How to View a Private Facebook Account instantly in 2023

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Facebook, which has recently rebranded to Meta in honor of its shift to the metaverse ecosystem, is one of the most popular social media networks. Closely linked to its Harvard founder Mark Zuckerberg, the 18-year-old social media giant commands a large following with a reported 2.936 billion monthly active users recorded in April 2022 alone. The records are then piling up given the project’s growing pivot into the crypto space and its full thrust into the virtual reality landscape.

Meanwhile, not many users are able to connect with others on the platform due to the proliferation of private Facebook accounts. How do you access this? This article points out a few tricks you can employ. But before we get started, what is a private Facebook account?

What is a Private Facebook Account?

private facebook

A private Facebook account is one that cannot be viewed without being friends with the owner. On such accounts, you cannot view the user’s data and in many cases their profile photo. This is because the user has switched off the public-facing profile settings.

Users posted all kinds of information in Facebook’s early years, and privacy wasn’t a major concern. Following the advancement of technology and social media platforms such as Facebook, it is safe to say that users are more concerned about keeping their data and files safe from unknown users. Data is easily linked to a user’s personal lifestyle these days and loopholes in terms of privacy and security can result in harmful consequences.

However, there are particular occasions where someone would be looking to access a private Facebook account before sending them a friend request. If you are caught in this kinda fix,, then this article will show you tricks on how to view private Facebook profiles.

Viewing a private facebook account

Send a Friend Request

A private Facebook account can only be viewed by a friend of the user. This simply means that the easiest way to see a private Facebook account is to send a friend request with the hope that the user sees the request and approves it. Once the request has been accepted, you will have access to their data, photos, updates and other information that is relevant to them. You have access to their archives, their interests and older posts as well. However, the problem with this method is that you cannot control how long it will take before the request is approved as it can take days, weeks or months depending on how socially active the person is.

There is also the probability of the request being ignored which can limit your chances of ever viewing the profile.

Socialize More

One of the best things about Facebook privacy policies is that the settings can be adjusted depending on the needs of the user per time. For example, a user can set their account to be private and as such allow only friends to view their account but they also have the option of letting “Friends of Friends” view their accounts as well.

With this setting, you can view your target account if you both have at least one mutual friend in common. This is an equally easy way on how to view a private Facebook profile without actually following the person. The smartest way to do this is to send a friend request to someone you are very familiar with. This will reduce the chance of your request being ignored and the speed at which the request is accepted.

The downside to this method is that the target’s friends list may be restricted. This will make it difficult for you to check their mutual friends list and be sure that they will be relevant to your search. However, one has to try as you may never know if you will be lucky.

Create a Fake Facebook Account

Sending a normal friend request may not be the most effective method to viewing a private Facebook account, especially when you don’t want to expose your real identity.

Creating a fake identity may backfire and your target account may block you due to suspicions or you might be reported to Facebook for violation of the user guidelines.

If you are intent on this method working, you must be creative and tailor the fake account to mirror a legit account as much as possible. You must also do away with any details that may suggest falsehood and reveal your true identity in any way.

The best way to do this is to do all you can to impress the target user and therefore influence their decision to accept your request.

Learn of Facebook’s Account Privacy Policy

In the earlier days of Facebook’s launch, the privacy policies were somewhat relaxed. However, these days, the platform emphasizes security above other aspects which makes it difficult to access private profiles. However, there are still some tricks that can work and one of them is tagged photos.

If your target profile has been tagged in a post, you can find them easily by searching for them on Facebook. In order to do this, you must sign in to your Facebook account, tap on the ‘Search’ bar and type in the text ‘Photos of <name of user>’

If the target’s name is John Doe, you will type in ‘Photos of John Doe’. once you do this, Facebook will run a search and share all  of the person’s tagged photos. You can then go through their pictures to get a feel of who then person really is.

Other ways to view a private facebook profile

Leverage Google

Google is another way for people looking for how to view a Private Facebook account 2022 but the question you should be asking is ‘How’. While sending a request is easy, the approach will leave you with uncertainty as you cannot be sure if the user will respond to you or not.

Google is a great way to view a private Facebook profile because while a lot of accounts are private, they didn’t go private immediately after opening. Most accounts just adjust their privacy settings after they amass a good number of friends and followers. With this method, if you want to search for a user’s content they shared when their account was public. All you have to do is enter into the search box ‘Facebook’ along with your search query to focus your results.

Google will run through Facebook archives and display the information accessible to the search engine. This is one of the easiest ways to access a Facebook profile without much hassle.

Use PictureMate 

PictureMate is a free Google Chrome extension that you can use to view a target Facebook account without having them as friends. With this tool, you can easily view Facebook profile pictures discreetly as well as tagged pictures. You will need to visit PictureMate and then add it as a Chrome extension to your browser. Next, you will need to restart the browser then the extension will come up to the top corner of the screen.

You can now do a Facebook search and view the photos of your target account. The extension will also offer the pictures of the target posted on another person’s profile as well. With this method, people looking for how to see a private Facebook account in 2022 can do it easily.

Password Theft

This is certainly illegal but for the purpose of showcasing every way possible to see someone’s private Facebook account, we have included this method. You need a minimum of eight characters including upper and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols. An easy password will be easy to guess and anyone can access the account.

If a password is reused on other platforms and there is a security breach on either of those platforms, the Facebook account will be vulnerable and then easy to access. You are not advised to use this method as it is against Facebook’s user guidelines and flatline illegal.

Hire a Professional

There are professionals who have several tricks up their sleeves. These individuals can easily help you access the specific user’s profile you are keen on. However, this would cost you money as these data brokers usually sell the information they collect. 

But this does not guarantee full access as well as you can end up with a limited view of the user in question. Most of the time, these data brokers only provide access to the user’s videos and photos. 

Going this route should closely be reviewed due to its ethical and legal implications. Find out if this method is legal in your state or country of residence before taking this route especially if you intend using the information you gather for a legal purpose. 


There are many ways to gain access to a private Facebook account with some more legitimate than others. However, with the methods made available, you are most likely to get access to such accounts without necessarily breaking any rules.

We however recommend just sending a request and waiting to be approved. It is the easiest method and frankly, the most stress-free.


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