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Why should i use pokemon randomizer in 2023? Expert advice

pokemon randomizer

Many people adore playing Pokemon video games. All Pokemon games, whether they are from the main series or its spin-offs, have a high replay value. Nevertheless, it can be a bit monotonous if you keep on playing Pokemon Black Ten times in a row. You are already aware of what will occur and what to anticipate. That’s why you might want to attempt a Pokemon Randomizer. Undoubtedly, you’re curious as to what a Pokemon Randomizer is.

It is a form of application that you could use to randomize the game, which is the solution to that query. In conclusion, the game’s plot will remain constant, but every other aspect will either vary or become random.

The purpose of utilizing a Randomizer is to increase the replay value of the games because you will no longer know what will happen next. We’ll go into this a little further in a moment.

How does a Pokemon Randomizer work?


If you’re still unclear about what a Pokemon Randomizer is, it does exactly what we said earlier—it randomly generates everything. The plot is one of the characteristics it doesn’t randomly choose. Let’s imagine you’re just playing Pokemon Black; that`s Randomized. The starter Pokemon would be one thing it may alter. Instead of choosing between Snivy, Oshawott, or Tepig, you may be choosing from an Audino, Pidove, or Axew. Since the goal is to make many things uncertain, the starters wouldn’t even make sense.

     The type, move list, stats, and information that a Pokemon can acquire via (Technical Machines) TMs and (Hidden Machines) HMs can all be altered using a randomizer. A Roggenrola, which is typically a Rocky-type with a Ghost and Fire type and the ability to learn Dragon and Flying-type moves, might appear. Moves themselves can also be randomized, incidentally. Consider the case where TM07 in Pokemon Black is Hail, but in randomization, TM07 may be Light Screen/the other effect.

      Since HMs are required to advance in the game, they are not randomly generated. Gym Leaders and trainers are other features that could be made random. The Pokemon roster for the Gym Leaders would change, but the characters will remain the same.

Let’s say Skyla, a Flying-type Pokemon from Pokemon Black has a random assortment of Pokemon with various moves. The enemy trainers could also own various Pokemon with different actions.

     Their class might even alter, such as becoming a Bug Catcher type if a Mountain Hiker coach is forthcoming. At each place, various Pokemon will also spawn. After you’ve taken it all in, you’ll have a better understanding of what a Randomizer can achieve.

How is a Pokemon Randomizer used? Is It Worth It?


Downloading a program that would randomize one`s Pokemon games should be your first step. Sadly, only the main series of video games from 1st Generation with Blue, Green, Red, and Yellow to 5th Generation, including Black 2 and White 2, have programs that enable them to be randomly chosen. Anyway, you can start using the program right away after downloading it.

    There`s going to be a choice that requires you to load the ROM you want randomly selected. Imagine you are loading the Pokemon FireRed ROM. Examples of things you could randomize, assuming you wanted to, are shown in the images[1]  below.

     Once you’ve finished modifying the instructions, look for the option to Generate the ROM. The Read Only Memory (ROM) will be produced after just a few seconds. You can now start utilizing the Randomized ROM with the emulator that you’ve opened. Remember that a newly Randomized ROM you create won’t be identical to the one you previously created, so continue to Randomize to get a more diverse experience.

A Pokemon Randomizer Nuzlocke: What Is It?

You inquired as to what a Pokemon Randomizer was. The only difference is that a Pokemon Randomizer -Nuzlocke follows Nuzlocke rules:

  1. Every Pokemon that is captured needs a name.
  2. A Pokemon that faints “dies” and must either be freed or placed in a “grave” carton where it cannot be used again.
  3. On each route, only the very first pokemon that appears is catchable.

       In essence, you still have the option to randomize everything, but this time you may also change and include the Nuzlocke rules. Just to review a few regulations, one of them is that any Pokemon in your team that faints will be automatically eliminated because they are deemed to be dead. In essence, it is something that will unquestionably follow the Nuzlocke laws to prevent cheating while randomizing everything.

How to use Pokemon Randomizers on a PC

With Pokemon GO having the most financially successful year to date and Pokemon cards rising in value, Pokemon is again in the spotlight. Meanwhile, gamers of the base games are discovering brand-new methods to create engaging content.

