Is Oppo a good android phone? should i buy in 2023?

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With a large variety of smartphones available at different price points to cater to other users, Oppo is one of the Chinese phone companies now growing in popularity in the West.

Although it may not be on the same level as Apple, Samsung, or even its Chinese competitors, Xiaomi and Huawei, its popularity is unquestionably rising. We anticipate seeing a lot of significant developments from the firm in the years to come.

That comes from the company’s high-end Find line of products and its mid-range Reno and entry-level A series.

If you like premium-looking smartphones with advanced cameras and screens, keep an eye on Oppo and the products it releases.

The cost of OPPO phones


Since its founding in 2012, the Chinese tech firm has been recognized for its low-cost models, although OPPO phones come in various pricing ranges. The OPPO A15, for instance, which retails for as little as $239 and is a member of OPPO’s entry-level “A Series,” is the company’s least expensive phone.

The OPPO Reno series, the company’s delivery of cutting-edge technology at a reasonable price point, also has many mid-range models in stock. Price-wise, the entry-level OPPO Reno Z costs $499, while the more expensive Reno2 Z costs $599.

The flagship phone from OPPO, the Find X3 Pro, is at the other extreme of the price range. The cost of this phone is $1,699. 

Which smartphones does Oppo produce?

Oppo distributes smartphones under three primary lines in most markets; the business offers a few extra lines in a few places, although they are not generally accessible. The business has also shown off a few concept phones, such as the Oppo X Nendo and the Oppo X 2021.

The Find series of high-end cell phones are at the very pinnacle of the mobile phone food chain. The phones, which also come in “Pro,” “Neo,” and “Lite” variants, boast high-end display specifications, unique camera sensors from Sony, and hefty price tags. It’s true that the Lite versions often cost less.

The Find N is the company’s first foldable smartphone, so clearly “X” isn’t the lone letter of Find.

The Reno 5 is the newest to the Reno series of mid-range smartphones. These include the “regular”, “Pro”, and “Z” (Lite in everything but name) variants, and they have the same features and specifications as the Find X range but are priced lower.

The Reno handsets are released irregularly throughout areas or are exclusive to a single nation before being released with modified specifications in other markets. It’s sometimes unclear which phone you’re looking at, as we’ve seen Reno handsets rebadged as Find X devices and offered mid-spec offerings in both series.

The Oppo A phones are the last ones on the list. These mobile devices usually have large displays, large batteries, and affordable costs. There have been both high-quality and low-quality Oppo A phones, but if you’re on a tight budget, you could do a lot worse.

Does Oppo outperform Samsung?

Comparison between Oppo and Samsung phones

Both the well-known brands Oppo and Samsung are in high demand in the marketplace. Both of these companies provide a range of high-tech smartphones with incompatible features. Samsung is a company that sets trends and consistently incorporates new features into its phones. Surpassing its own records by developing additional features, displays, cameras, and other innovations. Oppo is equal to this, too, on the other hand.

Oppo has made a reputation for itself over the years by producing some of the most powerful camera smartphones available. Due to this, many people aim to buy Oppo phones. If we compare the two brands, there are some interesting similarities. In this post, we will explain this comparison and provide information on where you can purchase a phone or an Oppo refurbished smartphone.

Samsung vs Oppo: Camera

The most recent Galaxy four-camera system believed in providing excellent results is included by Samsung. The sensation keeps becoming better, brighter, and more distinct. The biggest cameras ever found on a Samsung phone are reported in the S series, particularly the most recent S22 ultra. You may capture beautiful images with this smartphone’s four additional cameras and the 108MP primary camera.

The Oppo Reno series, in contrast, is recognized as having the finest smartphones for photos, with the Oppo Reno 10x zoom, in particular, being touted to have some fantastic cameras with an exceptional zoom range. This enables you to get good pictures of any background item, making it more noticeable and distinct. You can immediately see that this smartphone is well worth the money. Other versions of both phones also have excellent cameras. Therefore both of these smartphones pass our camera test.

Since both businesses have produced a sizable number of smartphones with various designs and screens, comparing the two would be challenging. Samsung dominates the design market since even their entry-level smartphones tend to seem more stylish and enjoyable. Each design is distinct for each series, with the Galaxy Note models often having a square appearance that makes them resemble notepads, which is what Samsung wanted.

Samsung vs Oppo: Design

Samsung phones seem appealing to customers because of the style and effort put into the S series, A series, Z series, Fold, and Flip smartphones. Samsung has the same curved design as Oppo, albeit the colours vary. Thus, Samsung gets the nod here. If you like, you may get a Samsung phone from Phonebot that has been reconditioned and has a stylish design.

Samsung vs Oppo: Features

Since both manufacturers provide some unusual high-tech elements, there has yet to be a clear winner regarding features. No one can match Oppo regarding camera functionality or a greater screen-to-body ratio. This in no way implies that Samsung is any less. With excellent multitasking capabilities, a powerful battery, CPU, display, and many other characteristics, Samsung has long been a dependable brand for customers. Select a smartphone based on your tastes after comparing these models.

In the end, you should study the many models the businesses produce that often provide the attributes you want. Consider buying an Oppo phone if you want exceptional photography functionality and high-quality cameras. Stay with Samsung if you wish for quick speed and great multitasking capabilities.

Samsung vs Oppo: Battery

Both Oppo and Samsung provide a variety of smartphones with excellent battery life from which to choose. The Oppo A33 2020, Oppo A76, and Oppo A77s are believed to outperform other Oppo phones with regard to battery life.

The S21FE, S22, S22 Ultra, and S22+ are just a few examples of Samsung smartphones from the S series with a lot of battery life. If you have one of these smartphones, you won’t need to worry about your phone’s battery running out soon. Additionally, a refurbished Samsung or Oppo smartphone will have a battery that is comparable to a new one. The various Samsung phones are available for purchase through Phonebot.

Samsung vs Oppo: Price

Both Samsung and Oppo offer flagship models, and both of these brands are well-known among other brands. In particular, Samsung is a famous brand that produces pricey cell phones. Although Samsung does provide a lot, individuals object to the expensive Samsung mobile costs since not everyone can afford them.

This perspective suggests that Oppo is a superior phone in this area. Owning an Oppo smartphone is made simpler by its low price and affordability. Buying them from retail sites like Phonebot, where you can acquire refurbished phones for these brand models, would be a terrific method to obtain both of these smartphones for a low price. Here, you may also discover some excellent Oppo phone offers for Australia.


Despite OPPO’s low price point, the firm clearly does not skimp on quality, as seen by the OPPO phone specifications and OPPO phone reviews. Compared to other prominent smartphone manufacturers, OPPO phones are inexpensive, and new customers are pleasantly impressed by their overall performance and durability. A new OPPO phone can be the best option if you need a new smartphone but don’t want to empty your bank account.

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