How to track boyfriend’s phone safely without access in 2023

how to track boyfriend's phone


Infidelity was reported by 21% of males, compared to 13% of women, according to recent research. Yes! Cheating is accurate, and it may be happening as you read this. It often happens via regular mobile phone services and web platforms.

What is the most effective approach to spy on my boyfriend covertly and for free?

Think about the top mobile phone applications for tracking your boyfriend’s phone. It is difficult to filter the rubbish to find excellent ones since there are so many. Use this advice the next time to learn how to track boyfriend’s phone and guard against infidelity in your relationships.

How can i track my boyfriend’s phone without him knowing?

How to Find Someone's Location by Cell Phone Number

Simple specialized software, such as phone tracker applications, allows you to monitor activities on a specific device, such as a phone or laptop. This tracker program includes various features that may be used to follow your partner, and picking the best one requires study or a little knowledge. The most significant part is that he will need to be made aware that you are listening in on him or watching him.

For example, free boyfriend phone tracker tools can detect infidelity, track children, and more. If you want to track software, you should also be aware of a number of these factors:

  • Some premium features may need jailbreaking to be accessed
  • , and you may need to physically access the specified device.
  • The advantages of being able to monitor your boyfriend’s phone are many.
  • To see the information, you need a login and your email address for verification.
  • Certain features of this program, including the “Geofence,” call for further modification.
  • To access the activity on the mobile device, you may also require an iCloud account.
  • To see the dashboard and download the installation files, ensure you have a good data plan.

FlexiSPY tracking boyfriend’s phone

FlexiSPY Review | TechaLook

FlexiSPY is a handy way to monitor infidelity or any odd trends on your partner’s phone and is fully functional on any Android smartphone, iPhone, and PC. Even more sophisticated services, such as SIM card location monitoring, are available. 

FlexiSPY, in contrast to other tracking applications, enables you to listen to and monitor any audio from the target device. These may include traditional phone conversations, IM calls, texts, location information, and communications sent via social media programs like Facebook. The fact that the audio is played in excellent clarity and is static-free is a plus.

Real-Time Screenshot Updates Features

The app offers a unique screenshot feature that allows users to take screenshots of applications like WhatsApp and Instagram. Before receiving updates, FlexiSPY takes a snapshot of the program, ensuring that you get all the essential information. You may use the program to keep track of the screenshots on the local server. So, figure out how to keep the login information you need to access these data.

Trustworthy Customer Service

Contact the customer support staff if you need assistance using the app or have any problems. They are dependable and accessible every single day. Additionally, they may assist you with rooting or jailbreaking your gadgets. You can choose it in the app’s premium edition, and you may need to contact them using your iCloud account.

What it Does

Purchase a License for the specified phone on this website. Make careful you securely save all of this data.

Install the app on the target device, then enter the license to turn it on. The website’s application must be downloaded. Turn off “play protect” on your phone by going through the settings.

Obtain all of the helpful information from your boyfriend’s phone. The software will keep track of various information, including contacts, texts, calls, and more.

For your convenience, the software uploads information from your boyfriend’s phone to a central server.

mSpy Can Track Your Boyfriend

mSpy reviews - YouTube

You receive a very intuitive and flawless user experience with a confirmed mSpy account, which is ideal if you want to monitor your lover. Here are a few of its distinctive and essential characteristics:

Manage Calls on Boyfriend’s Phone – How to Track My Boyfriend’s Phone Without Him Knowing

You have access to a feature that lets you see all incoming and outgoing call records using the mSpy program. It may capture various relevant data, such as timestamps and durations. Either an Android or an iPhone may be used for this.

Text message tracking

This software makes monitoring the texts on your boyfriend’s phone simple and quick. It would be best if you thought about personalizing the phone step on the dashboard. Additionally, you may see any information and media and live-track the user’s whereabouts.

Messaging Apps to Watch

Different mobile and social media apps kinds may be watched over by the mSpy software. These include all social media accounts on Instagram, Tinder, Telegram, Snapchat, and Viber. Additionally, you may monitor these apps on your boyfriend’s phone in stealth mode while remaining undetected. Further, the mSpy software does an excellent job of including location data with these social network postings.

