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Many individuals equate having a poor network signal with having a bad day. The leading cause is that most users only use mobile networks to perform all of their phone’s functions, including messaging, calling, and accessing the internet.

You’ve come to the perfect place if it looks like you’re having a horrible day since your spotty network coverage won’t let you do anything. Be calm; you may learn about several approaches to boosting network signal strength in Android by reading the contents of the section below.

Switch off your phone

Restarting your phone should be your first step if you are experiencing low network strength.

You might need to restart your phone after any network changes, or your phone might require a network refresh. You can restart your phone quite easily. You can long-press the power button to restart your phone. Additionally, you may restart some phones by holding down the power button for roughly 10 seconds.

Restart Airplane mode after turning it off

You might try resetting your cell network in addition to your phone by switching to Airplane mode. In this case, the main point is that trading on airplane mode disconnects you from the web, and turning it on reconnects you. Additionally, you can try it to improve your lousy network signal. You can activate airplane mode by simply pulling down the quick settings panel. After a brief pause, restart the turnoff.

System updates

When did you last upgrade your Smartphone? Do you have outdated software installed? If your phone is running out-of-date software, eventually, something may go wrong. If you wait for system updates on your phone, you can be susceptible to malware or software flaws.

Head to your device’s settings, check for any pending updates and apply them if necessary to resolve this and ensure no problem with that area. It is relatively easy. Scan and install all pending updates under Settings > System > System Update > Online Update before determining whether your network signal is still weak.

Activate the windows

On Android, it sounds odd, yet it occasionally improves network signal strength. Opening your windows may cause your phone to draw more network signals if you reside in a house with high walls or are subject to harsh weather. It might also occur if your home is far from the network mast. Please try connecting to the network after opening the windows in your room to resolve this. If everything goes well, you might relocate.

OIP 43

Use your phone somewhere else

Consider switching to a different location if the network signal at a given location is consistently weak. If you reside far from the city, the factors affecting the strength of your network signal may be beyond your control. It’s also possible that the environment surrounding you contains network-blocking elements. The best solution for this is to use your phone somewhere else. For example, if you’re having problems with the network at home, you can utilize it when you get to the office. Alternatively, you could try a different network provider. You might, for instance, install a SIM card from another network carrier into the second port if your phone allows dual SIM cards.

Remove the casing or cover

Although uncommon, your phone case could prevent it from receiving enough network signal strength. Most frequently, it happens when using a metallic case. Metallic casings may interfere with the device’s internal receivers. Please take off any cases or covers from your phone to see if doing so may improve the strength of your network signal. If it does, consider obtaining a new phone case—ideally a rubber or plastic enclosure.

Change between 3G and 4G

You can also try switching between network modes concurrently to strengthen your network signal on Android.

Look to see whether the battery is low

When the battery is low, your phone may also go into Ultra Power Saving Mode, which modifies some functionality. Therefore, determine whether your battery has to be recharged.

If not, you can turn off Ultra Power Saving mode to regain the strength of your network signal. But be aware that your battery might be about to run out.

Utilize WiFi-Calls

Your phone can send texts and place calls with WiFi-Calling, an indispensable feature. Here is how to go about it. When your cellular network is unavailable, it automatically switches to a Wi-Fi network, where you may place calls and send texts. Although not all carriers and phones enable it, it is a feature of most contemporary telephones. You will benefit if WiFi-Calling is available on your phone and through your network carrier. Navigate to Settings > Network & Internet > WiFi-Calling on your phone to turn it on.

Remove and then re-insert the Sim card.

If you still have trouble with your phone’s network signal, it’s time to turn to more technical solutions. Re-inserting your SIM card is what is being discussed here. Along the way, you can even give the SIM card a light cleaning. Grab your SIM ejection tool and remove your SIM cards to achieve this. You can wipe the panel with a clean, soft cloth before re-inserting it. After that, you might want to reset your phone, albeit not all phones do.

Reset your network configuration

Could it be that your settings aren’t correct? In this manner, we advise that you reset your network settings. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and mobile network settings will all be restored using this method. To achieve it, adhere to the procedures below.

Step 1: Open the Settings app on your device and scroll to the bottom of the page.

Step 2: Select Reset Options after selecting System.

Step 3: Immediately after that, click Reset Wi-Fi, Mobile & Bluetooth. Tap Reset Settings to finish the process after selecting the complex network from the list below the screen.

Talk to your network provider

You’ve already done all necessary to improve the weak network connection on your phone as of this writing. And if your efforts seem to have been in vain, it’s time to contact your network provider. They can assist in determining whether your SIM card is the issue or whether the network is down in general. You can get your network provider by calling their toll-free customer service number, visiting the nearest office, or via their social media accounts.

The phone may be faulty

Your phone is probably broken if your network provider claims everything is fine, but you still have a weak network signal. Try utilizing several cell networks (SIM cards) on your phone, as this is the easiest way to verify. It’s time to see the repairman after determining that your SIM card isn’t the cause of the issue.

 Disable hotspot

 Hotspot, or “tethering” as it is known technically, is a primary feature that your Smartphone offers. Hotspot enables other devices to connect to your phone’s service network via Wi-Fi. You are dividing your data into different streams to increase the number of devices that can use your bandwidth. Your service will become sluggish, and you will severely reduce your speed if you do this. Therefore, try disabling your mobile hotspot and see if that makes a difference.

Modify your data plan

Thanks to technological advances, we can recharge our phones with only a single click. You can choose a data plan using online tools and services, and once that plan has expired, you can either choose another one or repeat your current one. The problem is that occasionally we ignore the specifics of the selected strategy. Numerous important facts are covered there, like the plan’s expiration date, the kind of data network it uses, the data it offers, and many other things. Therefore, you should carefully evaluate the type of network that your package offers.

The quickest technology available today is 5G; if your service is exceedingly slow, you’re likely using a data package that offers either 4G or 3G. Choose a new plan that provides a 5G service wisely the next time your data expires.

Turn off background apps

If you use an app and close it without shutting it entirely, there’s a good chance that the program is still running in the background, using your data and slowing down your service while draining your phone’s battery. Close every app on your phone by going to the recent apps list. You’ll notice that not only will your service improve, but so will the speed of your phone.

Recognize apps that use a lot of data

Some apps on your phone will continue to use data even after you have closed or not used them. You can uninstall these applications, but if they are too crucial to remove, long-press on the icon and choose “Force stop.” When you do this, the application stops operating until you open it again. Forcing the application to stop could be an effective technique to add several megabytes to the speed of your service.

Use data saver mode

As obvious as it may seem, using data saver mode on your phone might help you immensely with your slow service issue. The inbuilt features of a Smartphone are such that while using these streaming services, we are using the data at the highest rate without even realizing it.

Therefore, to change this, you can switch on the data saver mode from the settings or find an option on your notification bar. You’ll quickly notice that the service speed will be rapid. With the help of the many speed tests available online, you can also check your internet data speed.


 Nowadays, everyone codes and creates their application software to solve problems. Therefore, it is highly probable that if you search online, you will find an app that might be the answer to your problem. There are many speed-boosting apps available that will significantly improve your service. But be sure to check an app’s reputation and quality before installing any third-party software. Check the app’s rating and comments to determine if users feel comfortable installing it on their phones.

This short list of suggestions for speeding up slow services should hopefully help you stop wondering why your service is so slow. The likelihood is that one of these suggestions will work for you, saving you the effort of updating your device or the expense of spending more money on your current one.

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