●    Get a ROM downloaded and an emulator

A Pokemon ROM and emulator can be found online in many different locations. An emulator is indeed a PC program that functions exactly like a gaming console. Emulators cover everything from portable gaming devices to retro consoles like the original PlayStation and the N64. Players will require an emulator that would accurately replicate the relevant console for the Pokemon game ROM being played. On websites like LoveROMs and EmuParadise, you can find both a ROM and an emulator.

●    Downloading the Universal Pokemon Randomizer

All of the Pokemon generations, from 1-5, may be randomly generated using the Universal Randomizer. You’ll need to download a ZIP file for it. The Universal Randomizer can be used by simply extracting all of the files from the .ZIP file. Instead of using the Universal Randomizer, individuals wishing to randomize past generation 5e will need to use PK3DS and a program called PackHack.

●    Launch the Universal Randomizer and choose the Pokemon ROM

Open the Universal Randomizer program that has been unzipped. When it opens, there will be an “Open ROM” button in the top right corner. Players can choose the precise Pokemon game ROM they want to use from a point on. A window called File Explorer will appear.

     Players must find the  Read Only Memory (ROM) file and then just choose it. This will enable different randomization selections for the game and load the Read Only Memory (ROM) into the Universal Randomizer.

Pokemon (Read Only Memory) ROM Randomization

The Universal Randomizer has a number of tabs up top. These might be anything from simple adjustments to Pokemon attributes. Players can choose to randomize it all and plunge into a hectic Pokemon adventure, or they can choose alternatives for a more streamlined experience.

Once all the values have been carefully input, click the Randomize button. A window for saving will be opened. Choose a save location, give the file a name, and store this randomized Pokemon ROM. Start the emulator, choose the ROM, and then take a new, arbitrary Pokemon adventure.

Universal Pokemon Randomizer

You can play Pokemon games in a different way by using a tool called the Universal Pokemon Randomizer. Similar to previously available randomizers, it gives you the option to randomize a variety of things, giving you a unique gameplay experience:

  • The Pokemon starter options.
  • Pokemon that are wild that you can find in grass, caves, and other locations.
  • Pokemon that Trainers employ to their advantage.
  • The fundamental statistics that determine a Pokemon’s potential.
  • The individual Pokemon’s elemental types.
  • In games where they’re present, each Pokemon’s available abilities.
  • The skills that Pokemon develop as they level up.
  • The information in each TM that a Pokemon can learn to give them more moves (HM moves aren’t altered to ensure you can still win the game)
  • Each Pokemon’s capacity to master any given HM or TM move.
  • The “static” Pokemon are either given to you, encountered in the over world, or sold.
  • The trainers’ names and the classes to which they are assigned.
  • The moves that move tutors teach for games where they are important enough.
  • Naturally, you have complete control over what is randomly generated in your specific ROM. If randomizing elements like Pokemon kinds is just overly confusing or unpleasant for you, you may easily modify the randomness to suit your needs.

Why utilize this randomizer?

  • It`s universal. Read through Black2, and every other major series Pokemon game launched in the US are supported.
  • The very same random game can be readily made over and over again. Competition is a big aspect of Pokemon, and competing with your friends to finish a specific random Pokemon game may be a lot of fun. You may easily ensure that everyone has the same game to play without having to transfer the complete ROM each time by sending a few lines of text or a little file.
  • It is exhaustive. This randomizer has received a fair lot of attention to detail, so annoying elements from the original games are not likely to come through. For instance, a trainer’s randomized Pokemon won’t suddenly start using moves they were programmed to do in the original game; instead, they will adhere to the moves that have been given to them, whether or not they are randomized.
  • It makes some little adjustments to improve your experience. When users randomize their Read Only Memory (ROM), they can opt to make a few small changes that improve the experience in the setting they’re most likely to play the randomized game. These include giving you access to the National PokeDex at the beginning of the game so you may check Pokemon that weren’t supposed to be accessible at the beginning of the actual game and modifying evolutions that require a trade to no longer demand trading (so you could get powerful Pokemon).

How safe is Universal Pokemon Randomizer?

It is very safe to use Universal Pokemon Randomizer. The best default randomizer is thought to be this software. It is perfect for those who wish to make their games random. To avoid getting a virus, just ensure you install it from the legitimate website and nowhere else. If you are unsure, you can clone your ROM beforehand to ensure that you don’t lose it.


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You can utilize pokemon randomizer whenever you wish to play your  Pokemon games in such a fresh way now that you are aware of it. Since it’s free, why not give it a shot? You might end up liking it.

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