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The Xbox One is a well-known gaming console, but like all modern technology, it occasionally experiences issues. It will occasionally not turn on. The Xbox One does not offer as many overt exterior clues to issues as the Xbox 360 and also its Red Ring of Death. 

This means that, particularly if the device won’t switch on and displays an error signal, you must adopt a strategy that eliminates issues in order of likelihood.

Causes of Your Xbox One Inability to Turn On

Xbox One consoles might not be turning on for a variety of reasons. The power supply could be broken or connected incorrectly. The console can be overheated or broken. Or perhaps the controller just needs to be recharged.

The console’s front light may be out of commission. Your HDMI ports or HDMI cable may also be at fault. You could try looking for any problems with those things.

The Xbox One might be too hot. If the problem first appeared a few months ago, it’s probable that the heat harmed the internal parts.

An Xbox One may not switch on for a variety of reasons.

Your adapter or power outlet could be malfunctioning. The problem might be resolved by plugging in and unplugging the cords, switching the outlet, or switching the adapter.

Fortunately, the issue is not the power outlet. A white/orange light on your Xbox One just indicates that it is functioning properly. If not, there may be two other issues to look at. Perhaps you should replace it or give it 20 minutes to cool.

Electrical surges inevitably have an impact on your Xbox. Be at ease, though! Your console won’t shut off thanks to the integrated power surge protection. The console might not receive enough power to begin if you’re using an external electrical surge protector.

Motherboard: The motherboard could be the only issue if the console still overheats despite being troubleshot. Taking the console for repair is the only available option. If the Xbox is susceptible to overheating in a cool atmosphere, humidity on the motherboard may be the culprit.

How to quickly fix an Xbox One that won’t switch on

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Before reaching Microsoft for service or purchasing a new device, try the possible solutions below.

  • Ensure that the Xbox One gamepad (controller) is plugged in. 

Instead of hitting the Xbox button on the gamepad (controller) to switch on the console, hit the power button on the device. Replace the controller’s batteries if it starts up. After that, switch off the console and restart it using the controller. If that doesn’t work, connect the controller to the console using a USB cable and try again. You need to change the controller if any of these solutions don’t work.

  • Verify the power strip. 

Make sure your surge protector or power strip is turned on and working properly if you use one. Some feature fuses that blow during a power surge to safeguard electronics. Try another outlet on the strips and make sure all other plugged-in devices are working properly. Replace any dead outlets on the power strip as soon as possible.

  • Change the wall outlet. 

Check whether the console turns on by moving the power supply and console to a different outlet. If it occurs, an electrical problem is probably the issue Turn off anything that is attached to that circuit & head to the circuit breaker or fuse box if other appliances in your room or house aren’t working. Look for a button that has been turned all the way off. Activate it and wait. If everything else functions as it should, the outlet may be the problem. Speak with a certified electrician.

  • The inner power supply should be reset.

 Wait 10 seconds before unplugging the cords from the power source, wall socket, and gaming console. Push the Xbox button located at the front part of the console after plugging it back in.

  • Verify that the Xbox One is provided with adequate ventilation.

 The console may overheat if it turns off during a gaming period and won’t come on again. Remove anything that might be in the way of the console’s vents and position it so that air can be drawn in freely.

If there is any visible dust, you might wish to use a dry cloth or canned air to clear it out of the vents.

  • Look at the console’s setting options. 

Select Power & Start-Up from the Settings menu after it is open. Instead of totally shutting down the console when you switch it off, the Instant-On functionality puts it into sleep mode. This speeds up the console’s startup, but it might also cause problems. Instead, set it on Energy-Saving. Check the Auto-Shutdown option on the same menu after that. If necessary, turn it off.

Verify the HDMI cord in your Xbox One. 

The HDMI wire (cable) itself may be the problem if you see that your Xbox One has lit up, but there’s nothing shown on the screen.

1. Verify that the HDMI cable is correctly connected to the Xbox One and the television. If nothing happens, try turning the HDMI inputs on the display output.

     Verify that the Xbox One and power outlet are connected to your power cable in the correct manner. 

A picture showing how to properly connect the power cable to the Xbox One on the left and wall outlet on the right.

2. Use a different HDMI cable and check to see if anything appears if the Xbox One is still unable to identify a monitor.

Examine the power source for your Xbox One.

The power supply is frequently the cause of an Xbox One that is unresponsive.

1. Verify that the power cord is firmly put into the console’s rear and that the connector is correctly linked to an Alternate Circuit (AC) wall socket. Verify the HDMI cable’s connection to your TV and gaming system. 

2. If everything is in place there, check the plug itself next, either using a digital multi-meter  or just by plugging in a separate electrical device and checking if it works.

Reset your Xbox One’s power settings.

Once it’s evident that the Xbox One is causing the issue by itself, it’s time to attempt a power reset because the system’s inner power supply can be faulty.

The Xbox One S and X consoles’ external power supply can be reset by following these steps:

1. Disconnect the console’s power line from the back and stall a full 10 seconds to perform a power reset. Hit the Xbox button located on the front part of the console after you have reconnected the wire.

A picture with the HDMI cable connected to the TV on the left and on an Xbox One console on the right.

2. If it powers on, you’re good to go.

Do the following to restart the original Xbox One’s external power supply:

1. Unplug every cord from the power supply, the console, and the wall socket.

2. After waiting 10 seconds, reattach the power source to the wall and then the console to the electricity supply.

Wipe The Vents

There are a number of reasons why you might be experiencing a ding and having problems turning on your console. This is an issue that may occur if you keep your console running for a significant number of hours or if it becomes blocked with dust.

The Xbox includes a built-in thermal safety system that will keep your console from overheating; however, this could also be affected by outside sources like pet hair and dust.

If your console has been running all day, you should shut it off and give it at least 30 minutes to rest so that the internal parts and power brick can cool down. It will bring down the unit’s temperature and avert problems in the future.

If none of the suggestions above work, your console may very well require repairs. Contact Xbox customer care.


The simplest fix is to turn on the machine while holding down the power button; chances are strong that this will fix your problem. There are other actions you can do to reboot the external power brick or the internal system if this doesn’t work.


  • Xbox One controller won`t turn on?

Examine the battery connectors and batteries if your Xbox-One controller won’t power on. Update the Xbox One controller’s firmware if you’re still having issues, and attempt to connect the controller through USB. It’s possible that the cable is damaged or worn out.

  • How can I correct Xbox One controller drift?

Clean,  repair or substitute the thumbstick pad, then change the sensor springs to correct Xbox-One controller drift. The entire analog joystick unit might need to be replaced.

  • Can GameStop repair my Xbox One?

Yes. Send your gaming consoles to GameStop via mail, and they will fix them for a fee.

How much will it take to repair an Xbox One?

Depending on the issue, getting your Xbox properly fixed can cost anywhere from $100 to $250. Consider purchasing a new Xbox One if you are unable to fix it yourself.

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