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Who we are

Solus-project is an independent resource that is sure to provide you with all the exciting latest news on softwares, gadgets, gaming, and technology related contents

Our mission

Technology has grown to become an integral part of our lives, and we at solus Project find it imperative to supply undiluted and top notch tech related articles to all our viewers.



Frequently Asked Questions

What is Solus Project about?

Solus project is an independent tech blog that provides up to date tech news

Does Solus project cover softwares also?

Yes, we find it imperative to provide our readers with not just engaging but exciting news on various softwares

Does Solus project review softwares ?

Absolutely yes we do.

Does Solus project cover computer softwares?

We provide up to date informations on several computer softwares, including; linux, windows, Solus os or Solus budgie, ubuntu and e.t.c

How reliable are Solus reviews?

Our reviews are based on well researched content. We will never do anything to compromise our standard as we at Solus project are particular about quality at every given time.

Does Solus project provide reviews on games?

Absolutely yes we do. We do not only provide reviews about games, but also tips and tricks to make you explore your favorite game in every possible way.

Do I have to pay to read articles and reviews on solos?

No, Solus is free for everybody.

Is Solus project affiliated to Solus operating system?

No, we are not. But since we review softwares in general, we also include the review of Solus os considering it’s popularity and usefulness.

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