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When you interact with an Instagram user and want to learn more about them, do you ever wonder how to find out who the account owner is? Asking the person directly is the most accessible course of action.

If you don’t feel like doing that, there are several quick, easy, and covert ways to determine the identity of an Instagram user. Below are methods to find out the person behind an Instagram account.

Been Verified

You can use Been Verified to find out who is behind Instagram. One of the most well-known internet personal search engines is Been Verified. You may use its robust reverse username search to find out who is really behind a social media page. You may identify the most accurate match associated with a particular Instagram account from its vast database, which searches over 50 social networks.

  1. Type the Instagram username into the box below and click “Search Now.” Alternatively, you can begin a search on the Been Verified username search page.
  2. Be patient as Been Verified searches for the correct owner. Once the investigation is complete, you may view the account owner and unlock further information. The additional information you would access includes name, contact information (including phone number and email address), and images, if any are available.


Utilize PeopleLooker to follow social media users. Using PeopleLooker to conduct a social media username search is simple. Enter a username, such as a Twitter or Instagram handle, and the tool will search public records to precisely identify the individual linked to the profile. The search results will include profile pictures, age, address, phone number, and email. A search may turn up more information about someone the more active they are on social media.

  1. Go to the PeopleLooker official website. Then hit Search after entering an Instagram username.
  2. The report with the pertinent data will be available in a short while. You must pay for complete access, but you may instead sign up for the $1/week trial subscription. You’ll get the most recent information after unlocking the report.



You can use Spokeo to find bogus Instagram accounts. If you want to learn more about the person behind an Instagram account, Spokeo should be your first choice. It extensively searches 120+ social media platforms and offline and online public documents. You may check if an Instagram account is fake by using Spokeo to perform a search. Additionally, you’ll learn who the owner is and get other details like:

• Personal and contact information (age, marital status, phone number, email address)

• Location details (current and past address, property ownership)

 • Digital profiles (other social media or dating accounts)

 How to begin a search on Spokeo is as follows: 

  1. Enter your username to access Spokeo’s search page. 
  2. Enter an Instagram username and select “Search Now.” 
  3. Spokeo will locate any profiles that might correspond to the username and provide a well-organized report that discloses the target’s true identity and a wealth of other valuable details.

Social Catfish

Instagram photographs can be searched for if a reverse username search is unsuccessful. An expert Instagram user investigation service is Social Catfish. It combines cutting-edge facial recognition technology with thorough background checks. You only need to upload a photo to identify the person and find out which websites they have profiles. Follow the steps below to get started.

  1. Go to the search page for “Social Catfish.” Click Search after adding an image.
  2. The Search can take a short while to finish. You’ll need to unlock the entire report once you’re finished to acquire the valuable data required.


To avoid spending money, you should try Google’s Reverse Image Search. Google only requires you to upload the Instagram profile photo. You can explore further by clicking on other websites where the image has appeared, such as a profile. 

Examine other social media

Cross-examining various social media platforms is another easy trick to try. Many people tend to use the same login across different websites. You can search for that Instagram username on other social media sites. The social media platforms include Twitter or Facebook, which may turn up more practical details like a name, email address, or place of employment in addition to images.

How can I find out the person is behind a fake Instagram account?

Do you think people who contacted you on this social network used fake Instagram profiles? This part of the article is a guide to identifying the Instagram profile’s owner.

Check the details of your profile

 Verify the data on your profile. Understanding the person behind an Instagram account is one of the first things you need to accomplish. Users that create fake profiles typically leave some public information out of them. Some people don’t publish any content, don’t fill out their profile bios, and occasionally don’t even have a profile photo.

Be careful not to mix private Instagram profiles, though. They differ in some ways. Some users may have chosen to make their Instagram profile private to protect their privacy. This does not necessarily mean that the account is fake; instead, the individual may have chosen not to share information that affects him.

