How to check if a phone number is real instantly in 2023

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You can use the Searchbug Phone Validator if you need to verify if a phone number is real.

If you’re here, you already know that fake phone numbers are frequently distributed. Additionally, clients often provide firms with fake phone numbers.

People are drawn to free things, and they do not, however, desire marketing calls. Consequently, they utilize a fictitious phone number on the lead form. You wouldn’t believe how regularly this happens.

Why are some phone numbers fake?

People typically use fictitious phone numbers because they don’t want to be contacted or because they are concerned with maintaining the privacy of their personal information. But what precisely is a false phone number?

A phone number you make up in your brain is most likely accurate, and you might be disclosing another person’s phone number if you shared that number. A fake phone number will undoubtedly be disconnected. People use fake phone numbers to prevent disclosing their phone numbers without accidentally informing someone else.

Can a fake number be tracked?

Regrettably, a fake number cannot be racked. No one receives a phony phone number, and tracing the phone number would, therefore, show that it is unassigned. Calling a phone number is an easy technique to determine if it is a fake one. If the phone number is disconnected, it is frequently a fake.

The phone is disconnected if you receive calls or texts from a number you believe to be false. If you dial a number and get a message saying it’s disconnected, block the number.

Calling fake phone numbers, on the other hand, is precisely the kind of inefficiency you want to keep away from in your company. Therefore, contacting random phone numbers to try them out is not an option for businesses. Yet there is a better approach, such as explained below.

How to check if a phone number is real using a Phone Validator

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A few free phone validators are available, which is lovely because you can utilize them online and quickly obtain the needed data., TextMagic, Validity, and others are a few of them. They all do comparable tasks. You may instantly see the results after entering a number. You may never be confident in the information provided by these apps. In some cases, a higher price denotes quality. Although unfortunately, it is difficult to update the database at such a low cost, it is something.

An application called a phone validator searches public and property databases to determine the most current and correct details regarding a phone number and its prospective owner.

Although it may seem complex, calling the number that has been troubling you will do the same thing faster. It’s a beautiful idea to remove all the fake numbers from your contacts list so that you may avoid awkward phone calls in the future.

You can use a phone validator to determine whether a phone number is actual without phoning. Phone Validator is a reliable method for locating fake phone numbers. A phone validator collects the most up-to-date and correct data on a phone number by checking c and private databases. And a phone number validator operates as quickly as dialing the number, if not quicker.

Additionally, you can check a lot of phone numbers. Your sales teams, for instance, will ultimately save tens or hundreds of hours if you can quickly remove all the false phone numbers from your client phone lists. To start, export your phone list to an Excel, CSV, or TXT file. Then use our user-friendly web interface to upload that file. Within a few minutes, Validator app processes the list and sends your results (depending on the list size).

Step by step guide on how to  use validator to check if a phone number is real

You may validate phone numbers as they are gathered from various sources using our phone verification tool. To help ensure compliance with regulators, in addition to authenticating phone numbers, you can also determine whether the phone number is a mobile or landline. How to utilize our phone validator tool is as follows:

Step 1: Type in the number you want to verify and choose the country of origin. Click the “Validate Number” button to validate the phone number instantly.

Step 2: Details about the nation, kind, and carrier of the number are displayed in the ‘Main Info’ section. You may view E164, RFC3966, and international and national details from the “Format” section.

Step 3: Click the “Reset” button or reload the website to validate a different phone number. You will have the opportunity to send a text message to the phone number if it is active. But you’ll need a TextMagic account to achieve it.

How to check if a phone number is real using SearchBug?

You can also use SearchBug. Searching will save you a ton of time if you run a business by eliminating all the bogus numbers from your database. You create an Excel file with all the numbers and upload it to the SearchBug website. You won’t encounter any issues because of its straightforward interface, which costs very little.

In actuality, most apps leverage databases they purchased from websites. That could lead to several issues, such as scams and outdated information. It is not the case with the Searchbug because you have to pay for the info. In this instance, you receive real-time data that you can trust.

If you’re unsure whether to pay to find out if the number is confirmed, consider how much time you’ll need to spend looking for reliable information and supporting evidence.

How to check if a phone number is real by calling the number

There is always the obvious choice that you can try if you don’t want to spend much money. Calling the number back is, of course, the first option, and it’s simple and effective, and it might be effective. It’s a fake phone number if you call it and it says it’s not in service.

If it goes to voicemail, it’s real. You can also leverage the fact that every registered phone number has a voicemail as a hint.

How to check if a phone number is real using Google

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Another method is to Google the number. It is authentic if it connects to a person or business. It’s possible that you didn’t recognize the number because it was a telemarketing call from a company attempting to sell you something.

Google, however, is not intended to be a free phone lookup service, and it’s not built to detect fake phone numbers. Therefore, the information you discover on Google phone lookups might not be accurate.

How to check if a phone number is real using social media?

A social media account should also be checked to see if it is connected. Previously, Facebook offered the option to check phone numbers, and a statement would appear when you entered the number in the search field and hit Enter. Due to security concerns, this option is no longer available.

You can even try looking up different phone books if nothing else works. You might locate the owner of the number. You can experiment with many other phone number databases and various types of phone books. You might be a traditionalist, but nowadays, it’s a lot simpler because you can access phone books online without having to flip through their pages.


It’s crucial to realize that caller ID cannot reliably distinguish between real and fraudulent phone numbers, and it is simple to forge the caller ID name. To route calls through the phone system, phone numbers were created. The purpose of phone numbers was never to allow callers to be recognized. Caller ID was developed for ease of use. Sadly, it won’t let you determine whether a phone number is a phony.

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