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Mac vs Windows laptop – Key differences in 2023



The first thing you should actually consider when choosing a new laptop is not the brand itself but rather the technology that powers that brand. Although picking a brand is crucial for purchasing a new laptop, selecting between the two popular operating systems, Apple or Windows, should come first.

Despite the impression that Macs are widely available, Windows still holds most of the laptop market (although Apple has continuously closed the gap over the years).

As a result, deciding whether a Macbook or a Windows laptop would suit your requirements better might be challenging. Let’s break things down and examine the many features of each model to see which could be the superior option.

What are the key differences between Mac and Windows Laptops?

windows vs chromeos

Apple’s contribution to laptop technology is the MacBook. The MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, two quick, svelte, and fashionable laptops, are part of the lineup.

The Pro is a cutting-edge, contemporary device that is perfect for professionals. It is the most current upgrade of Apple’s two major laptop lines, and it combines high-end technology with a gorgeous display to provide the user with a premium experience.

The company’s “light” laptop is the Apple Macbook Air, and it is much thinner and lighter than the Pro, although it has less state-of-the-art technology. Long battery life, clear display, and performance that’s difficult to match, thanks to the latest M1 CPUs.

Several different businesses create and produce Windows laptops. Several of these businesses are well-known (such as Microsoft with the Surface Pro series and Asus with its ZenBooks). Still, there are a ton of less-cost virtual devices being produced by smaller businesses as well.

Windows laptops are a category of devices with such a diverse range of capabilities that it is quite challenging to summarize them. In contrast to Apple, Windows laptops may be found with detachable keyboards, such as the Microsoft Surface laptop.

Let’s examine the key elements we consider while selecting a new computer. The most apparent aspect that many people will use to make a decision is price.

Afterwards, we’ll examine each machine’s features, design, hardware configuration, and customization, followed by the operating system.

MacBook price comparison

Switching From Windows to Mac: A How-To Guide

The cost of Apple’s technology is well-known, and they all outperform competitors’ pricing, from the iPhones to the Macs. The most recent MacBook Pro costs $2499, and the MacBook Air, Apple’s entry-level laptop, costs roughly $1000.

It’s becoming harder and harder to disagree with their price tag with the latest M1 Max and M1 Pro CPUs and a faster GPU for more outstanding graphical capabilities. Yet, nobody buys Apple computers because of their inexpensive cost; instead, many people pay a premium for their Macbook as a statement of status.

We also need to consider future updates that could be required, so it’s not only the cost of the new Macbook that has to be viewed here.

Apple used to let us update our computers, but this is no longer the case with new gadgets. This implies that if you get an 8GB Macbook, it will remain an 8GB computer; you cannot subsequently purchase more RAM to increase its speed.

Hence, even if a new Mac has a high build quality and many other features, you can’t update it. And if you’re searching for reduced costs, Windows often offers a far more comprehensive range of options at the lower price tiers.


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Once again, so many factors make it hard to generalize the cost of a Windows laptop (thousands of models). The cheapest Windows laptops are available for about $300 and include simple features like online movie playback and web surfing.

They can withstand routine usage. The mid-tier laptops have better specifications and do well with RAM-intensive tasks. They begin at around $500 to $600. Even better are computers priced between $900 and $1100 that can simultaneously handle games, Photoshop, the internet, and movies!

Ultrabooks are the greatest option if you want the best version of Windows. These are very high-end computers with the most outstanding hardware available, costing above $1100. (for a laptop, anyway).

As a result, depending on your needs, Windows might be either less costly or more expensive than a MacBook.

Mac design for MacBooks

Apple invests much in design. Everything they produce is exquisite, durable, and of the highest quality. Compared to competing laptops, this one has less plastic, and the keyboard is smooth and ergonomic.

The style is so popular that in the last 10 years, it has only become smaller and more streamlined.


You can find a laptop to fit practically any taste since there are many competitors in the Windows laptop market.

There are high-end versions just as creatively designed as MacBooks, such as the new Surface Pro 6 from Microsoft, which has a super-slim frame and an enjoyable keyboard.

Yet, in contrast, low-cost laptops may be bulky, clad in plastic, and often have oddly placed trackpads.

MacBooks for gaming

Can you play video games on a Macbook? It all depends on what you mean when you say “Macbook for gaming.”

Unless you’re referring to 3D video games, probably not. When it comes to building a suitable and potent processing machine for such demanding graphics work, Macs are renowned for being incredibly behind the times.

These kinds of apps are designed for something other than laptops. A few good games have been converted to Macintosh, and this situation is likely to change very soon.


