How to track my wife’s phone safely without access in 2023

How to track my wife's phone


For those asking “how to track my wife’s phone without her knowing”? This is probably a question only posed by someone who suspects their spouse of cheating. Even if there are a lot of iPhone and Android cheating spouse applications, it’s more complicated to get access to a woman’s phone. Because of this, using GPS car tracking is the most effective method for keeping tabs on a companion. This article will show you how to monitor your wife’s car and collect evidence proving she has been unfaithful if you suspect she has been.

I need to know how to find out where my wife is

Using a GPS tracker, you can find exactly where your wife has been and for how long. This lets you quickly ascertain if she was working late, visiting a friend, or participating in yoga. Many trackers designed to expose a cheating spouse are compact, watertight, and constructed with a surface magnet, making them ideal for covert installation outside your wife’s vehicle. As a result, anybody may secretly follow my spouse and learn the answer to the question, “Is my wife cheating on me?” by using a GPS tracker. Putting a GPS gadget in your wife’s car and following its whereabouts from your phone is easy as pie.

The 5 Indicators That Your Wife Is Cheating

How To Track My Wife's Mobile Phone Without Her Knowing? | Spymaster ...
  • Your wife may suffer from poor self-esteem or try to make herself feel better by exercising more.
  • Your wife needs clarification about who they are, which worries you.
  • Your wife seems more critical and pessimistic than she did previously.
  • The number of hours your wife spends staring at her phone has increased.
  • Your wife has a tendency to blow up even little disagreements.

Can i track my wife’s phone without her knowing?

Keeping tabs on your wife’s smartphone is not the most effective method of discovering whether she is having an affair. A woman having an experience might be caught using a cheating spouse app. It’s also worth noting that Android and iOS cheating spouse applications may need to be more reliable. Furthermore, you cannot afford to have false information while attempting to catch your unfaithful wife. FlexiSpy is the most effective method for catching a cheating spouse.


FlexiSPY Portal

FlexiSPY is software for surreptitiously and remotely monitoring a target device’s online and offline behaviour. It also has a lot of features compared to other applications out there.

Flexible SPY Functions

Using this app, you can read and record conversations, check your text and social media messages, monitor your whereabouts, snap photos, and even record videos. This can be done without the owner of the phone, iPad, or computer even realizing you’re there.

We’ll take a closer look at the specs down below.

Listening in on wife’s Calls

There is a high need for this function in the FlexiSPY app.

You may secretly listen in on the phone call of the targeted device. There is a way to listen in on a live call. This functions for receiving and making calls, and it’s compatible with iOS and Android.

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Transcription of wife’s Telephone Conversations

The FlexiSPY call recording function has been praised in several reviews.

Use it to secretly record phone calls made or received by the target device. The tool allows you to record all talks or just those with certain people. After logging into the FlexiSPY app, users may listen to the recordings by selecting a call from the dashboard. That’s something you can do whenever you want.

Be aware that this is one of the few monitoring applications that offer this feature at the present time. The ability to record phone calls inside the United States is now illegal for espionage applications.

That, in and of itself, is already rather remarkable; but we will now see what comes next.

Ambient recording is another capability offered by the FlexiSPY software. Using this feature, you may listen to or record the device’s surroundings while it is not being used. Those seeking authentic dialogues would benefit much from this.

How to track my wife’s phone location without detection

FlexiSPY, like many other reputable phone monitoring applications, includes location tracking.

FlexiSPY is equipped with a real-time map that displays the precise GPS position of the targeted phone in real-time. You can track the whereabouts of your child or spouse over time.

Additionally, you may set up custom regions using this tracking function. You will get an alert whenever the person you follow goes through one of these checkpoints.

Keep Your Children Safe Using Cell Phone Monitoring Software

Monitoring wife’s Communication Through Text and Other Media

You can easily monitor all outgoing and incoming text messages from the target device after you have installed the FlexiSPY spy phone program.

