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It is a fallacy that locating a phone number is an impossible undertaking. We’ll reveal tricks we use to know if people have secret phone numbers in this article. Information such as a street address, city, state, or ZIP code might be necessary to locate a specific phone number.

Can I find out if someone has a secret phone number through their address?

On certain websites, using the address alone makes it challenging to locate the phone numbers. In this case, you might use to search for the person’s name. The website provides all the information we have on the person at that specific address. It’s one of the first websites, and it’s been operating effectively for years. If you know the name, you can find phone numbers under “name” on,, or any other websites mentioned before, narrowing down your search.

Perform a quick Google search using the address to obtain a phone number

But occasionally, you might have been unfortunate or lacked the sharp eye to locate the phone numbers via address. Consider yourself lucky if you come across that phone number on any of the first ten most popular websites. Coming across a phone number might occur if that person disclosed their contact information on a public forum. Many folks become discouraged when they cannot find the contact information via a Google search. However, you can also try searching using an email address, zip code, or other personal data like your college or school, neighborhood, etc.

Enter all relevant information, including the zip code, area, city, and state, if you’re looking by address. After that, rely on Google for everything. Read the methods listed below if you still have trouble finding the number.

Using addresses and Global People Search, locate phone numbers

One such service to assist you in finding a phone line using an address is the Global People Search. You can use this website to locate listings for addresses worldwide, and it’s also free. Using the international lookup feature, you may discover the phone number and email address. The business will soon launch a new tool that allows users to search for someone’s name using their phone number. In this manner, you may also know who would contact you.

Before you start using the most complicated techniques, a quick yet informed search in the Google search box can usually handle your issues. Before using any software, this will undoubtedly be the first action taken by everyone.

What if your spouse conceals their other phone number from you because it is different?

Undoubtedly, the best method to alleviate your fear is to have an open and honest conversation. However, there are five more ways to find out if this is not an option. And it doesn’t necessarily entail listening in on conversations or breaking into your partner’s devices. Below are some applications and methods you can use to find out if someone has a secrete phone number

Using ZIP Code lookup

Due to the incorrect address, there is a strong likelihood that the phone line will also be wrong. If you don’t know the complete address, you can still find the precise address by using the ZIP code. On or, you may discover ZIP codes. If you know the person’s address, has an advantage over other websites because it can give you their phone numbers. Additionally, it might demonstrate what is possible in that area, serving as a guide for you.


One of the best resources for finding someone’s covert secret phone line is BeenVerified. Enter your name, phone number, username, email address, or location to start. Phone numbers and online accounts are not as secret as you may believe when you have billions of records at your fingertips!

  • Visit BeenVerified People Search to look up someone’s phone number.
  • Select Name/Phone/Email/Username Search, enter the information in the box and then click SEARCH.
  • You’ll receive a thorough report about the individual you searched, complete with their contact information, in a matter of seconds.

Remember that just because you have multiple phone numbers doesn’t mean they’re all in use. As they progress in life, some people forget their phone numbers.


A people search engine created specifically for social media is called PeopleLooker. It currently enables searches across 120+ social platforms, so in addition to learning the phone number(s) someone possesses, you’re likely to know which social networks they frequent.

1. Visit the PeopleLooker official website to find someone’s phone number.

2. Select a search strategy, enter the data, and hit the Search button.

3. Within a minute, PeopleLooker will compile the data into a report that is simple to read. You may see the available home addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, social media profiles, and more from the information.

Social Catfish

Social Catfish expands on what was originally a dating investigation service. When you search Social Catfish, the search engine will gather relevant information about the person, check the information in its database of scammers, and send you a warning if the individual has a history of being a reported scammer.

How to utilize Social Catfish to determine if a person has several phone numbers is given below:

1. Visit the official Social Catfish website.

2. Choose one of the following search options: name, phone number, username, email address, location, or image. After that, enter the data and press Search.

3. Social Catfish will quickly locate all information related to the person, including their phone numbers.


Another influential person’s search tool is Spokeo. With a staggering 12+ billion records in its database, it can search practically anyone and unearth almost anything about them. Spokeo contains their contact information, email addresses, activity on more than 120 social and dating websites, and so forth. To utilize Spokeo to see if someone has another phone line, follow these steps:

  • Visit the Spokeo website.
  • Select USERNAME SEARCH or NAME/EMAIL/PHONE/ADDRESS SEARCH, enter the information, then click SEARCH NOW.
  • Watch as Spokeo compiles records that fit your search criteria.

How to find out if your spouse has a secret phone number

Sometimes a girlfriend or spouse will have many phones or SIM cards. Below is how to determine whether your spouse has a different SIM card. Download the mSpy covert phone monitoring apps to your iPhone or Android devices.

Use this app if you want to catch a cheater with their phone number. All phone activity, including Facebook, location sharing with Google Maps, tracking of SIM cards, video logs, and all types of photo content, is monitored.

MSpy can monitor contact information, Google Voice, Google Hangouts, and Secret messages. This app is fantastic if you want to know if your spouse has a different SIM card.

  • Take the target phones and launch the browser on each of them.
  • To access the mSpy website, type mSpy.
  • Now sign up and log in to get a variety of instructions.
  • Open the mSpy programs and turn on the permissions possible. Then take in the show.

Because mSpy is an expensive app if you want to follow cheaters’ phone numbers with all kinds of activity, purchase a premium subscription. Free applications either might not function correctly or offer premium services.


You’ve probably been followed by a particular number worldwide and on the internet for a long time. Throughout that time, you’ve probably given your phone number out voluntarily or to an eatery, social media site, and online retailer requesting it. That is a difficulty. That number is a thread that, for the right person with the proper motivation, may unravel your entire digital life and bring your privacy, bank account, or even your very identity crashing down. But it’s not necessary to be. Obtaining and keeping a second phone number is one approach to reducing the genuine hazards associated with treating your phone number as a key to safeguarding all of your secrets and public identity.

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