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Solus is an independently created operating system for the x86-64architecture, and it was formerly known as Evolve OS. Using the Linux kernel as its foundation, it offers users the choice of the in-house Budgie desktop environment, GNOME, MATE, or KDE Plasma as the desktop environment.

 According to its creators, it can only be used on personal PCs. The creators also said it would not have any helpful software only in server or enterprise contexts. The most recent versions of Firefox, Thunderbird, LibreOffice, Transmission, and GNOME MPV are all pre-installed on it. Using the built-in Software Center, users can download extra software that isn’t already installed. Firmware packages that are not free are optional but can support wireless chips and modems.

The shared vision of a vibrant community working toward a common objective empowers Solus. It has been developed and improved by individuals who share a similar desire to use computers. A robust open platform comprising GNU/Linux* and other technologies with a track record in industry underpins it.

What are the uses of Solus?

With Solus, you can spend more time coding and less time setting up tooling. In addition to supporting a wide range of editors, programming languages, compilers, and version control systems, it also support virtualization and containerization software like Docker* and Vagrant*. Solus have tools that will meet your needs, whether you’re creating backend web services in Go or drivers in C.

It offers applications to help content creators express their creativity. Whether animating with Synfig Studio, making music with Musescore or Mixxx, designing graphics with GIMP or Inkscape, or editing videos with Avidemux, Kdenlive, or Shotcut, Splus helps a lot.

What are Solus Applications?

Unfortunately, Solus’ built-in default applications are somewhat limited. Firefox and Thunderbird are pre-installed, along with a calendar, calculator, text editor, and music player. They will meet most users’ needs concerning the internet. VLC is also pre-installed, but that’s about it. There is also an IRC chat client, PDF viewer, and Archive (.zip and similar) reader. Thankfully, the Software Center application installer is superb and makes installing programs simple. Many excellent pieces of Linux software are available to users. As it is now a rolling distribution, much of them should be reasonably current.

 What is the available Solus Download for your device?

  • Single BUDGIE: Single Budgie is a feature-rich, opulent desktop built with the newest technology. A different download option for Solus Budgie is Torrent, with a media size of 1.9GB.
  • Solus GNOME: A Solus Gnome is a modern desktop environment with a media size of 2.1GB 
  • Solus MATE: Solus Mate has a Media Size of 1.8GB. Solus Mate is a conventional desktop for power users and older hardware.
  • Solus PLASMA: A robust desktop environment for hackers, Solus Plasma has a Media Size: of 2.0GB.

Solus project Game

Apart from the computer os, there is a game called Solus project, which should not be mistaken with the windows software. You can access this game via Solus Project

Windows version

In addition to compatibility for various gamepads and controllers, it comes with many amazingly open-source games. With a contemporary, optimized gaming runtime and no setup hassles, you can start playing all of your own Steam* titles for Linux in just a few minutes.

Solus just changed to a rolling release distribution, which means you’ll always get the most recent software and all of the most recent updates. Particularly when combined with the Budgie desktop setting, it looks fantastic. It includes every function a gaming, media playback, browsing, and general OS should have. You may install Steam on your Linux machine using the official Solus integration for Steam. Although it is built on the Linux kernel, it is independent of other distributions like Fedora and Ubuntu.

Solus hardware specifications for games

Even if it’s not the lightest Linux distribution for gaming, it doesn’t need much. Intel and AMD CPUs (64-bit are recommended, while ARM-based processors are incompatible. 2GB RAM is the minimum recommended amount with 10GB+ of storage. A game-ready Intel, NVidia, or ATI GPU requires calls and a more robust machine.

Solus for Linux

A distribution with a desktop focus, Solus Linux was created from nothing. It provides a streamlined and straightforward operating system interface for home computing. Visit the dedicated Linux download page for more information on the other most popular Linux distributions.

It wouldn’t have been a top pick for a Linux gaming system five or six years ago. But 2021 presented an entirely new playing field thanks to the introduction of Steam Proton, proton tracks, and Solus’s recent effort to make its system as game-friendly as possible.

How Can Solus Linux Distribution be Installed?

The installation and testing are regrettably not that simple. It’s simple enough to download the most recent image from the website (keep in mind that only 64-bit versions are offered). Still, it’s more difficult to transfer it on a USB stick. You must install Gnome Multiwriter since UNetbootin and Startup Disk Creator cannot write this.iso. Rufus, however, seems to operate without issue under Windows. Things become much more straightforward after it is loaded into the USB stick. The Ubiquity installer, also used by Ubuntu and Linux Minx, makes installation a breeze. It runs perfectly from the USB stick.

Is Solus Linux compatible with Desktop?

Budgie, the Solus desktop environment, is fantastic. It was initially developed to provide users with a Chrome OS-like experience without requiring them to purchase a Chromebook and to maintain a complete Linux desktop distribution with access to software distribution. It is highly stable yet quick and reasonably light because it extensively uses GNOME software in the background.

Budgie is quick, fluid, attractive, clean, and straightforward. Although it may initially look quite similar to Windows 10, both Windows and Mac users will likely feel at home. Applications can be pinned to the panel, the main menu is accessible via a button, and notifications are displayed on the right.

These alerts are excellent and deserving of particular note. When the user no longer needs them, they can be discarded, similar to those on Android. One may quickly adjust the settings or shift the notification center to the right, left, or bottom while keeping the settings for the top panel hidden. Users will be delighted to have more influence over their Desktop’s overall style and atmosphere. Additionally, the app’s menu is excellent. It is incredibly well-designed, opens when you click the Super key (also known as the “Windows button”), and is quick.

Support for Solus Linux Distribution

It has limited commercial funding because it is a small project. it offers an extensive wiki with documentation, several relatively active forums, a Google+ community, and an IRC channel accessible to its users. While running Solus, the IRC link on their website instantly launches the IRC client.

The responses were prompt and cordial. The majority of issues people encounter should be easily solvable by those who frequent this channel. Users won’t need to frequently access these support channels because the operating system is dependable and straightforward.

It is a strong competitor when picking a Linux distribution for your desktop PC because of its usability, predictability, and accessibility to cutting-edge software. If you consider yourself a tinkerer, Manjaro, which follows similar ideas but is more adaptable, may be your preference.


Solus is integrated into a single contemporary system and offers the desktop environments Budgie, Mate, and GNOME as options. With notification features, it is modern and free, and open-source software. It can be utilized for everything, including browsing, gaming, and everyday home tasks.

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