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Adding subtitles improves the quality of the video. Here are the top websites where you may download subtitles. Sites where you can get subtitles, might enhance your enjoyment of movies and TV shows. Not merely for non-dubbed foreign language media, subtitles have various uses. The clarity of conversation is greatly improved by subtitles, particularly during action scenes where loud noises can obscure what actors are saying.

Additionally, shows with ensemble casts with solid accents and a lot of jargon, like procedurals, sci-fi, and fantasy, benefit from subtitles because they make it easier to follow characters. Do you still have questions about where to find subtitles? In this article, we’ll explain where to find the best subtitles for movies and TV series and how to load them.

Where can I download subtitles for movies and series?

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As many subtitle tracks as you desire can be loaded and switched between at will. This is very helpful for some movie files, particularly those in the MKV format, which contain a lot of subtitles in several languages. One of VLC Player’s many fantastic hidden features is its faster subtitle downloads using media players.

These websites are excellent. However, manually downloading subtitles each time can become tedious if you prefer them for every movie or series you watch. Thankfully, a few free media players allow you to search for and download subtitles directly from the app; some even can find subtitles depending on the filename of the video you’re watching. Some examples are below:

BS. Player: Both the Free and Pro editions have built-in capability for automatically downloading subtitles. Which websites they are sourced from is unknown.

Media Player Classic: Auto-downloading subtitle functionality is built-in, and they are supplied from Open Subtitles by default. Even though this program is no longer actively developed, it works nicely.

 PotPlayer: This allows you to browse the player’s available subtitles and download the ones you want. If you’d like, you can add your source websites. If you use a mobile video player app, this still works perfectly. Even if your preferred video player does not enable automated subtitle downloads, it almost certainly does so for matching filenames.

What are the best websites to download subtitles for movies and series?

Many websites offer free subtitle downloads for particular movies and TV series. Below are some of the top online resources for subtitles.


Subscene is quick, thorough, and constantly updated, with subtitles for the newest movies and TV shows. Since every subtitle is a user creation, you can frequently find matches for even obscure titles. Subscene’s user interface is uncomplicated. You only need to type the show or movie name into the search bar and choose the appropriate result from the results list because subtitles are arranged according to shows and movies.

The majority of the subtitles on Subscene are in the SRT format. You can choose to add “hearing impaired” subtitles in your search results and limit the results to three or fewer languages by setting a search filter (for sound effects).

The forums might also strike you as a cool feature. Suppose there aren’t any available in your native tongue or none that are adequately synchronized for your version of the media; in that case, you can request subtitles for movies and television series in your language.


A considerable number of subtitles are available on OpenSubtitles. People can review the quality of the subtitling when users add their own. This allows you to review the ratings and download the finest. OpenSubtitles is so well-liked: With support for numerous languages, it is the most extensive database of subtitles. If you can navigate the website, you’ll see that some of the subtitles are unique to this location. The additional helpful elements include:

  • The dedicated Request Subtitles page
  • The surprisingly comprehensive advanced search filters
  • The embedded third-party data (such as IMDb details)
  • Pertinent links that go to places where you may buy or stream movies for free.

YIFY Subtitles

The library of subtitles for movies and films on YIFY Subtitles is enormous and constantly growing. Thanks to its slick interface, which displays the advertising poster, year of release, director, and other helpful information, browsing is a breeze. You can filter by many languages to only see the entries with the appropriate subtitles. You can also type the title of the movie or TV show into a search engine.

The only drawback is that some entries lack subtitles, so even though your search might provide a result, you’ll still be left with nothing. However, YIFY Subtitles are a fantastic and straightforward option for obtaining subtitles.


Podnapisi, which can seem like a website for podcasts, is a great place to get almost 60,000 movies and 7,000 TV episodes. Whatever subtitles you need are probably accessible here. In addition to such astounding figures, over two million subtitles have been provided in various languages and formats, 100,000 of which have been customized for hard-of-hearing or hearing impaired (SDH) viewers. Podnapisi is a superb option for subtitles with a quick, clean UI and a simple search feature (filter by keywords, seasons, language, FPS, and more).


Due to its extensive material, Addic7ed is still a fantastic source to get subtitles, even though its interface isn’t the most attractive. Every day, new subtitles are posted. Use the search bar to locate what you’re looking for. Alternatively, you can view a list of all the TV shows and movies for which it offers subtitles. If something isn’t offered, check out the forums to see if anyone can assist you. Alternatively, you can look through its tutorials to learn how to create your titles.

TV subs

TVsubtitles isn’t just for TV shows, despite its name. Many old and new movies both have subtitles on them. TV shows are its mainstay, and you only need to look at its list of subtitles to understand why. Here, many TV shows from various eras and genres are mentioned. There are some movie subtitles available if you require them, but the selection is smaller, and you’re better off using a different site for those.

How do I install subtitles for movies and series?


Most free media players will automatically discover and load subtitle files if you title the files appropriately. Mostly, you only need to duplicate the exact filename of the TV show or movie and paste it as the filename of the subtitle file. This works with almost all video file types (such as AVI, MKV, and MP4) and the most popular subtitle file types (e.g., SCC, SRT, SUB, VTT). Additionally, you must ensure that the video and subtitle files are located in the same place.

Once that’s been done, open the video file, and your media player should load the subtitle file immediately. Suppose it doesn’t? And what if you wish to replace the built-in subtitle track in your video file with one from the subtitle file? You’ll need to manually load the subtitle file and change the track in your media player in that scenario.

How do I manually change the video’s subtitle tracks?

We’ll show you how to use VLC, the world’s most widely used media player application. Even if it’s not in the same place as the video file, you can manually load a subtitle file by doing the following:

  • Open VLC and play the video file.
  • Click Add Subtitle File from the Subtitles menu.
  • Open the subtitle file after finding it and selecting it.

To change the built-in subtitle tracks in various video files to other subtitles:

  • Open VLC and play the video file.
  • Go to Sub Track > Track # under the Subtitles option.



Above is all you need to know about downloading subtitles and using them. You won’t have to struggle to understand speech above large explosions anymore. And happily, downloading subtitles is not necessary when watching shows that stream. You can also add subtitles to mobile videos, even though this guide mainly focuses on desktop videos.

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