another frequent reason for missing WhatsApp media files is simply looking in the wrong place or folder.

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