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battery draining fast


Despite a full charge, the battery life of your smartphone may decrease. Over time, the battery in any electronic gadget will deplete. Numerous users, however, have reported experiencing their battery draining fast on their mobile devices. They want to learn what’s triggering this problem and what can be done about it. There have been several complaints concerning smartphone batteries. Consider the common complaint that phone batteries deplete quickly. They are concerned about their phone’s battery life and want to know why it drains so quickly. To one’s relief, this post reveals everything. This article will give you the best way to fix your laptop and phone’s fast-draining batteries.

Methods to Prevent Rapid Drain on Your iPhone’s battery

How to Fix iPhone Battery Problems to Get More Battery Life

Your iPhone’s quick battery drain may have you wondering what could be causing it. The most prevalent ones are listed below.

  • Protecting the health of your device’s battery is crucial. Low battery health might be the blame for your iPhone’s sluggish performance, sudden waste of power, or decreased runtime.
  • Means of monetary compensation If your iPhone’s battery drains too quickly, it might be because you’re charging it incorrectly or with the wrong charger. Only use the official Apple lightning cord and charger when charging an iPhone.
  • Some Apps Drain Battery Quicker Than Others – Discover Which Apps Are Rapidly Eating Away At Your Battery Life.
  • When we talk about why an iPhone’s battery dies quickly after an update, we last mention that Apple released a new version of iOS.

Possible Answers to the iPhone’s Rapidly Declining Battery Life

Check the Battery’s Condition

Your iPhone’s battery is so worn out that you bought it long ago. Observe the instructions below to check the condition of your iPhone’s battery:

Click the Battery option in Settings after opening it and scrolling down.

Locate the Battery Health option, then examine the battery’s condition. You need a new battery if it is less than 80% charged.

iphone battery health

Dim the display to your liking.

The battery life of your iPhone will decrease dramatically if you use the brightest possible setting. Apple’s Auto-Brightness function allows the screen’s brightness to be adjusted automatically based on ambient light levels. It’s been said that the iPhone’s battery life will be improved. To dim your brightness, follow the instructions below.

Swipe down from the screen’s upper-right corner to open the Control Center.

Reduce the brightness of your screen to an acceptable level without completely turning it off.

control brightness on the screen

Delete Your Battery-Sucking Apps

The phone’s battery will deplete more quickly if you use a power-hungry app. In such cases, turn them off altogether, particularly if they are continually polling for new information or sending alerts.

stop use power intensive app

On an iPhone, switch off Location Services

Disabling an app’s location rights means it will get location data from the iPhone less often, saving battery life. It is possible to prevent malicious apps from constantly monitoring your whereabouts without turning off location services completely. Here are the measures you need to take:

The Privacy and Location Services menu may be found in the Settings menu.

Set all of your apps’ location services to “Never” or “When Using the App.”

control location service

Put Your iPhone on Its Back (or Use Do Not Disturb)

In addition to freeing up desk space, setting down your phone has other benefits. In addition to saving your iPhone’s battery life, this feature will keep you from accidentally draining your device by illuminating the screen upside down.

use do not disturb

The screen will not light up when you receive an alert on your iPhone. Alternatively, you can put your phone into “Do Not Disturb” mode, preventing it from sending you notifications. Simply following the provided steps will get you there.

Swipe down from the screen’s top to open the Settings menu.

Then, choose Do Not Disturb by pressing the Focus button.

Phone should be restarted.

If your iPhone is becoming hot to the touch and the battery drains unexpectedly fast, you should restart it. There will be no more problems due to minor software issues. This process is beneficial if you have just had your iPhone’s battery replaced and are experiencing issues with power drain. Here are the procedures for restarting an iPhone:

restart iphone

To turn the device on and off, hold both volume buttons down at the same time. You should take your hands off the power Off slider if you see one on the screen.

Drag the slider to the off position to power off your gadget. Then, let your iPhone take around 30 seconds to power down fully.

To force a restart, press and hold the power button for a few seconds.

Remove Any Extraneous Toolbars

Widgets are helpful since they allow quick access to information without running the application itself. While this is great for convenience, their persistent background activity also means they constantly drain your battery. To disable unnecessary widgets, please follow these instructions:

Apple iOS 14 or later

Select the widget you no longer need and hold the tap. Then, choose the option to get rid of the widget.

Click Remove again to finish.

Earlier iOS 13

Tap the right side of the Home screen. Select the circular Edit button located at the very bottom.

Upon selection, a menu of available widgets will display. To remove a widget, click the red X next to it.

turn off widgets

Switch to Low Power Mode

To prevent your iPhone’s battery from depleting too soon, you may switch to Low Power Mode. Low Power Mode is activated when your device’s battery drops below 20%. However, you may save battery life by using this feature at any time.

Enter the device’s configuration menu and choose the battery option. Then, activate the iPhone’s low power mode to keep the battery from draining too quickly.

