Best windows 11 themes that will blow your mind in 2023

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You either don’t like the new Windows interface or want to customize your desktop to make it seem more like home, which is why you’re here. Once you have the new operating system, you may customize it with your computer’s top Windows 11 skins and themes. Choose the appropriate resolution to ensure the wallpaper looks good on your screen. Before downloading or purchasing a piece of skin, be sure Windows 11 is compatible with it.

How can I choose the best windows 11 themes and skins for my PC?

We completely understand, but before you make any changes to your desktop, taskbar, or icons, you should think about a few little suggestions that could be helpful. A backup should be made before updating the skin. While skins can alter the appearance of the taskbar, icons, menus, and more, themes and wallpaper are less intrusive. It’s possible that some of the features aren’t entirely suited for your display or that they clash. As a result, before installing the skin, backup your system. Below are some factors you need to consider when choosing a theme for your PC.

Select the appropriate resolution

You could have the option to choose the ideal resolution for your device’s screen when choosing themes and, in particular, wallpapers.

Examine the display’s resolution

To check the display resolution, right-click anywhere on your desktop and choose Display Settings if you don’t remember it by heart. 

Change the desktop background quickly.

You have to right-click on an empty area on the desktop in Windows 11 to change the backdrop. Select your favorite pictures from the Picture or Slideshow options under Background.

What are the best window 11 PC themes in 2022?

Microsoft revamped its selection of Windows themes for the newest OS, and many options are available. Numerous articles are available, including those with custom sounds and panoramic melodies for dual monitor setups. They are divided into categories and range from animals to games, movies, and automobiles.

Of course, many themes were taken from Windows 10 and modified for Windows 11. However, there is still a sizable variety to take into account.

Because they also function flawlessly on Windows 11, don’t be deceived by the fact that this seems to be a source for Windows 10 wallpaper.

With their stunning 3D visuals, the 17 HD wallpapers you receive will wow you. The rear is available for free acquisition and unlimited usage; however, it isn’t much.

Windows’ best Unix skin is the Ubuntu skin pack.

All Unix-based operating systems are lightweight and quick. Still, they don’t yet have many Windows-compatible programs and capabilities. Ubuntu is the most approachable Unix distribution, but you can also make Windows appear like it.

The whole Windows 11 interface, including the taskbar, buttons, and menus, will be changed by this Ubuntu skin pack so that your computer will appear to have Ubuntu installed on it.

The theme is accessible in a light form. Still, if you want to modify the Windows 11 icons and other features, you must purchase the entire bundle for a small charge.

The heist film La Casa de Papel’s theme is “Money Heist.”

money heist 6632767 1280

One of the most well-known series, Money Heist, La Casa de Papel, features many action and compelling characters. Using this free theme bundle, you can set at least 15 HD wallpapers with movie scenes on your Windows 11 desktop. Yes, you will see some lovely images of Berlin and Tokyo, but this isn’t about the cities themselves. The bundle contains every member of the cast.

If you’re a fan, you will undoubtedly appreciate the pictures because they were carefully selected and of the highest quality.

The best theme for fans of action movies is the Squid Game Theme

Rarely do Korean series receive as much hype, but Squid Game has succeeded in becoming a title that viewers worldwide want to binge on. The Squid Game theme pack includes 15 HD images from the series, as you might expect, but there are no gory scenes to worry about.

High-quality pictures depict all the key figures and how they change during the episodes. On Windows 11, all images may be set as wallpapers, although the theme is also compatible with Windows XP and earlier.

Best free gaming theme: Fortnite

magic cube 1976725 1280

One of the most popular games using the Epic Unreal Engine 4 is Fortnite, which has admirers worldwide. The survival gaming experience is now available on your desktop, thanks to the addition of wallpapers and app icons by the creators for Windows. Whether or not you’ve upgraded to the most recent OS, you may still use this theme because it works with Windows 11 and all previous versions up to Windows 7. It includes 15 HD wallpapers that show game-related scenes and every central playable character.

Great sci-fi gaming theme: Deep Rock Galactic

You’re undoubtedly familiar with Deep Rock Galactic. This multiplayer first-person shooter may be played alone or with up to four additional players. You must have enjoyed exploring the cave networks and working with your teammates to finish the missions. You will like the Deep Rock Galactic theme if you wish to recall the essential sequences from the game’s sci-fi-inspired visuals. This collection of 9 HD wallpapers features game-related scenes that will inspire you to play again.

The macOS Monterey SkinPack

Although Windows 11 already resembles macOS, the macOS Monterey Pack is perfect for further customizing it to seem like the operating system from Apple. This is a Windows 11 contemporary skin pack that will modify your icons, the taskbar, buttons, and windows. It’s not simply a plain backdrop you can set as your desktop background.

Before installing this skin pack, the publisher advises that you remove any others you may have installed since they might clash. The skin pack will make it appear to everyone that your PC has macOS Monterey installed. The Lite edition is free to test. But you will need to make a fair investment if you want the genuine article, complete with icons and extras.

Dark Abstract themes

There isn’t much to say about the wallpapers other than that; although they are not very colorful, they could still be beautiful and eye-catching. This Dark Abstract Theme is perfect for you if you appreciate dark themes and even more so if you like the ethereal, captivating aesthetics.

This theme collection includes 17 HD pictures with various forms, colors, and textures likely to appeal to your brain and, maybe unsurprisingly, calm you. If you particularly enjoy this art, the sharp and clear graphics will treat your eyes.

Wallpapers for Windows-Top Windows 11 wallpapers

OIP 22

This lovely Windows wallpaper is available from WallpaperHub if you want to tweak the appearance a little. There, you will discover more than 50 high-resolution wallpapers with a Windows theme, including Windows 98 wallpaper that brought back many pleasant memories for us.

The official Windows 11 wallpapers are also available, which you may give to a buddy who is still on Windows 10 and hasn’t upgraded. The wallpapers are accessible, vibrant, and appropriately sized for any full-resolution monitor. Scroll down on any of them to get the resolution that matches your monitor’s.


As you can see, changing the theme in Windows 11 is extremely easy. Still, you should be aware that the personalization tools are not accessible if your OS is not activated. The top skins and themes for your Windows 11 PC are now complete.

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