Excel cannot open file issues on windows 10 and 11? Easy fix

excel cannot open

Have you ever tried to open an excel file, and you see a prompt “excel cannot open”? try these quick methods to unlock and adjust the MS Excel Options. You will quickly be able to view excel files.

Launch Excel in a secure mode

You may launch Excel in safe mode to avoid running specific starting apps. Excel may be launched in safe mode either by starting the software while holding down the Ctrl key or by using the /safe flag (excel.exe /safe) on the command line. The start folder, modified toolbars, alternate starting locations, and Excel add-ins are all ignored when Excel is launched in safe mode. COM add-ins, however, are not included. See How to troubleshoot startup difficulties in Excel if your problem is fixed after starting Excel in safe mode. Start Excel in safe mode, and if the problem still persists, move on to the next thing on this list.

Put in the most recent updates

Windows Update may need to be configured to download and install suggested updates automatically. In many cases, issues may be resolved by changing outdated files and repairing vulnerabilities by installing any significant recommendations and recommended upgrades. Follow the instructions in this article to install the most recent Office updates: Refresh Office and your PC. Continue on to the next step on this list if applying the most recent Office updates does not cure your problem.

Verify that Excel is not being used by another process

The status bar at the bottom of the Excel window will indicate if another activity is currently using Excel. While Excel is in use, other activities you try to make might not be successful. Before taking on new activities, let the current task finish what it is doing.

Examine any probable add-in problems

Although they might improve your experience, add-ins can cause Excel to malfunction or become incompatible. To determine whether the issue resolves itself, attempt to launch Excel without any add-ins.

1. Follow the steps below:

If you’re using Windows 10, go to Start > All Apps > Windows System > Run, enter “Excel /safe” in the Run box, and then click OK.

If you’re using Windows 8, go to the Apps menu, choose Run, put Excel/safe in the Run box, and then click OK.

If you are using Windows 7, select Start, then click Search programs and files. Type Excel /safe, and then click OK.

2. In case the problem has been fixed, select File> Options > Add-ins.

3. Click Go after selecting COM Add-ins.

4. Remove every check mark from the list, then click OK.

5. Exit Excel and reopen it.

If the problem persists after restarting Excel, begin turning on each add-in one at a time until it does. This will enable you to identify the add-in that causes the problem. Each time you activate an add-in for Excel, be sure to restart it.

Examine the contents and details of the Excel file

Excel files may stay active for a very long period on a computer. They routinely move from one user to another user and are upgraded from version to version. A user frequently inherits an Excel file without knowing what is contained in the File. The following things may result in crashes or poor performance:

  • Formulas that make use of whole columns.
  • Formulas for arrays with an unequal distribution of arguments’ items.
  • Several hundred, or probably thousands, of objects of 0 height and breadth.
  • Excessive style usage is brought on by repeated copying and pasting inside the same worksheet.

A lot of incorrectly specified names

If none of these actions helps to address your problem, go on to the next suggestion on the list.

Verify that a third party did not produce your File.

Occasionally, a third-party program creates Excel files. If you open the files in Excel, some features might not function effectively, and the files might not have been produced correctly. Test the features in fresh files that aren’t being used with a third-party program if this happens. Make sure the third party is informed of the problem if the features function as intended.

You should go on to the next item on the list if your problem is still present after you test it outside the third-party program. To find out whether an application, process, or service is incompatible with Excel, do a selective startup.

Several programs and services launch automatically when Windows starts and continue to operate in the background. These programs and services might conflict with other programs on your computer. You can find issues with incompatible apps by carrying out a selective startup, commonly referred to as a “clean boot.” Depending on your version of Windows, choose one of the links below, then adhere to the instructions in the article to execute a selective startup:

For Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, and so on, utilize System Configuration, execute Selective Startup. Run Selective Startup on Windows Vista by utilizing System Configuration to locate the problematic procedure, service, or program that interferes with Excel, a selective startup is employed.

Re-creating the profile may not fix your problem, so move on to the next thing on the list. Your Office programs need repair. Excel responding slowly, hanging up, or freezing may all be fixed by fixing your Office applications, which will also immediately fix any mistakes in your Office files.

