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How to cancel Audible membership in 2023: Easy guide

cancel audible membership

Amazon-owned Audible is a subscription business that creates and sells audiobooks, newspapers, periodicals, TV shows, and radio programs. Below are methods you can use to cancel your Audible membership.

How to manually cancel Audible on an iOS app

You may cancel your Audible subscription in a few different ways. Please note that you may only close your account through a web browser and from any device (computer, tablet, or Smartphone). Take the actions listed below to end your membership in an iOS app:

  • Your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch should be open to the Settings app.
  • Click “your name.”
  • Then click on Subscriptions. If “Subscriptions” is not displayed, select “iTunes & App Stores” instead.
  • After that, sign in, and select View how to cancel.
  •  From the Apple ID from the menu, scroll down to Subscriptions, and select Subscriptions.
  •  Select the subscription you want to edit by tapping it.
  • Then select “Cancel Subscription.” If Cancel Subscription is not present, the subscription has already been terminated and won’t renew.

 Please remember that you can cancel your membership by going to the “My Account” area of the Audible website. You can do this if you started it anywhere other than the iOS app or if Audible doesn’t show up under “Subscriptions” on your iOS device. It should also be noted that credits obtained through an Audible membership begin in the Audible iOS app, and additional credits bought in the iOS app never expire.

How to cancel Audible Subscription on Android devices

  • On your Android Smartphone, launch the Google Play Store application.
  • To access the Profile Menu, tap on your profile picture in the top right corner.
  • Then select Subscriptions from the Payments and Subscriptions menu.
  • Search for Audible and select Cancel Subscription.

 You can cancel your Android Audible subscription by going to the “My Account” area of the Audible website on your Android device as well. Do this if it isn’t administered through Google Play on your Android device or Audible doesn’t show up under “Subscriptions.”

 It should be noted that removing the Audible app from your device does not terminate your subscription; charges can still apply.

How to Resign Membership using Audible website

 You can also cancel your membership on Audible by visiting now. Log in with your “Audible” or “Amazon” account details. You can log in by clicking or tapping My Account. Under the text box containing your current membership information, click or touch “Cancel membership”. Decide on a cancellation reason, then follow the directions. You will get a confirmation email after you’re done.

How to Call Audible to cancel the service

To get in touch with the Audible customer service staff, call 1 (888) 283-5051. Ensure you have your login information on hand. Request that the customer service agent discontinues your membership. A confirmation email stating your account has been closed will be sent to you.

Stop Audible from a web browser

  • Use your Audible or Amazon account to sign in.
  • Check out the Account Details page.
  • Find “Cancel membership” under “View membership details” and click it.
  • Observe the page’s directions.
  • You will get an email notification once your membership has been terminated.

Email Audible to cancel.

To terminate your account, send an email to Don’t forget to add your login information and complete name. You will get an email that proves that you have canceled your account within a day or two.

Audible cancellation using DoNotPay

Since you cannot cancel your subscription using the applications on your tablet or Smartphone, canceling Audible may take some time. Another problem is that occasionally the support staff doesn’t handle the cancellation on the same day. With DoNotPay, canceling your Audible subscription from your Smartphone takes no more than two minutes. Follow the steps below.

  • Open the DoNotPay app on your preferred web browser.
  • Like the service you wish to discontinue, type “Audible.”
  • You will be sent an email as soon as we terminate your subscription.

Online credit card sharing carries specific hazards, and it’s growing harder to distinguish between trustworthy and dangerous services. You can guard your identity and bank account against online criminals by using DoNotPay’s virtual credit card creator. Create a virtual credit card whenever you encounter a suspicious email or website and continue without fear. If you wish to prevent automated payments after free trials, our virtual cards also function flawlessly in that regard.

What else is available to DoNotPay?

DoNotPay is an AI attorney who advocates for consumer rights and fair treatment for big businesses. In addition to assisting you in terminating any subscription service, we may contact customer support representatives without being put on hold and receive payment for any delays.

Instead of terminating my Audible account, may I put it on hold?

You can put your Audible subscription on pause once every 12 months if you pay monthly. Your Audible account may be placed on hold for one to three months. Users whose membership plans don’t earn credits and those who created their accounts before 2006 are ineligible for this service. Contact the customer service department of the organization to pause your Audible account.

After I discontinue my Audible subscription, will I receive a refund?

If you are wondering if you would get your money back, you won’t get a refund if you cancel your membership. The minute you terminate your account, your member perks will likewise expire. You will still have access to your profile and the audio books you purchased before the cancellation.

Will I be charged by Audible when my free trial expires?

faq audible membship og image

It will, indeed. All features are available to new Audible members for the first 30 days. Your risk-free trial can be ended at any time. Suppose you don’t opt-out of your subscription before the trial time is out. In that case, your credit card will instantly be debited for renewal.

DoNotPay free trials end. Will I still be charged?

No, you won’t ever be charged after your free trials with DoNotPay! Auto-renewals generate enormous profits for subscription businesses like Audible every year. Even though Audible will give you a reminder one week before the expiration date, it’s easy to forget to terminate your free trial before it ends. Regular charges to your credit card and a great deal of annoyance will result from failing to terminate your membership on time.

Use the virtual credit card from DoNotPay to register for Audible if you don’t want to be charged after your trial. Your credit card won’t be billed, and Audible won’t be able to distinguish the difference.


Subscription services could be at fault if you’re wondering where all your money goes each month. Many consumers subscribe to many monthly subscriptions. These consumers believe they won’t be spending much money because they are often reasonable. Surprisingly, up to 87 percent of people are unaware that they pay almost $240 monthly for these services. You can find out which services are draining your bank account and stop using them. If Audible subscription service is draining your account, you can stop the subscription by using the methods stated in this article.

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