Best way to start a conversation on Tinder in 2023

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You’ve found a hot Tinder match, then. But there’s something you need to do before your game even considers meeting åup and engaging in illicit activities with you.

We occasionally use Tinder even if we know we won’t have time to meet up with anybody. We still want to meet someone, and downloading Tinder is far quicker than getting a group of friends together and heading out to a club or attempting to be sociable.

You could send a follow-up message if you authored a clever letter. It’s possible that your new match met up with someone else the week before or spoke to their previous matches more because you weren’t their “first pick.” When the other person discovers there is chemistry, many people who weren’t someone’s first pick wind up winning the game.

Another possibility is that someone in the family passed away. There are no set amounts of days after which you must unmatch them. Leave them alone if they don’t respond after receiving a second message. You may go through your matches and unmatch them a month from now.

How do I start a conversation on Tinder?

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To message someone on Tinder, you must be partnered with them. Log in after the app has been launched. Press the speech bubble icon to choose the person you want to talk to when you see your match list. When finished, type your message in the “Message” box and press the Send button. That seems relatively straightforward. It is, but we’ll still provide you with thorough instructions on how to start a Tinder conversation.

It would help if you used the appropriate emotional cues to entice her with simple words. Because on Tinder, that’s all you get. If you say one bad thing, she’s gone. When you talk too much, she leaves. The hardest part is that she is already gone if you say nothing. You must speak with her, but if you want a chance, you must tell the perfect thing when you send the Tinder first message.

How do I send a message to someone on Tinder?

Switch on your smartphone, launch the app, and log in. On your Tinder main screen, tap the speech bubble icon at the top menu.

A list of the individuals you’ve been successfully matched with will now appear. People you have checked with on Tinder but haven’t messaged or been messaged by are known as “New Matches.” “Messages” displays your matches who have exchanged at least one message with you or one with them. Next to the match’s name will be shown the most recent message either of you sent.

To narrow your match list as you enter, you may also touch inside the “Search Matches” box and input the name of a specific match. Inputting characters is helpful if you have many “matches” and don’t want to scroll through them all to find a certain one. Tap the name of the match whose person you wish to message when you locate them. Read further to know how to start a Tinder conversation.

How do I start a Tinder conversation?

If you are wondering how to start a Tinder conversation, this article is for you. To send a message to yourself, tap the “Message” box at the bottom of the screen. Next, use your device’s (virtual) keyboard to compose the message you want to send to your match. Then click the Send button. You may search your smartphone for a picture to send to your partner by pressing the GIF button. Please be aware that only photos with “.gif” file extensions will work with this button.

You may view a log of your interactions with a specific match while you’re within the chat window for that match. The record includes the time and date of any communications one of you has sent the other. You can also see the day and time you were matched with this Tinder user. You may tell your match you value their feedback by tapping the heart icon next to one of their messages.

Top tips for starting a conversation on Tinder

Here are some tips on how to message someone on Tinder.

  • Tell them if you like them

On Tinder, you have to tell a match you like them if you do. On Tinder, being paired with someone suggests that the two of you at least have a passing interest in one another, but this doesn’t genuinely mean anything. Some Tinder users may “like” as many potential matches as possible to see how many “matches” they can acquire. Only around 50% of games result in message exchanges as a consequence. If you want to break that taboo, don’t wait to send the first message to a match you like. Take the initiative!

  • Pay attention to the profile

To decide which strategies to use, look through your match’s profile. It’s essential to start the discussion while chatting on Tinder, but you shouldn’t dive straight in. Note the characteristics you have in common after looking at the information and images in your match’s profile. They could eat the same things you do. Maybe we have similar political or religious ideas. Maybe one or more of your interests in hobbies are comparable to yours.

If you don’t find anything in common with your match, try looking for something special about them.

You could pick up on a topic in which they have a particular interest or a unique trait about them that others would overlook. The discussion starters listed above may all be used to pique your match’s interest.

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Hit the three dots (the “more choices” symbol) at the top of the screen, and when the list of other options appears, tap View [Match’s NameProfile]

  • Tickle their emotions

Make a unique, personalized opening remark that appeals to your match’s emotions. Start by choosing a topic to talk about with your Tinder match. The second step is considering how to introduce the subject of your first communication excitingly.

Simple greetings like “Hey,” “Hi,” “What’s up, “or” How’s your day going?” don’t create a fantastic initial impression with a match. Such greetings usually lead to a conversation that one or both of you will quickly get tired of sustaining.

Consider a beginning statement that will elicit a feeling rather than the contrary. One way to pique your partner’s interest is to compliment them on a unique characteristic about themselves that others may not have noticed or emphasized (but be careful about commenting on their physical appearance).

You might even joke about the topic you choose to discuss to entertain your match. Alternatively, by bringing up a potential area of similarity, you can pleasantly surprise your “match’. Examine your match’s profile again to see if it offers any ideas if you’re having difficulties determining which emotional angle to play. One more thing; always start your message with your match’s name. It’s a kind of action that demonstrates to your “match” how much you value them personally.

  • Never begin a conversation by saying “Hi.”

The easiest and most obvious way to start a conversation is with “Hello!” Additionally, it is impersonal and relatively uninteresting if you receive a lot of texts. Some people find these first Tinder messages boring, so they occasionally choose not to respond.

