How to track a phone safely without them knowing in 2023

how to track a phone


Do you wish you knew how to track a phone’s location but need to figure out how to do so? Don’t stress out; I’ve got you covered.

It’s not uncommon to wonder whether it’s possible to secretly monitor a mobile phone’s position. Many individuals want to follow a mobile device’s movements for various reasons.

A parent, for instance, may be concerned about their child’s physical well-being. They could use GPS monitoring to ensure their kid is safe and sound.

Knowing your partner’s whereabouts at all times might be a huge assistance in a relationship.

The issue arises because it is so often said that mobile device monitoring is necessary.

Is it even possible to trace a mobile phone secretly?

The quick and simple answer is YES. You can track anyone’s mobile phone location using a variety of ways.

Notably, even if there are several techniques to monitor a mobile phone’s position, it’s crucial to do so secretly. This makes it somewhat challenging. However, it will be simple as pie if you follow the methods I provide in this tutorial.

I’ll show you various free methods for finding a mobile phone’s location. While some of them are free, others are charged. You can do much more with the premium methods than merely monitor a mobile phone’s position.

Let’s discuss the most effective approach to covertly monitoring someone’s mobile phone location. So, here it is…

How to Track Someone’s Cell Phone Location Secretly

Here is a technique for tracking a mobile phone without the owner ever realizing it is being done.

This is my favourite strategy out of the ones I will describe. It allows me to access every bit of the target phone’s info without the user ever knowing.

How to track a Phone using FlexiSpy?

track a cell phone without them knowing-the flexispy

The FlexiSpy mobile phone tracking solution is widely utilized and is one of the most reliable methods of secretly monitoring a mobile phone’s whereabouts. However, jailbreaking your iPhone is required before you can install FlexiSpy. It’s essential to access the root service on your Android smartphone if you want to use some superior functions.

After downloading FlexiSpy on the target device, it will secretly upload all the information you need (GPS position, calls, messages) to its server. To begin tracking a mobile phone, sign into your FlexiSpy account and choose the “Location” tab.

FlexiSpy allows you to secretly monitor a target’s mobile device.

You can do more with your GPS data than examine it on your smartphone.

Tutorial on Extraction of GPS Information:

  • First, choose “Export” from the menu that appears
  • The second step is to choose “Download” from the pop-up box

You can also use Spyic 

spyic banner

You’ve never heard of Spyic. However, you will be grateful that I told you about Spyic today.

A phone tracking program called Spyic is used by millions of people worldwide. It includes many capabilities that provide you continual access to all the info on the target phone.

It’s a web-based service continuously monitors the target user’s mobile use. You will learn the person’s whereabouts, but Spyic will also provide you with helpful information.

Whether you wish to keep an eye on your child, Spyic will inform you if they are protected from predators on the internet and other harmful components of society. Spyic can let you know if your partner is cheating on you if you wish to keep tabs on them.

The greatest thing, though? Spyic can monitor a target device without having to jailbreak or root it. This is a distinctive trait I couldn’t locate in any of its rivals.

In almost every situation, spyic is like your closest buddy. Here is an example of what it can provide. (Reading about it is not required. Watch a free online demo of Spyic in action here.

How to Track Someone’s Cell Phone Secretly using Spyic

Let’s look at how Spyic works on Android and iOS to better grasp how it operates covertly.

Target Devices for iOS

The iOS solution from Spyic doesn’t even need software installation on the target device for iOS gadgets like iPhones and iPads!

iCloud backup is a function that is incorporated into iOS devices. This backup data is used by Spyic to gather vital user information.

The target user cannot discover that his position is being monitored since you are not gaining access to the target iOS device.

For Target Android Phones

Spyic for Android needs you to download the Spyic app on the target phone if it supports Android. This program always operates in stealth mode to prevent the intended user from learning about it.

The software is less than 2 MB in size, to begin with. Installation is completed in about a minute, and you are thus entirely secure there.

The app icon disappears from the app drawer after it has been installed, and the app will never appear on the user’s app list. With a secret code, the software can only be started by you.

Additionally, the background-running version of the software uses almost no battery. The customer never suspects that such an app is installed on their phone.

Last, you don’t need access to the phone if you ever decide to remove it from the target phone. You may do this with only one click from the Spyic control panel. You may use any web browser to access this control panel.