The fact that it works with more than simply SMS is the nicest part about the tracking feature. It is capable of monitoring conversations on iMessage and other messaging apps, including but not limited to:

Web-Based Messaging Service Facebook Messenger Mobile Messaging Service Viber WhatsApp


Texts, photos, videos, and phone logs may all be seen with the lesser FlexiSPY services. Some of the more expensive ones include built-in call recording and listening capabilities.

Shooting with a Distant Camera

Suppose you want to capture covert photos or videos using the camera on the target device. In that case, FlexiSPY is your only real option.

The FlexiSPY control panel is where you’ll find the video and picture evidence.


The keylogger was a new function on FlexiSPY when this article was written. Still, it has already received a lot of praise from customers.

It logs every keystroke made on the compromised device, including any and all login credentials.

Your target’s social media accounts and other password-protected websites are now open to you.

If you install the software before the user does, you’ll even get the passcode to unlock the smartphone.

This function is included in the more costly FlexiSPY Extreme package. Still, it may be purchased alone if the extra cost is too much.

The Use of Keywords and Alerts

Let’s say there’s a list of numbers you don’t want your significant other to call. Or any other terms you wouldn’t want your youngster to look up, such as those associated with drugs, pornography, or profanity. Your staff members may handle confidential information, and you need to know if they make any changes to the files.

You’ll be glad you have this option when it comes up.

You may set up an alert in the FlexiSPY app whenever a certain event happens. Examples are when a file is moved or deleted or when a keyword or phone number is searched for. If you want to avoid keeping a close eye on a phone or computer all the time but still want to be informed of improper conduct, this function is perfect for you.

You may have complete command over what the target user can and cannot access on their smartphone with the help of FlexiSPY’s App Blocking feature. Apps on the target device may be seen, and you may close or block them if you find that they contain offensive content. You can avoid anybody discovering this since it can all be done remotely and in secret.

Enhanced and Improved Via Remote Access

The FlexiSPY program is helpful because it requires physical access to the target device once during installation. Then, your child’s computer, tablet, or smartphone may remain in their care while you manage the program remotely.

Setting Up FlexiSPY

FlexiSPY Review • Spy on Mobile Phone Easily with FlexiSPY App

If you are more computer aware, you could be able to handle the setup procedure of FlexiSPY.

Following a subscription payment on the FlexiSPY website, the program may be downloaded and installed on Android or iOS smartphones.

The device must be iOS-based and jailbroken before the target may be accessed. This procedure might be challenging if you need to figure out what you’re doing.

If the mobile device runs Android, your job will be much simpler. The FlexiSPY phone tracker may be installed straight into the target device, and then surveillance can begin instantly.

This straightforward method, however, grants you access to just a subset of available features.

You must root your Android smartphone to use FlexiSPY to its full potential. Backing up data, configuring the device, and installing the necessary software are all essential steps in this laborious procedure. Even if there are guides to help you out, you may still need help.

But there’s good news, so don’t fret!

If you need to learn how to root or jailbreak your wife’s device, FlexiSPY can change the game for you. You may use it if you can access a computer and the web. The price per service is $39.99.

Once the program has been installed and activated, it may be used for constant monitoring from a computer.

Compatible gadgets

With mSpy, you can keep tabs on any iOS or Android device running version 7 or later. However, FlexiSPY is the winner since it provides these features for more devices than only Android and iOS tablets.


It is true to claim that technology has transformed our world, and the same applies to our current circumstances. You can monitor someone’s whereabouts while seated in your own house, and before a few years ago, this was not feasible.

You can use various programs to achieve this, but none is reliable, so you shouldn’t depend on them. On the other hand, the FlexiSpy surveillance software is a secure and trustworthy program.

You can trust FlexiSpy since it comes highly recommended if you ever find yourself in a scenario where you need to know how to monitor your girlfriend’s phone location or, for that matter, anyone’s whereabouts.

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