turn off snapchat notifications

Using the Menu settings in the Snapchat app, you may also stop particular types of Snapchat notifications if you’d like.

Here’s how to turn off snapchat notifications using the method of your choice.

Snapchat is a tool for sharing photos. One can send photos and videos to friends and family by using this software. One can take pictures using the Snapchat camera or select videos or photos from the phone’s galleries. To capture a photo and share it with others, you can easily use the various filters in the Snapchat application.

Every time there is a text or other update on Snapchat, a notification is sent. Depending on the friend list, these messages can be minimal or very frequent. There is an option to silence the Snapchat notification so that you can continue using your phone without interruption because it may occasionally be upsetting for a person.

How to turn off snapchat notifications with ease

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It’s simple to become overburdened by alerts, particularly if you use social media frequently and receive a lot of stories, messages, and posts. To retain control of your social media experience, you can consider disabling Snapchat notifications to help reduce your notification overload. You can decide to disable just a few alerts that aren’t particularly relevant to you or all of them.

If you are caught in this web, then this article should come in handy. We would explore some of the various ways of reducing the number of notifications you receive from your Snapchat app and most importantly how to regain back control of your life.

How to block specific Snapchat alerts

You probably won’t want to completely turn off all of your Snapchat notifications most of the time. The items that are not a top priority for you might just be better off being turned off. To block notifications that don’t catch your fancy, you can easily:

  • Open the Snapchat app, then tap the account symbol in the upper left corner. In the top right corner, tap the Settings icon, which resembles a gear.
  • Tap Notifications in the icon marked ‘My Account.’
  • Select the alerts you want to disable. For each type of alert, you want to turn off on an Apple device, swipe the button to the left. Clear the checkbox next to every item you would like to disable on Android devices.

How to disable all Snapchat alerts on an iPhone

Another option is to outrightly disable all notifications on your Snapchat app. To do this on an iOS device;

  • Open the Settings app, and then scroll down to the list of apps to find Snapchat.
  • Select Snapchat.
  • Click on Notifications.
  • By sliding the button to the left, all Snapchat notifications can be turned off.
Notification settings in the Snapchat app.

How to stop all alerts from Snapchat on Android

Similar to the option above, you can instantly know how to stop snapchat notifications by using the Android Settings application.

  • Open the Settings application, then select Notifications.
  • Tap the App settings button on the Notifications page.
  • By sliding the icon to the left, Snapchat alerts can be turned off.

Make sure the drop-down option at the upper part of the screen is adjusted to All applications rather than Most recent if you do not see Snapchat listed as an option.

How can Snapchat alerts be modified on android devices?

  • Open the “Settings” application, then scroll down and select the “App Management” link.
  • To view a list of the applications available on your smartphone, select the “App List” option on the following interface.
  • Select Snapchat from the list, then select “Manage Notifications”
  • You must select the “Direct Messages” option beneath your Snapchat username before selecting the “Ringtone” option.
  • Android Configuration Apps How to Modify Snapchat’s Notification Sound
  • There you have it, then! The notification tone for other apps on your smartphone won’t change when you select a custom notification tone for Snapchat.

How can I control my Snapchat group and chat notifications?

  • Go to the conversation screen on Android (swipe right). Select the conversation (or chat group) of your option and press and hold. Choose More, then under Message Notifications, hit All Texts or Silent.
  • Open the Contacts screen on your iPhone (swipe right). Select the conversation (or chat group) of your choice and press and hold. Choose More, then under Message Notifications, hit All Texts or Silent.

What to do if your Snapchat alerts stop working?

       Alerts from Snapchat could be a helpful means of keeping track of updates, from streaks to spontaneous group chats. But occasionally users stop receiving Snapchat notifications for a variety of reasons, such as adjustments to their phone’s or app’s settings.

You can miss out on updates from friends and family, which can be annoying. Missed those pop-ups? The steps to take if your Snapchat alerts stop are mentioned below.

