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How to delete a reddit account instantly in 2023

delete reddit account

Reddit has become a significant player in the online social media space and bills itself as the “first page of the internet.” In 2019, Reddit covertly turned back on a feature that let them gather user location information, which they then shared with outside parties.

Users can create Reddit accounts at no cost and without providing an email address. Registered users can make their own subreddit on any topic of their choice besides voting and commenting. Usernames on Reddit start with “u/.” u/Poem for your sprog, who replies to messages on Reddit in verse, u/Shitty Watercolour, who paints paintings in reaction to postings, u/gallowboob, who has the most incredible karma on Reddit, and u/spez, the Chief Executive Officer of Reddit are a few notable Redditors (Steve Huffman).

Moderators already in charge of one or more subreddits can promote a Reddit user who does this same thing.

These moderators are unpaid volunteers who oversee their subreddits, establish and uphold community-specific rules, delete posts, and generally try to keep discussions relevant.

Although Reddit can be entertaining, users should be aware of the site’s serious privacy problems. Furthermore, excessive use of Reddit has the potential to swiftly develop into an addiction, which is particularly risky for younger users. Some users might want to know how to close Reddit accounts as a result. This post will demonstrate how to delete Reddit account, back up your data, and remove Reddit comments.

Can I turn Reddit off?

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Reddit prohibits account deactivation, in contrast to most social media sites. This implies no option to “pause” your account for a while and then retrieve it. Instead, you may only permanently remove your Reddit account. It would help if you were convinced that you wish to permanently delete your username and account before taking further action.

Do I need to remove my comments and posts?

Your comments and posts won’t be instantly deleted from Reddit if you delete your account. This requires a separate action on your part. Unless you do, your Reddit ID will no longer show above your posts, as illustrated below. Your messages and postings, however, won’t be affected; “deleted” will be used in its place.

In light of this, removing any postings containing personally identifying information before cancelling your accounts, such as those that include your real name, your workplace, or even a vacation announcement, is advisable. You won’t be able to do it otherwise.

In contrast, users may continue to value the valuable responses to any questions you might have posted even after you remove your account. For instance, a post offering crucial advice to novice overseas travellers is best left up even if you’re closing your account.

Finally, it’s wise to look back on your posting history and determine which content you should remove from the internet and the one to retain.

Your Reddit Comments and Posts Can Be Removed

As was previously stated, annulling your profile does not erase your data. It’s a good idea to remove comments and posts that include personal data while leaving behind helpful information for other people.

However, if you’ve been using Reddit for a while, you know that this process can be tiresome. Why? Because you must individually erase old comments and posts on Reddit.

How to cancel a post on Reddit

Once logged in, take the following actions to erase a Reddit post:

  • To access your profile, click on your id in the top right corner.
  • On the “Posts” tab, click.
  • Select the three horizontal points close to them to delete a post or post. Click “Delete” after that.
  • Verify that you want to remove the post.


How to cancel a Reddit comment

Additionally, you should review your comments on other people’s postings for any private information you may not want available online forever. This is how to remove previous Reddit comments.

  • Go to the “Profile” page and click “Comments.”
  • Under your comment, select “Delete” by clicking on the three horizontal dots.
  • Make sure you do want to erase the remark.

To delete other posts and comments, repeat these procedures.

Erase your Reddit account

You can cancel your account on Reddit if you are dissatisfied with the platform’s lax privacy regulations or want to take back your time. You can erase a Reddit profile on various devices by following the step-by-step methods listed below.

How to terminate a Reddit profile on a computer:

It’s time to start the account deletion process after you’ve made a data backup and removed any comments and posts that contained personal information. Here is a step-by-step tutorial for doing this on a desktop computer:

  • Login to Reddit by visiting the website.
  • Select your username and “User Settings” on the upper right side of the screen.
  • Scroll to the page’s bottom under the “Account” tab.
  • The “Delete Account” button, indicated in red, should be clicked.
  • Reddit will inquire about the reason(s) behind your account deletion. Although it is optional, you can enter this.
  • For added security, enter your credentials once again.
  • Select “I realize that erased accounts are not recoverable” by checking the box, and then click “Delete.”
  • The action can’t be reversed. A pop-up will inform you.

Voilà! This is how to deactivate your Reddit account.

Android Reddit account deletion instructions

Here are the steps to be taken on how to delete Reddit accounts on Android phones:

  • Your Android phone should now be open in your preferred mobile browser.
  • Login and access the Reddit Account Settings page.
  • The “Delete Account” link, indicated in red, is located at the lower part of the page.
  • When you deactivate your account, a pop-up window asking for comments will display (optional). Click “Delete Account” after entering your login information and checking the confirmation box.
  • Tap “Deactivate” to confirm that you want to erase your Reddit account permanently.

We’ve just deleted your Reddit account for good. Try using your forgotten username and password to log in to confirm. An error ought to be displayed.

Delete Reddit accounts on an iPhone

Here are the steps to be taken on how to delete Reddit accounts on iPhones:

  • Select your image on your iPhone’s top-right corner of the Reddit app.
  • “Settings” can be found at the bottom.
  • In the list’s bottom section, click “Delete Account.” The colour red ought to appear.
  • A pop-up asking for your confirmation will appear. Press “Yes, Delete” once.

The deletion of your account is complete.

Reddit history deletion

Every post you select on Reddit is saved on the history page. You can go back and read a post that you’ve already read, which is a fantastic feature. Even yet, there are drawbacks to it. Someone with access to your own Reddit account could view your past interactions with postings by looking through your history. For this reason, it can be a good idea sometimes to wipe up your Reddit history.

Only the Android and iPhone app makes it easy to delete your history. Details about how to proceed are below.

Reddit history removal for Android

To delete your Reddit activity(history) on Android, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Android app and click on your image in the top-right corner.
  • On “History,” click.
  • On the top right corner’s three dots, click.
  • Go to “Clear History” and click.

There you go! Reddit now offers a private setting for post exchanges.

Clearing your iPhone’s Reddit history


Follow these simple steps to remove your iPhone’s Reddit history from view by snoopers.

  • Tapping your image in the top-right corner of the Reddit application on your smartphone will bring it up.
  • Scroll down and tap “Settings.”
  • Tap “Clear Local History.”

Done! Your past activities have been erased. Make it a routine to do this to protect the privacy of your online interactions.

Utilize a VPN for Reddit

Reddit gives you significant control over the information you can provide them. However, they still gather a lot of data about you in various methods that are only sometimes simple to limit. Using a VPN in this situation can be beneficial.

 You may conceal your IP address, surfing habits, and other identifying characteristics used to monitor you online with a VPN. This will increase your anonymity and safety on the internet, especially on Reddit. It may even enable you to acquire access to Reddit again if you were unjustly banned from the website.

On Reddit, a VPN will only partially amplify your anonymity. It’s important to note this. Although it won’t be able to pinpoint your precise position, the platform will still be able to view the activity on your account.


Without a doubt, Reddit offers both entertainment and knowledge. However, there may also be drawbacks, like lost time, the possibility of being tracked online due to your information shared with outside parties, or your private information posted on the platform returning to haunt you.

It’s wise to take advantage of Reddit and other social media platforms’ features while being mindful of your data privacy in the case of these networks such as Reddit. Using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) and taking a moment to assess your security settings and disable services like search engine indexing, location access, and tailored adverts will help you achieve this.

You can permanently and completely erase your social media handles if you want to stop using them.

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