GPS Location Tracking

The software also enables you to monitor several elements of a phone’s GPS position. You may use the app to change your boyfriend’s phone’s settings for things like “home,” “gym,” and more. Additionally, you will get real-time updates on these warnings or be able to locate the device.

Manage the Applications on Your Boyfriend’s Phone

mSpy has you covered if you require a list of the installed applications on the target device. In addition, it allows parents to ban the apps they don’t want their kids to utilize. Check out the application blocking functions to learn more.

How to Track Your Boyfriend’s Phone Using mSpy

Select a mSpy subscription, then fill out the user account purchase form with your information. After completing the payment information, look in your email for the subscription information.

On the device, you wish to use as your target, download the appropriate version of mSpy. The supplied mobile phone may need to be jailbroken depending on the functionality you need. Install the program, then enter all the necessary information. The fact that this software runs on both iOS and Android is its key selling point.

You may access the dashboard, a control panel with numerous features, by logging onto the program on your boyfriend’s phone. These include messages, GPS coordinates, applications, phone records, and more. Even the user interface may be modified to meet your accessibility requirements. Remember to have all the specifics from step 2.

EyeZy lets you monitor your partner’s phone.

eyeZy App Review: What Marks It Apart From Other Spy Apps?

eyeZy is a comprehensive spying program that gives you access to information on what happens on a mobile phone. It’s simple to use, and a variety of spying features are offered by a multi-compatible operating system that you should consider.

Call Logger

You may find out who your partner usually communicates with using the monitoring software. The application allows you to monitor both incoming and outgoing calls. Additionally, you get access to various additional informational elements, including call length, frequency, and history.

The fact that you can monitor iPhones and Androids with this software is a plus. So, without their knowledge, you get incredible detail from your boyfriend’s phone.

Verify Locations

The software is also excellent for determining the locations or activities your partner enjoys. This is accomplished by offering easy access to GPS and Wi-Fi-based data. Other important information, like addresses and geographic areas, is also visible. To monitor your lover, ensure you have “Locations” turned on in your phone’s settings.

See the activity on social media.

The monitoring tool may also monitor numerous online social media networks. It may be used to verify the timestamps that come with the supporting program. Additionally, you may see your boyfriend’s phone’s content using the tracking software without jailbreaking or rooting the device.

Organize virtual zones

Create “virtual boundaries” with the tracking software, also known as the Geofence Location Marker, by phone users. When the target approaches the defined zone, you get notifications.

How to Track My Boyfriend’s Phone with eyeZy Without Him Knowing

Create an eyeZy account. Enter the necessary information, including your email, username, and password.

Select the appropriate mobile operating system for your boyfriend’s phone. You must specify if it’s an iPhone or an Android. Download and install the app on your smartphone next. iCloud credentials could be required by an iPhone.

Once it’s finished, you can start using it to track your loved one’s location and phone activities. Start utilizing your user profile dashboard to trace a mobile phone secretly by logging in. Use the login credentials from step 2 at all times.

I don’t want to touch my boyfriend’s phone, but how can I track it?

Remember to utilize specialist phone tracking software if you wish to accomplish this. These applications offer a stealth mode option that allows you to spy on his activity.

Can I Use No Software to Track My Boyfriend’s Phone?

Yes, you can, but it would be challenging as you need to constantly keep an eye on the phone. Finding a way to put this monitoring software on your boyfriend’s phone is the most outstanding solution since it is almost hard to remotely hack a phone.


As you can see, utilizing these apps is a fantastic method to keep up with social issues in your relationship. A practical approach to monitoring your partner secretly is using mobile apps.

Because it provides a wide variety of capabilities and cutting-edge features like call recording and keyword alerts, FlexiSpy is our top option. Allowing your lover to cheat while you remain silent would waste time. Without him knowing, download a lover phone tracker app and monitor his online actions in real-time.

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