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vpn for iphone

A VPN works the same way on a mobile device as on a desktop or laptop: A VPN establishes a secret, encrypted tunnel between our iPhones and open Wi-Fi networks. Compared to connecting to a public network directly, this enables us to access the Internet discreetly and securely. In order to safeguard one’s iPhone activity, there is a need to employ the best VPN for iPhone.

You only need to visit the app store, search for the VPN you’ve chosen, and then download the software on your iPhone to acquire a VPN. You will be asked to select a payment method when you download and start the app.

Speed, security, split tunneling, encryption, Netflix, torrenting, memberships, and customer service are critical in any VPN. Based on these criteria, we will now assess some VPNs’ significance in this article.

list of the best VPN for iPhone

Below is the list of the best VPN for iPhone users.


The popular VPN choice named NordVP is available for the iPhone. It provides an excellent mix of double-VPN and AES-256 encryption, which means that our data was encrypted over several servers.

NordVPN gives users a separate IP address, so they don’t have to share one with fraudsters. In the end, NordVPN does precisely what VPNs are designed to do, and NordVPN protects your online anonymity.

Your online traffic will be encrypted across many servers thanks to NordVPN’s use of multi-hop encryption. This would be helpful, especially if your work involves performing sensitive research or engaging in personal online activities. VPNs typically only encrypt your traffic through one server.

NordVPN records email and payment details as well. It does not record the dates or times the VPN is used, how long it is used, the servers used, the websites visited, or any files downloaded.

NordVPN is based in Panama and is not a member of any global surveillance coalitions. As a result, it is even more enticing in terms of privacy. You can rest easier knowing NordVPN would never be compelled to disclose your information.


Do you think it’s strange that we watch whole movies on our iPhones? If you are on a long journey, you must find a way to pass the time throughout your commute! Since Netflix restricts multiple VPN IP addresses, you would be pleasantly surprised to be able to access Netflix while connected to Surfshark. You can also utilize Surfshark on Prime Video, Hulu, and other prominent streaming providers after running out of content on Netflix. Surfshark is fantastic for amusement in addition to overall security.

Furthermore, IP addresses would be concealed and internet traffic encrypted as soon as the Surfshark iOS software is downloaded onto your iPhone, and the iOS app has a 4.4-star rating.

AES-256 bit encryption is safe if the United States military certifies it. Currently, the AES-256 industry standard and how Surfshark conceals our online activities and personal IP addresses from view.

You can sign up for Surfshark’s month-to-month plan or a whole year if you need a more extended membership. The annual subscription cost is $47.88, or $3.99 per month on average. Even better, you can commit for two years and pay just $2.49 monthly, totaling $59.76. It pays to engage with Surfshark.

Private Internet Access

The cost of Private Internet Access, compared to its level of privacy and online security, stands out the most. PIA’s memberships include essential and optional features, starting at only $2.19 per month. Its key features are a kill switch, split tunneling (which iOS does not support), robust encryption, and VPN protocols. It also features many helpful options, like port forwarding, IPv6 leak filtering, and VPN sleep.

Most iOS VPNs do not provide as many network tweaking options as PIA. You may select between the OpenVPN and WireGuard VPN protocols, alter the data encryption level, specify which local ports to utilize, modify your DNS settings, and more. We’ve been using iPhones for a while and were eager to access as many VPN modifications as Android users often do; PIA provided us with just that.

It seems to reason that not everyone likes to fiddle with network settings. Some people only want a straightforward VPN that can unblock geo-restricted websites or conceal their online activity. If so, you’ll value the simple navigation of PIA’s app. The program can connect you to the VPN in two easy steps. Launch the application first, and then press the sizable power symbol. Even if PIA isn’t the ideal VPN, iPhone users should consider it one of their top choices.


ExpressVPN was the leading candidate for VPNs for iPhones because of its little tracking, fast speeds, and split tunneling. Additionally, you will be pleased with ExpressVPN’s app’s reviews and Netflix accessibility. The IP address used to access ExpressVPN changes each time you connect. Therefore, it is more difficult for hackers or other monitoring agencies to find you.

You can leave ExpressVPN connected if you want to switch between public and private networks because it lets you use both connections simultaneously. ExpressVPN allows you to surf freely and safely without paying attention to what is on or off at any given time.


Your torrenting needs are fully met by IPVanish, which allows you to connect up to 10 devices simultaneously. Since servers are widely available, you will have quick Internet access. Even though IPVanish’s pricing is a little higher than typical, in your opinion, it would still be worth it.

A comprehensive online FAQ section, email assistance, and live chat help are available around the clock, as is a phone number from IPVanish. We can tell a VPN takes customer support seriously when they provide a phone number. They answered right away when we wrote them to ask about their IP addresses.

Suppose you frequently utilize public Wi-Fi when out and about in New York City or stop to work at your favorite coffee shop. In that case, the IPVanish iOS app’s ease of use is crucial. IPVanish has a 4.5-star rating from over 45,000 reviews in the app store.

With servers spread over 75 locations, IPVanish has over 40,000 IP addresses. Knowing that your Internet will continue to be quick and secure no matter where we are, makes us happy.


Whether you are attempting to stream Netflix or ensure that your browsing is secure, ProtonVPN would serve you well. With ProtonVPN, you can always find a fast connection. You don’t have to worry about too much of your data being collected because ProtonVPN has 560 servers spread over more than 40 countries and is based in Switzerland.

Among the features of ProtonVPN is a kill switch. This would have been useful if the VPN had briefly disconnected while torrenting large files. The kill switch automatically stops online traffic, protecting users from your behavior being seen by our Internet Service Provider and perhaps getting us into trouble.

ProtonVPN will not record your online browsing behavior. This VPN only records things like our email addresses and payment details. Furthermore, ProtonVPN provides transparency reports so users can see precisely what they are monitoring.

Torrenting is permitted with either a Basic or Plus membership from ProtonVPN. When you choose the Plus tier, you can stream content quite quickly on Windows, making binge-watching our favorite shows a beautiful experience. Additionally, their servers are designed exclusively for downloading P2P files.


CyberGhost is a fantastic, reasonably priced solution that provides valuable services like Netflix access and first-rate customer service. You would be able to secure a connection thanks to their 5,500 servers spread over 90 nations. Since their headquarters are in Romania, you will never have to worry about your information being given to the authorities.

Selecting a $12.99 per month recurring subscription is an option. A year of service would cost you only $51.48, or around $4.29 per month. The monthly fee decreases with the length of the membership. Additionally, there are two-year and three-year options, including three months of free service. The two-year plan costs $78 ($3,25/month), while the three-year subscription plan is $89.31 ($2,29/month).

Despite not having a phone number, CyberGhost’s live chat was quite attentive when we contacted them to inquire about torrenting. Most of the information required would be quickly discovered by searching their database of commonly asked questions.


In this article, we want to inform you about the procedures we use to evaluate VPNs. You will then fully understand how to rate and order any VPN you consider confidential. To ensure that a VPN has all the essential characteristics, start by carefully examining its features (such as encryption standards for security, IP addresses for anonymity, etc.).

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