How to Uncover Someone’s Cell Phone Location in a Secret

These simple procedures might let you use Spyic to find a mobile phone’s location.

Get a subscription plan for your smartphone by registering with Spyic.

Follow the straightforward on-screen instructions. You will get instructions on how to set it up.

Enter and validate the target device’s iCloud credentials on an iOS target phone. Choose the iCloud-connected device that you want to keep an eye on. verify-icloud-id-guideb.) The Spyic app for Android may be downloaded and installed using the link given in the setup guide. It will only take a few seconds.

Once you press “Start,” you may keep an eye on the gadget.

The Location Tracker module may be found on the left side of the panel after you have the Spyic dashboard shown on your screen.

Place Tracker

The real-time position of the device will be updated by Spyic’s location tracker. Additionally, you will discover the most recent places the individual has visited. You can determine the precise time of the visit since each site contains a timestamp.


Along with location monitoring, you also get the great function of geo-fencing. You may define geographic bounds for the target device’s location using geofencing. You will get a notification whenever the device enters or leaves this area.



Both the installation procedure and the features are rather unique. Beyond the functionality, Spyic is my favourite choice for various reasons.

Free Methods to Stealth-Track Any Mobile Phone

Spy on Text Messages with these Top 20 SMS Trackers

Android readers may feel included since the solution mentioned above only applies to iOS users.

Don’t worry. I wouldn’t dream of excluding any of you guys. A free service is provided here that may be used to monitor the whereabouts of an Android device.

A Management Tool for Android Devices While Apple has its device tracking service as Find My iPhone, Android users may use Google’s dedicated portal. The official name for this tool is “Android Device Manager.” You can see where your phone or tablet is using the “Find My Device” feature of the Android Device Manager.

Visit this website to use Find My Device to see where the lost phone could be. Use the phone’s Google account to log in.

The phone’s page associated with that Google ID will load after that, and you can see the location details over on the right. It may also wipe the target device’s data and play sound.

How to Secretly Look for a Cell Phone Location Online

4 Best iPhone Spy App Options Without Getting Detected

You must be thinking about getting started immediately now that you know so many techniques to trace a mobile phone location for no cost.

However, before you go and secretly monitor someone’s mobile phone location, I have five things to remind you of.

Paid vs Unpaid Options

Some of the options provided are free, while others need payment. A similar effect was produced by these. Why, therefore, resort to a costly option?

This is an easy question to respond to in the affirmative. The paid options provide much more than just monitoring your whereabouts. Apps like FlexiSpy, Spyic and Cocospy provide capabilities like Geofencing, even if you only want to watch location.

In real life, these functions are invaluable. Do keep in mind that these applications track the target phone constantly, whether you’re awake or not. That being said, your worries are unfounded.

Making Sure Location Is On The Target Device: Covertly tracking a mobile phone number requires activating the phone’s location services.

The device’s location features may send data to Google or Apple servers (depending on their OS). So, you can only view the device’s location if the location function is turned on for the desired device.

You can follow someone’s whereabouts using a variety of additional applications and services online if you’re willing to hack or jailbreak their smartphone.

It’s important to remember that rooting or jailbreaking a phone undermines its safety measures. And there’s no need to settle for second-rate solutions when excellent ones are already available, like Spyic and Cocospy, that let you monitor a target phone’s position without needing to root or jailbreak it.

So, if you want to monitor your device’s position after rooting or jailbreaking, avoid falling for low-quality solutions that promise to do so.

The location data from your mobile device may tell you whether it has been misplaced or stolen. To achieve this, follow the gadget’s path on the map.

If the device’s pointer remains unmoving, it signifies that you accidentally left it someplace and have yet to find it.

However, if the pointer on your phone is jiggling, it indicates that it has been stolen. Rather than attempting to solve the problem alone, you should contact the proper authorities for assistance, and it’s a precarious endeavour at best.

If you monitor your child’s or spouse’s actions using the location tracking tool, you may get more accurate results by correlating it with other sources.

For instance, if you suspect your partner of cheating, you may use Spyic to monitor their phone and social media activity.

By doing so, you will fully understand the other person’s intentions.


It’s easy to keep tabs on someone’s mobile device. However, you must ensure that your target is never aware they are being followed.

If they find out, it might strain your connection with them and instil suspicion in their thoughts. As a result, you should constantly use care.

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