Also, if there are links to websites on the Internet, see if you can learn more about the status of such websites (you can search on Google or in places like WOT).

Consult mentions and comments

Consulting comments and mentions is another method you would do well to use to discover who is hidden behind an Instagram profile. There are “crumbs” users leave on social media; comments and mentions are left behind. From these “hints,” it is possible to deduce information about the actions of other Instagram users from the comments and mentions, as well as certain “clues” concerning the integrity of an account.

For another very straightforward reason, you might not always be able to identify a profile by looking at comments and mentions. Some individuals who create fake profiles care to avoid doing anything dishonest that might raise suspicion. People who take this kind of preventative action try to “spy” on registered Instagram users while acting covertly.

Look over direct messages

Checking direct messages is one of the simplest ways to determine whether a spammer or, in any event, a fake lurks behind an Instagram profile. A user is spamming you or, worse, a genuine scammer if he inundates you with messages containing links and invites you to buy fantastic goods. Avoid this and promptly block the offending user.

Be sure to pay close attention to messages that ask you to divulge private information, such as images or videos, when checking the messages on your account. Typically, these users work to earn the victim’s trust over time, maybe by claiming to be familiar with some of the victim’s friends. After gaining the victim’s confidence, they try to steal the necessary information.

View the followers’ list

Another method to determine who is behind an Instagram profile is to look at the list of followers. You should consider at least two elements while looking at a “suspect” account’s list of followers: the total number of followers and users followed, as well as their “background.”

Let’s imagine a user has thousands of followers. At first sight, you might believe them to be legitimate. After viewing their follower list, you might reconsider after learning that the users that follow that profile do not know one another. They might, for instance, be from many nations. In this particular instance, you are likely looking at the profile of a spammer who artificially purchased followers to give them a somewhat more legitimate appearance. On the other hand, if a user has a negligible number of followers (or none), the profile you are viewing may have been made to spy on other users. You might find out by sending them direct messages. 

To determine the identity of the Instagram profile, it is also essential to pay attention to the country of origin of the followers. You should be wary if most users following the suspicious profile are from other countries, even though the user goes by a Spanish name or claims to be Spanish.

Verify the origin of the published images

Checking the source of published images is an ingenious way to learn who is behind an Instagram profile. If you encounter a fake profile, there is a good chance that the person meant to trick you by posting images downloaded from the Internet. Do you have any questions on what to do in this circumstance?  Simple: using a search engine to do a quick search (e.g., Google ).

To be more precise, you can search by image and quickly discover the location where the final download of the photo occurred.

Download the images whose origin you want to confirm to your phone or computer to continue this verification. (You can download publicly available photographs and the ones included in the user’s suspicious user tales.) Then, start your “investigations” by going to your chosen search engine and using the picture search feature.

Once you have the search results, look through them to determine whether the Instagram profile you are viewing is legitimate or not. Suppose the photographs originate from users’ websites or social media accounts. Consequently, you may be pretty sure that the profile you are viewing is fake.

Account Verification

Do you wish to know the celebrity behind an Instagram account? No issue. Instagram denotes public personalities’ official accounts with a blue icon ().

If a public figure’s account lacks the relevant emblem, it has obviously not been verified by Instagram. It is therefore very likely to be a fraudulent profile. Avoid doing this since you are likely a spammer attempting to attract attention by offering to sell your goods or services.

You can, however, at least recognize if you are around a user who you should avoid. You can take the necessary precautions to protect yourself. For instance, you can block the offending user or report it by pressing the button located in the upper right, then choose the correct item from the resulting menu.


An Instagram account belongs to a person, right? As stated at the outset, even if you heed the suggestions made in this guide, you cannot be optimistic about whom the account’s owner is (except for verified profiles).

Asking the user (in the hopes that they are truthful and disclose their identity!) is the only way to learn who the owner of a profile is. You very likely won’t be able to determine the genuine individuality of the user in question because spammers and con artists are reluctant to admit it.

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