Go into Sleep Mode to save battery. And turn the Control Center on and off with a simple slide.

use low power mode

The iOS System May Need Repair

Suppose your iPhone’s battery keeps draining despite trying the solutions mentioned above. In that case, the problem lies within the iOS operating system. A third-party tool is required to resolve this issue. Here, we advise using iMyFone Fixppo, a top-tier tool that mends any iOS device. Key functions of this resource include:

How to Permanently Repair iOS Without Losing Any Content

  • With one click, you may erase all data from the iOS devices without the password.
  • Recovery Mode may be accessed and exited at will.
  • Help for all iOS problems, such as the inaudible recording of iPhone screen activity, the absence of WhatsApp alerts, the inability to swipe up on an iPhone, and so on.
  • Revert to an older iOS version without needing to jailbreak.
Fixppo product

Does Your Laptop’s Battery Drain Quickly? Here’s How to Stop It

As one would expect, a depleted or otherwise worn-out battery is a typical cause of laptop shutdowns. It’s time to replace your laptop’s battery if it’s outdated and susceptible to being quickly drained. The following are some more potential causes of laptop battery issues.

  • There are too many tasks simultaneously active.
  • A battery may quickly deplete by running a resource-intensive program (such as a game or desktop application).
  • Some changes to the system settings have resulted in a rapid depletion of the battery.
  • You may use high brightness or other sophisticated settings on your PC.
  • This may be caused by having too many active internet and network connections at a time.
  • A blackout might result from a malfunction in the loaded firmware.
  • A malfunctioning driver, an abundance of peripheral devices, or any number of other factors might also be to blame.

In order to solve the battery issue on your Asus, Lenovo, Dell, or HP laptop, try the following solutions. These are usually connected to readily fixed issues with the system’s firmware or configuration. Although, you should consider acquiring a new battery for your laptop if the one you have is getting on in years. You can quickly examine 8 different approaches to this issue by clicking on any of the links below.

Keep an eye on the brightness levels.

As you probably already know, the system’s display is one of the primary consumers of power. This is why, if your HP laptop’s battery is going quickly, this is the first thing you should do. The brightness controls are easily accessible via keyboard shortcuts located in the taskbar or by using the function keys.

laptop battery draining fast fix 2

Display brightness can also be changed via the Settings menu > System > Display. Having it at full blast can be bad for your laptop’s battery life.

Turn Off Your Keyboard’s Light

There is a backlight on the keyboard in certain high-end laptops. It’s useful for typing while the lights are out, but it can drain your laptop battery quickly. The brightness can be changed with the help of keyboard shortcuts (Function + F5 key on HP, for example).

laptop battery draining fast fix 3

In addition, you can turn off the keyboard backlight by going to the Control Panel > Mouse and Keyboard on your computer.

Changing Your Laptop’s Power Preferences

Having troubles with your HP or Acer laptop’s battery after making a change to your system’s Power settings is a common occurrence. In a perfect world, it wouldn’t matter what brand of laptop it was because the problem could be fixed quickly and easily. Adjust the system’s sleep and screen time whether it is on or in hibernation by going to Settings > System > Power & Sleep.

laptop battery draining fast fix 5

From here, you may also access “Additional Power Settings” to apply a customized or symmetrical energy strategy to the machine. It’s also possible to make your own power strategy from this platform.

Connecting many networks or devices to your laptop might be taxing on the battery life of both. Navigate to the Settings menu > Network Connections to view the currently established connections. Some Windows editions also allow accessing this setting via the Settings app, which may be found in the Network and Internet section, then clicking on Network Connections.

Reduce the Number of Network Connections

laptop battery draining fast fix 7

You can select a network, right-click it, and then either forget about it or turn it off. There will be fewer open network connections on your laptop.

Eliminate Extraneous Accessories

You can keep an eye on anything that’s hooked up to your computer, not just your network connections. Having multiple peripherals plugged into your computer How to access broken phone from computer easily in 2023at once, for instance, might drain the battery quickly. To solve this problem, you can remove any peripherals, such as a USB drive, wireless mouse, CD/DVD player, Bluetooth speakers, etc.

laptop battery draining fast fix 8

To check this, either navigate to the system’s preferences or use the shortcut on your taskbar. Right-click it to unplug any unnecessary peripherals, and you’re good to go.

Stop All Extraneous Programs

Lots of unnecessary software would be constantly active, eating away at your battery life. The issue with the Dell battery can be solved by checking the running apps and closing those that aren’t necessary. The same method works for fixing the battery on laptops by Acer, Asus, HP, Lenovo, and other brands.

laptop battery draining fast fix 9

Just navigate to your computer’s “Settings,” then “Privacy,” and finally “Background Apps.” This is where you may manage whether or not programs can run in the background, either globally or for individual apps. To reduce the number of programs operating in the background, temporarily disable it.

Bring out any inserted disc drives

Your computer’s battery may abruptly deplete when a CD or DVD is installed. You can use an eject button on the side of the laptop to safely remove the disc drive. If that fails, navigate to My Computer (This PC), select the disc drive icon, and then click the “Eject” button. When you do this, the disc drive door will open, and the disc may be removed.

laptop battery draining fast fix 10

Turn off any unnecessary components and background tasks

For laptops, battery life might suffer if too many functions or activities are active simultaneously. Launch Task Manager to look at what’s taking up CPU time on your machine. To do this, use Ctrl + Alt + Del or Ctrl + Shift + Esc. Any unwanted program or process can be terminated with the “End Task” button in Task Manager.

laptop battery draining fast fix 11

Furthermore, you can remove any program from your computer by going to the Control Panel and clicking on the Programs and Features option.


There has been a significant amount of online interest in finding a solution to an iPhone and a laptop’s rapid battery loss. Because we have done extensive research and identified the most effective methods for resolving this problem, we have shared our findings with you.

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