Unlike MacBooks, Windows laptops are available that are made expressly to run the most recent games.

They are designed with gamers in mind and have top-notch graphics cards, 32+ GB of RAM, and other features. While their costs may soar to unfathomable heights ($4000+), Alienware is a well-known manufacturer of this kind of laptop.

It totally depends on the user when it comes to gaming laptops.

They can provide a comparable gaming experience as Windows PCs in the present day, with the additional benefit of being portable.

MacBooks for Business

The best part about Macs is that it comes preinstalled with top-notch software for video editing, picture editing, and other creative suites at no additional charge.

The suites have extensive capabilities and are simple to learn. The stunning display on the most recent MacBooks is ideal for graphic and visual arts.

The Mac’s built-in spreadsheet and text editing programs are far less capable than the Office suite, which is its main downside.

Either you would have to improvise or get the Microsoft bundle, which still needs to include many of the features seen on laptops running Windows.


With the traditional creative editing tools (photoshop, illustrator, etc.), Windows offers a ton of specialized programs that are not provided for Macintosh. Still, they are separate from the standard Windows installation.

The most expensive Windows PCs could not even manage a huge application running for hours, and the most incredible software might cost hundreds of dollars.

But, laptops with Windows 10 preinstalled come with Microsoft Office and are maintained up to date with windows updates.

Mac connecting to other devices

Traditional USB drives, headphones, and HDMI connectors are gradually being phased out in Macs. If you have a lot of electronic gadgets that need to be connected, you’ll need to invest in converters and splitters.

One disadvantage of switching to a Macbook is that they often utilize different ports than you may have used before.

But, if you currently use the Apple ecosystem, purchasing the most outstanding Macbook laptop you can afford makes perfect sense.

It only makes sense to purchase something that interacts well with your Apple TV and Apple Watch if you already have them.


Most Windows laptops still feature at least one of each kind of conventional connector, and some even have a DVD drive (although nowadays, this is less and less prevalent).

This will mostly rely on the laptop’s brand; companies like Acer and ASUS often have various ports available to customers.

You may use Windows on your laptop to do various functions after installing it. This may be anything from watching movies to using Word.

MacBook hardware customization

As Apple is the only company that updates MacBooks, its computers often have the exact specifications for years. This implies that you can sometimes pay a high price for technology that was obsolete years ago.

Because you can only install and utilize hardware built by Apple on a MacBook, there is little potential for customization.

Even if you successfully create a “Hackintosh,” updating MacOS on it will be a hassle. The advantage is that macs are simple to use right out of the box and are simpler to fix if anything goes wrong (if not more costly).

Windows hardware

A Windows laptop may be disassembled quickly to update its Memory and hard drive or replace damaged components with various parts from different manufacturers, making it less expensive to repair.

Every time a new laptop is released by a company, at least ten possibilities will meet your needs. This is true regardless of when or what you want to purchase.

Their laptops typically contain Intel CPUs or, in certain instances, AMD processors like Windows PCs.

These are the industry standard, with entry-level models having Intel Core i5 or similar processors and higher-end models having Core i7 or more outstanding processors.

MacBooks’ operating system is mac-OS

MacOS is a productive, lightning-fast operating system that is simple to use and understand. Regular updates keep it current, and the Interface is slick and contemporary.

As a bonus, it is safer than Windows since hackers target Macintosh considerably less often.

Due to the vast number of operating system users, viruses are more likely to attack Windows laptops.

Malware may sometimes evade Windows Defender, despite the excellent job it performs overall.

Also, many factory installations of Windows 10 include bloatware that might be difficult to remove, such as Bubble Witch Saga.

On top of all that, Windows updates often have bugs and reinstall bloatware that has already been removed.

Apart from that, some individuals find a Windows environment the most comfortable, and it might be a solid incentive to always buy Windows.

Battery’s life

Comparing the battery life of various manufacturers is significantly different since it mainly relies on the individual laptop. The battery life of new Macbooks is typically excellent, as with other Apple devices.

Nevertheless, a laptop’s battery life might vary depending on several factors, including its parts (the same laptop with an i3 processor might have a different battery life with a core i7 processor, for example).

You must look for the most effective alternative if you want the most extended battery life possible.


In conclusion, We recommend getting a MacBook if you want a quick, stress-free user experience on a durable, timeless laptop and don’t mind having fewer gaming and software options. That is a wise purchase that will last you ten years.

Get a Windows laptop if you want to customize your workspace and specifications, get to choose from a vast range of applications and open source, or are on a limited budget.

Ultimately, Windows is your only choice if you’re purchasing a laptop for gaming.

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