How to find out someone’s IP address with ease in 2023

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Although you may be able to check up on your IP address, did you realize that you may also locate another person’s IP address?

The need to discover someone’s IP address might arise for many different reasons. You may wish to block a device from joining your Wi-Fi network. Or perhaps you’re trying to determine a person’s location by determining where their IP address originated. There are a few ways to assess someone’s IP address, and this is one of them.

Use a tool for IP lookups

Using one of the several IP search programs that are readily available online is the quickest approach to start getting someone’s IP address. Websites like and provide tools for entering an IP address and looking up results from its public registry for free.

The geolocation data linked with an IP address is obtained from enormous databases other parties keep rather than identifying actual, real-time data. As a result, somewhat of a responding server or device, when you seek an IP address, information from a geolocation database provider is used.

One of the various online IP search tools is the quickest and safest method to determine an IP address. Different businesses have created several techniques for locating a user’s IP address. While the majority of these techniques are acceptable, some are dubious.

Verify the email’s whole header

Another easy way to discover someone’s IP address is through incoming email. To do this, you must already have a message from the sender whose IP you wish to look up. Email transmits metadata that is compressed into email headers in addition to the message’s content. Titles provide essential information, such as an IP address, that identifies the source of an email.

One of the finest locations to look for someone’s IP address is in an email they have sent you. Most email systems provide a tool that can find IP address information. Depending on the email provider or application you’re using, this procedure may change. The most important item to check is the information in the “headers.” Your email program’s settings should have an “Internet headers” or simply “headers” option. When this option is enabled, new information about your messages is shown, including the sender’s IP address.

It’s essential to remember that header information isn’t always reliable, and it may even be a hoax! Therefore, every time you discover an IP address using this technique, do an IP check by pinging the address from the command prompt to ensure its authenticity.

But where exactly are the email headers?

Depending on the email service you use, this particular location changes. For instance, in Gmail, you may locate them within an email by clicking the “More” icon and then choosing “Show original” from the option. The sender’s IP address, the message’s time stamp, and other contextual information will be shown in a new window. Popular email service providers include:

Advanced email privacy settings, like those in iOS 15, allow anyone to mask their IPs and allow fraudsters to forge headers. The following time you discover an IP address using this technique, make sure to do an IP check to confirm its validity.

Launch the command window

You may use the command prompt on a computer to directly find someone’s IP address. This is useful for finding a website’s IP address but may also be used to find a specific person’s IP address. Additionally, most PCs come with the utility pre-installed.

You can use the Start menu’s search box on a Windows computer to open a command prompt. You may run a command prompt on Mac computers using the ‘Terminal’ program, which can be located in the Utility folder or opened through the spotlight search.

The command prompt will first display a black screen. You may use ping from here to check whether an IP is reachable. The device with the IP address you’re looking for will try to connect to your device using a ping.

How to locate the IP address of a website

Type “ping” into the command prompt (or terminal window), followed by a space and the website URL you want to track. Press the Enter (Windows) or Return (Mac) key on your computer to submit your command. For instance, you may write ping and press “enter” to find Google’s IP address. Your computer will now try to locate the site’s server. The IP address you are looking for will show up if you are successful; else, an error message will be returned.

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On Windows-based devices, the command prompt may be used to discover an IP address for a website. The Start menu’s search box is the best place to start your search for the command prompt. The program is called “Terminal” and is located in the Utility folder on Mac computers. A dark DOS screen will emerge when you enter the command prompt after finding it. You may now do a ping to determine the IP address. The device with the IP address you’re looking for will try to connect to your device using a ping.

Enter “ping host address” (where “host address” is the address of the website you want to track down) into the command prompt window. For instance, you would write “ping” and enter to get Facebook’s IP address. Your computer will now try to locate the site’s server. The IP address you’re looking for will show up if it’s successful!

How to discover the IP address of someone you are chatting with

You may discover a person’s unique IP address if you’re utilizing a” peer-to-peer” platform. Peer-peer platforms include Skype, TorChat, Trillian, or any browser-based communication service supported by WebRTC. This calls for you to be engaged in a live chat conversation, video conference, or VoIP call. This is in addition to having spoken with the individual whose IP you wish to track. Doing this will create the direct link needed to get their IP.


Using the “netstat” command, which pings every live connection to your device throughout the conversation or chats session, you may determine someone’s IP address. Start a discussion or call with the person you wish to find if you aren’t already. Next, enter or press return after typing the command netstat -an. Every TCP connection that has been formed will give you its IP address.

Keep in mind that this technique is limited to direct peer-to-peer connections. It’s not a direct peer-to-peer connection when using chat apps supported by larger platforms like Slack. Often, at least one server stands between you and the person on the other side.

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So, for instance, the IP you see using the netstat query on Facebook Messenger would be from a chat server you connected to. You now have all the tools required to carry out a reliable IP trace or look for someone’s IP address whenever needed. However, you know the tools others can use to find you.

Now that you have the resources, you can look up someone’s IP address or do a trustworthy IP check whenever necessary. You are aware of the resources individuals can use to discover you, though. We can assist you if you want to maintain your privacy and prevent others from tracking your IP address and locating your location. Your Internet data is routed through our servers by our dependable VPN service, masking its source and enabling anonymous browsing. To safeguard your online privacy, try it right now for free.

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