How to fix “unfortunately app has stopped” on Android 2023

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“Unfortunately, Messenger is no longer available,” and Snapchat crashes a lot” are well-known issues that might make using our Android phones difficult. Though numerous potential causes exist, a glitchy program probably causes the problem. Furthermore, software issues, a lack of storage, and other factors can cause the issue.

On your Android phone, are you also experiencing the “Unfortunately, the app has stopped working” issue? Remain calm! You can use the fixes we’ll discuss in this article today! Relax and give each one a go, one at a time.

Switch off your phone

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Your phone’s “System UI has ceased operating” message or any other error message is most likely the result of a system flaw. Perhaps the system was overworked or encountered a strange issue. Restarting your phone could work wonders if that’s the case.

  • You can restart most Android smartphones by force if you hold the power button for about 10 seconds (more or less). 
  • Should that not succeed, press the power button repeatedly until a menu appears.
  • Next, tap “restart” (on some phones, you may need to “swipe” instead).

Restarting your phone can typically assist in resolving system problems. Yes, it does, as it forces the system to continue and ends any running apps. Try the following solutions if the program still freezes after that.

Check for limited RAM and storage

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Among other things, we’ll mention that if your phone has low RAM or storage, your apps may keep crashing or pausing. Therefore, make sure your phone has enough storage space before moving on to the next step of troubleshooting. Additionally, ensure you’re not running more background processes or programs than your phone can handle.

Update the WebView application for Android


In March 2021, the Android app stopped issue also surfaced, causing many users to lose access to their apps. Thankfully, the problem was in a malfunctioning Android System WebView app, a crucial component of numerous Google and other apps. Nevertheless, Google quickly issued a patch to address the problem. So, updating the Android System WebView app can be helpful if an app on your phone keeps quitting, crashing, or slowing down.

  • Visit the Play Store to complete this. Launch the Play Store application on your phone.
  • Tap the icon for your profile in the top right.
  • Go to “Manage applications & devices” and click.
  • After that, choose “Updates available.”
  • To update “Android System WebView,” locate it in the list and hit the Update button.
  • To install all app updates, click the “Update all” option. 

Restarting your phone is advised to implement the System WebView update fully. We recommend updating Chrome and Google Play Services if you experience problems with most Google apps.

Make sure the affected app is updated

Ensure you have updated the affected app in addition to the Android System WebView app. You ought to update each program. Though technology is continually improving, it cannot be completely faultless. Therefore, defects or system incompatibility may be to blame when programs cease functioning, crash, or slow down on your end. But happily, coders work nonstop and have probably released an update to address such bugs. To update the affected app, kindly go to the Play Store mentioned above. Remove the app’s cache and data.

An app may occasionally malfunction due to cached data, such as when it refuses to launch, continues crashing, or won’t quit. If so, you only need to use the methods below to clear the cached data.

  • Open the Settings app on your phone. Tap on Apps & Notifications. Then, tap See all apps (or any option available to view your app list).
  • Next, pick the affected app from the list. Google and WhatsApp, among others, are a few examples.
  • Then, select storage and cache.
  • Finally, select “Clear cache” from the menu. For the time being, delay pressing the “Clear data” button.
  • The broken program can now be closed and restarted to determine if it still shuts down automatically. If it happens, you can continue the app by pressing the “Clear data” button. Please note that doing so will delete all of the app’s data.

Revert the application’s update

Although updating our apps adds new features and enhances functionality, it can occasionally introduce errors. You only have two options after that: wait for the subsequent upgrade, or go back to the previous version. However, you cannot downgrade your apps in the Google Play Store; as a result, you must sideload the program via a third-party website like APKMirror. Please be aware that downgrading an app requires first uninstalling it, which means losing your data.

Here’s how to downgrade your app to fix the “Unfortunately, the app has stopped” issue if you’re okay with it.

  • First, delete the faulty app from your phone.
  • Look up the app you wish to download at
  • Locate the previous iteration of the application and download its APK file.
  • Manually install the file. (You might have to permit installation from an unidentified source.)

Downloading software from locations other than the Google Play Store is not advised since some websites change the agenda. However, APK Mirror is a reliable resource if you must.

Software updates for your phone

After trying each of the solutions mentioned above, if your phone still displays “Unfortunately, the app has stopped,” you might wish to check for system updates. Like updating your programs, when you update your operating system, the update adds stability, new features, and solutions for bugs, among others.

Therefore, you may miss essential features and stability if you’re using an outdated build of your phone’s software. Another excellent way to fix the issue is by updating your phone, especially if the issue is “system-level”, such as when the System UI on Android has stopped working.

Below is the procedure.

•Launch your phone’s settings

• Select System Update after tapping on the system.

•Look for updates online. And if there is, download and install it immediately.

Bring your phone to a professional

Do you experience issues with your TECNO, Infinix, or Itel smartphone? If so, you are already in the proper place. Repairing problems like these are free if the warranty still covers your phone.

You should try a factory reset if you are still experiencing the “Unfortunately, the app has stopped” issue on your Android phone. That, however, isn’t always a good fix, mainly if the problem only affects that one program.

When you reset your phone, you must make many adjustments. The changes may include:

  • Backing up and restoring your data.
  • Resetting your library.
  • Logging into all your accounts.
  • A variety of other things.


 You can check if there are any outstanding software updates for your phone, as these could also affect your apps. To check the same, go to Settings, select System and click on Advanced. Select System update” and tap on update to install any updates that are available.

Also, a damaged memory card can potentially contribute to an app crashing problem. Your app will encounter an issue if it is stored on a memory card that has been corrupted. Remove the memory card, and then start the program on your phone to verify this. If it succeeds, you now know who is to blame.

We advise you to visit the service centre to seek assistance from an expert if none of those fixes mentioned above could stop your apps from continuously crashing, pausing, or slowing down.

The issue initially seems straightforward. It’s almost the opposite now, however. But don’t worry; a pro will know what to do at that stage. The pro might need to perform other technical tasks, like reloading the phone’s software.

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