    Ensure you attempt the following things if you don’t get any Snapchat notifications:

  • Re-login to Snapchat after leaving.
  • Verify that your alerts are turned on within the app.
  • Make sure the notifications are turned on in the settings of your phone.
  • You must enable Auto Sync Data (for Android) or Background application refresh (for iPhone). These options can be found in the settings of your phone, either on the Settings page for iPhone or the Accounts area for Android.
  • Reinstall the app if you can.
  • Attempt to update the app.
  • Delete the cache for the program.
  • Make sure the Snapchat application has access to your network and all other required permissions.
  • Look into your Internet connection.
  • Verify if the Don’t disturb (DND) feature is selected.
  • Permit the app to use background data.
  • Removing third-party applications

How to resolve sluggish Snapchat notifications

If your alerts are delayed, you might be dealing with one of the issues listed below:

  • Internet connection issues
  • ActiveData saver feature.
  • Low power.
  • Full cache.

If controlling these doesn’t help, we advise trying the fixes in the section below titled “Snapchat notifications not working.”

Please be aware that before you can modify your notifications in the Snapchat app, you might have to enable reminders in your device’s settings, depending on the type of device you have.

How to Use Snapchat’s Silent Mode and Do Not Disturb Mode

Sometimes a certain Snapchat contact can be quite annoying, but blocking them is not an option since you do not want to insult them or for any other reasons. We suggest setting them to “Do Not Disturb” in this situation.

        You have the option to silence alerts from a person or more people on Snapchat. They can keep sending you texts even after you’ve muted them. A mute user is not prevented from viewing your Snapchat stories, though. You should report the individual on Snapchat or block them if someone is harassing you on the platform.

A user can be put in Silent mode by:

  • Tapping and pressing the person’s username until a new display pops up.
  • To personalize how your chat looks to that user, select Chat Options to reveal the various options.
  • To stop receiving notifications from a user, switch off the Message Notifications tab.

All other alerts—aside from those from this specific user—will be delivered to you. You can set one or more persons as you like to be Do Not Disturb group on Snapchat.

On Snapchat, how to Disable Group Notifications

On Snapchat, users can join up to sixty-three (63) other users in a group chat for video calls and group conversations. This amount of users will spam the group chat with bulk messages.

Consider muting a Snapchat group if you want to take a break from it. While every other notification and settings stay the same, Snapchat won’t send any alerts pertaining to that group.

     To disable group alerts on Snapchat for a certain group:

  • Tap the group repeatedly to reveal the details and settings   
  • Tap Chat Settings.
  • Then click Message Notifications. By default, All Messages include this feature.
  • Set the notification preferences to Silent.
  • Your account will be updated automatically with these changes.
  • Use the Snapchat Friends Checkup function to organize your friend’s list if a lot of people are muted on your account.

Why It’s Beneficial to Turn Off Snapchat Notifications

I had a “aha” moment last week and chose to switch off all social media alerts despite my mounting overwhelm. Here’s why you should do the same:

  • Your day will begin with less anxiety.

I was quite relieved the first morning I checked my phone after switching off notifications. Knowing that I wasn’t letting outside factors control my attitude allowed me to feel calm and tranquil instead of beginning my day with a feeling of dread.

  • Battery Drain Prevention

Due mostly to the video and camera features, Snapchat has a reputation for draining your phone’s battery rather quickly. You don’t want notifications if your battery is low because they can increase battery usage. Some battery life can be preserved by turning off notifications.

  • Gaining Concentration

Each time your phone pings, it’s easy to become distracted. Fortunately, by turning off notifications, users can concentrate more clearly on other tasks like work and learning.

  • On Snapchat, keep your boundaries

If you use Snapchat often, it has the ability to become highly addicting. We all need a break from time to time. Therefore, we occasionally shift our attention to other things, even if it’s a fascinating app with interesting features and frequent updates.

You can turn off Snapchat’s alerts for particular groups,  contacts, or the app altogether if you feel that using the app has significantly increased your screen time.


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Sound plays a huge role in the Snapchat experience. Custom notification sounds can be an effective tool for making an experience more engaging.

      Although it’s not much, small adjustments like this can really make a difference. Therefore, use these instructions and your imagination to customize your Snapchat notification sound.

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