Make sure your antivirus software is current

Vendors of antivirus software occasionally provide updates that you may download from the Internet in order to stay on top of newly generated infections. Visit the website of the maker of your antivirus program to download the most recent updates. Visit Consumer security software companies for a list of antivirus suppliers.

Check to see whether Excel cannot open with your anti virus in use

If your antivirus program integrates with Excel, you can have performance problems. You can, in this instance, turn off all Excel integration in the antivirus program. Alternately, you may uninstall any installed Excel add-ins for antivirus software.

To find out how to configure your program to prevent any interaction with Excel or to prevent scanning in Excel, you may need to contact the seller of your antivirus software.

Comprehensive troubleshooting

If you tried the procedures described before and they didn’t work, your problem can be file-specific or environmental. The section that follows explains how to fix additional problems that might cause Excel to hang or crash.

External variables

When diagnosing crashes, environmental elements are equally as crucial as file contents and add-ins. By doing the following, you can assist in identifying the root of your problem:

Comply with fundamental troubleshooting procedures

Test your files in a spotless environment. The sections that follow provide descriptions of several worthwhile research fields.

Moving Files

Moving the File locally will enable you to ascertain if the problem is with the File itself or the location where it was stored. When you save an Excel file over a network or to a web server, a number of problems could occur. Saving the File locally is a wise move. The following situations call for doing this:

• Moved the “My Documents” folder to the server

• Accessing documents from SharePoint or Web folders

• Citrix/R/emote Desktop

• Networking devices

• A virtualized setting. See the following article: Support policy for Microsoft software operating in non-Microsoft hardware virtualization software for further details regarding Microsoft software that is running in a virtualized environment.


When you start adding a lot of formatting and shapes, Excel files may get rather huge. To execute the application, confirm that your machine has enough RAM.

Computer specifications for Excel 2007

Native 64-bit versions of Office programs were included with Office 2010 to benefit from more powerful processor power.

Getting to know 64-bit Office drivers for video and printers

Excel checks the default printer and video drivers used to show your Excel wsorkbooks when you launch it. Excel is a printer-intensive program. Thus when Excel files are saved in Page Break Preview mode, Excel will operate more slowly. To find out if a particular printer or video driver is the issue, test a file using many different printers, such as the Microsoft XPS Document Writer printer driver or the VGA visual driver.

After attempting the suggested techniques for fixing the problem, if Excel is still crashing or hanging, you should contact Microsoft Support for assisted troubleshooting.

Unblock the File

In the document properties, you may unblock the excel file.

  • Right-click the corrupt Excel document.
  • Next, select “Properties.”
  • You must first select the “General” option
  • Next, select “Unblock” from the menu
  • Next, choose “Apply” before selecting “OK.” The modifications will be kept.
  • Try opening the spreadsheet file on your computer once again.
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  • Modify Excel’s advanced options
  • Open Excel first
  • Select Options
  • From the menu on the left, select Advanced.
  • Next, deactivate the checkbox next to the phrase “Ignore other programs that employ Dynamic Data Exchange” (DDE)
  • Select OK.
  • Close Excel and try once more.

Open Excel in safe mode

 Press the Windows key and the R key on your keyboard simultaneously to launch the Run command box.

Type excel /safe there now, then click OK.

In safe mode, Excel will now open.

Disable the protected view settings in Excel.

You can fix this problem on your computer by disabling the protected view settings in Excel’s options.

1. To begin, click the Search button and enter “excel.”

2. To launch Microsoft Excel on your PC, click “Excel” again in the enhanced search results.

3. Click “File” in the navigation bar when the Excel window appears.

4. Next, select “Options” by selecting from the menu’s left side.

5. To access the Trust Center Settings, choose “Trust Center” in the Excel Options box.

6. To change it, select “Trust Center Settings…” now.

7. Next, select “Protected View” from the left-hand menu.

9. Next, deselect the checkbox next to “Enable Protected View for files originating from the Internet.”

10. Next, choose “OK.”

11. Click “OK” to save the changes after returning to the Excel Options box.

12. Close the Excel window now.

Open the document that was giving you difficulties. You can now open Excel without any incident. Your issue will be fixed.


Using one method might not fix Excel on windows 10 and 11. Use any f the methods mentioned in this article. If a process does not work, you can try another. Check to ensure that your antivirus program is current and doesn’t interfere with Excel. Excel may malfunction if your antivirus software is not present.

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