Why is my AirPod microphone not working? Easy fix in 2023

Airpod microphone not working


Today, gadgets like the AirPods, which have not one but two microphones, are quite helpful. You may save a lot of time by plugging in these gadgets, but if you do so often, it may become impossible to spend even a single day without them, which is often the case when you find your AirPod microphone not working.

The Apple AirPods are a convenient example of a product that helps you save time and effort. The wireless AirPods may record or take calls thanks to their integrated microphone.

The two are synced so that you may use either AirPod to take calls, listen to music, or interact with Siri, Apple’s virtual assistant included in most of the company’s consumer electronics.

But what if they fail to function?

Like any device, they don’t look perfect up close, despite their appearance. They might have a variety of issues that irritate the users. Here, we’ll go through some of the main reasons why AirPods suddenly cease functioning before moving on to what you can do to fix it.

Customers who use Apple’s AirPods often report problems, such as the AirPods Microphone not functioning during conversations.

Recently, several customers have reported issues with the microphone on their Apple AirPods.

For instance, while on a call, a malfunctioning microphone prevents the other party from hearing what is being said.

Microphone for AirPods

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Both of the AirPods’ microphones are functional. The lowest point of the AirPods’ pods houses the microphones.

According to several users, Static has been heard throughout the conversations, and this is a frequent issue with Bluetooth devices. Since the microphones are wireless, interference from other wireless devices might cause them to fail even when there is no actual technical problem.

Issues connecting the AirPods microphone

Why Apple's Air-Pods microphone not working? Causes & Solutions

The AirPods can have connection issues with your smartphone or tablet. There are various things you may attempt to connect to the AirPods if you are experiencing problems with pairing them.

Put them on charge for at least a few seconds before pulling them out again and attempting to use them. This is one method you may try.

Alternatively, you can turn off and then back on your phone’s Bluetooth. Either of these actions often resolves the problem and allows you to connect your AirPods to your phone.

You may attempt a complete reset of your AirPods if this doesn’t help. This should remedy the issue; if it doesn’t, the problem is more severe and may need some diagnostics, in which case you should get them addressed.

The pairing issue also occurs when attempting to connect the pods to your PC. This isn’t a significant issue for newer devices, but it may be for older ones.

The methods listed above may be used to resolve this as well.

If the procedures listed above don’t help, try accessing your computer’s Bluetooth settings, disconnecting, and reconnecting Bluetooth devices.

Siri and other applications cannot hear correctly with AirPods’ microphones.

Some consumers have even reported that just one mic stopped working, and the other was functioning poorly. As a result, they could not utilize Siri or make calls effectively.

Telephone dropouts

Airpods Not Connecting To Pc Properly - Rumaisa Peck

When using their AirPods to answer calls, some customers experience call retry issues. Utilizing a single call-taking pod is a straightforward option that most people find effective.

If this tactic fails, try setting the microphone to just one pod—either the left or right. Go to Settings on your phone to do this.

Go to the AirPods app, choose Bluetooth, then select left or right by clicking the I button on the side.

If the fix mentioned above doesn’t help, you can also go to settings and turn off automated ear detection for the same pod where the microphone is turned off. However, this can result in a quicker battery drain on your phone.

A problem with the microphone’s volume control

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The microphone also sometimes tends to change the speaker’s level automatically.

For instance, it would sometimes set the volume so low that neither the audience in front of the speaker nor the person on the other end of the call could hear what they were saying.

This criticism was made by a public speaker whose ability to effectively communicate with the audience across the table determined their performance and impacted their image.

The battery is rapidly depleting.

Fixing Your Airpods - Why AirPods Not Working? Solutions

Some claim that the pods’ batteries are depleting more quickly than they should. Before they must be recharged, the pods last for two to three hours.

The automated detection mode being off for the pods is most likely to blame if the battery is depleting more quickly than it should be for the pods.

The automated detection may be turned back on to stop this mode from using more power.

What are the main reasons behind all of these problems?

The AirPods feature that automatically selects which microphone to use at any given moment since only one microphone is needed is what causes the volume adjustment problem.

This typically results in a lag, making the loudness low and challenging for the audience to hear the speaker.

Since you now know why it occurs, you can fix this problem, which is a reasonably frequent one. We’ll review some solutions in part below under “How to deal with the difficulties as mentioned above.”

Reasons for the pairing problem

The problem with pairing is mild and mainly arises from sluggish processing or other issues, such as failing to detect Bluetooth signals. This problem is typical for wireless devices, primarily if signal or device interference exists.

By locating the offending device and moving it to a different position to eliminate interference, the pairing problem may be resolved. While turning off the WiFi will assist during calls, most users do not like this method.

How are you going to handle everything described above?

AirPods Pro-noise-canceling not Working After Firmware Update • TechyLoud

Fixing the loudness problem

Simply telling the AirPods which microphone to use, instead of having it choose for itself, will fix the loudness problem.

  • Pulling one of the two mics, either the left or right, will enable you to achieve that. Here’s how:
  • Enter the setup menu and then the Bluetooth tab.
  • Scroll down after clicking the I next to the AirPods section.
  • You may choose the microphone choice down below. Select the left or right AirPods to serve as the microphone by tapping on this option.

Then one of the microphones will no longer function.

Instead of choosing automatically, the AirPods will know which of the two microphones to utilize beforehand.

This fix may also be applied if, as previously noted, taking calls while wearing the pods results in dropped calls.

Hanging the option to only allow one pod to use the microphone is an intelligent solution since using both causes the microphone to malfunction.

Fixing connection problems

The fact that the AirPods won’t connect to the device being used is another problem that most users encounter. The three main approaches to solving this problem are covered below:

Restart Bluetooth after turning it off. Resetting the connection in this way will assist in addressing the issue.

It is useful when you are having trouble connecting your device, using your pods to answer calls, or when there is static when you are on the phone.

Remove the AirPods, charge them for at least 10 seconds, and check whether they function. This often resolves the issue.

Resetting the AirPods to factory settings may help if everything else fails. You can press the case’s rear button for at least 20 seconds. The reset has been successful, as seen by the light on the pods flashing.

If none of those mentioned above solutions works, contact Apple support so they may give you more explicit instructions or visit an Apple shop nearby.

Fixing the Battery problem

When the automated detection option is off, the battery drains more quickly since this uses more energy. The automatic detecting mode may be activated.

Make sure the AirPods are turned on and plugged into your smartphone first. Enter settings and choose Bluetooth. Select the “I” symbol under the AirPods option. From there, activate the ear detection mode.


That’s it! By now, you should know why your Airpod microphone is not working and how to solve it using the steps above.

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