It’s also a hint that the other person either lacked the motivation to write more (i.e., couldn’t be bothered) or lacked the creativity to come up with anything more interesting to say. “hi” and “how are you?” are among the most boring greetings. Why?

You may either respond “I’m OK” or “I’m not,” or you can elaborate on your feelings, which you won’t do with a total stranger when you want to discuss. “How’s it going?” leads nowhere since the other person will say, “Fine,” and that will be the end.

  • Utilize Compliments Wisely

Many ladies have heard “Hello sexy!” many times as a woman Or “Hey, you’re pretty!”, “Hey, sweetheart!” Some don’t usually respond to those communications, and they don’t respond if the guy’s profile doesn’t make me want to run a mile to meet him.


The reason is that such compliments turn ladies off that the guy is just paying attention to the physical.  Do you know that attractive individuals have also heard that they are cute? Yeah.

So perhaps they are searching for something fresh.

People have the fantastic chance to meet so many individuals, thanks to Tinder. They have the same opportunity, which is the problem. Therefore you must be distinctive.

  • Look for similarities

It’s as simple as it gets, right? Finding a point of commonality is the most effective and most straightforward approach to attracting someone’s attention.


“Hey (the person’s name), I saw you went to Greece. I cherish Greece, and there are so many memories of seaside sunsets”.

This way, you have immediately established a point of commonality and provided the other person with a topic of conversation. It’s a Tinder opening with potential.

“I saw a yacht in one of your images. I was raised sailing, and I adore the sea! Tell me, then, are you a sailor. Or do you typically capsize the vessel the moment a wave appears?

Once more, you’re highlighting a similarity between you, but it’s also a little tricky to inquire if they’re a true sailor. The problematic aspect could be more effective on males than on women.

  • Include a GIF.

According to studies, posting a GIF on Tinder increases your response rate by 30% and doubles the length of your chat. GIFs may be hit or miss as you have to figure out what people find amusing. However, it breaks the ice since they are humorous.

For instance:

Send a humorous GIF of a dancing dog as a greeting with the message, “This is just my way of saying hello, but I swear, I’ll act much better in real life.”

Instead of simply sending the GIF, try to comment on it. Remember that you are opening a conversation. Additionally, they don’t exceptionally capture viewers’ attention, so unless your objective with the GIF is abundantly evident, they might not understand it.

The GIFs of red flowers, hearts, etc., might be weird. You don’t know them yet, so don’t label them hot too soon and too much.

  • Check Out Their Tinder Page

Looking closely at their profile, you might not immediately notice that you have anything in common. Find something else to remark about in such a scenario.

“That picture of you near the beach is fantastic. That location seems impressive! What’s its area?

You can be a little cheeky, too. “I see that you enjoy ice cream. Are you the type who shares their ice cream, then?” Or you may keep it straightforward. “I love geeky movies. “More, please!” (For example, they stated in their profile that they enjoy geeky movies. You may ask, “I notice you’re eating ice cream in one of your images, so tell me, what’s your favorite flavor? ;)” to find out about whatever they stated.

You may either respond when they say something by saying, “I knew you’d be a strawberry girl!” Alternatively, “Oh no, I bet on chocolate!

However, I’ll keep in mind the strawberry for our upcoming date.

 “Any favorite ice cream shop in the area?”  A date at an ice cream shop might easily result from that conversation on Tinder.

  • Post a Query

If their profile has nothing interesting to discuss, ask a question to open the Tinder conversation. You can even send a Joke Opener. Making light of something or being a little corny is perfectly acceptable. “Do you know how when you connect with someone on Tinder, those messages appear?” There are always jokes you can make that are linked to one of those. If done correctly, sending a witty opening message may be an excellent Tinder icebreaker.

  • The Short Tinder Opener

You may say “their name” if they use their profile. Why does this function? You used their name, which is brief, direct, and personalized. It functions twenty times better than simply a generic “hi.”

  • Correct spelling and grammar

People sometimes assume that if you write your messages poorly that you don’t care enough to write appropriately rather than that you have dyslexia. Some folks fail to respond.

Wherever feasible, use their name; it establishes a connection right away and is far more intimate.

Thirdly, because fewer individuals are at work in the evening, it is preferable to send a message then. For obvious reasons, being preoccupied with work makes it simpler to forget to respond to a Tinder message.

Last but not least, and most crucially, read their profile. To avoid asking questions they already answered in their profile.

  • When They Ignore You, Send a Follow-Up

On Tinder, I’ve had users unmatch me because I took longer than 24 hours to respond to a message. So maybe it implies I’m not really into them, per some dating expert. If someone continues to be erratic after you’ve spoken to them for some time and they don’t explain why, such as saying they’re swamped right now, they are likely to be highly erratic or not into you.


Writing something interesting is the most distinctive approach to starting a conversation on Tinder or other dating apps. If you discover something to write about in their photographs or bio, do it. It demonstrates that you carefully examined their profile and found something to connect with. Say something broad like, “One lie and two truths…ready, set, go!” if they have no bio and incredibly dull photographs, or worse, photos that don’t show anything you can remark on, it might not result in a fruitful Tinder exchange.

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