Flexispy vs mSpy Which is Better? Ultimate guide in 2023

flexispy vs mspy


Either software will do the trick if you need to perform essential monitoring, make video calls, keep an eye on the surroundings, or take complete command of the device in question. MSPy is simpler to use when you compare FlexiSPY vs mSpy which includes more advanced features. While MSPy can monitor WhatsApp and social media conversations, FlexiSPY may block access to select social networks and instant messaging applications. The internet is a remarkable achievement in human history, enabling us to do tasks that would have seemed impossible even a century ago.

While technology has undoubtedly improved our lives in many ways, it has also made it much simpler for people of all ages to fall into various forms of predatory online content, particularly young people.

It is our responsibility as parents, guardians, and concerned citizens to keep children safe from the perils of the internet and other forms of modern technology at all times.

In cases like these, monitoring programs may be a lifesaver. A spy app enables close observation and, in some cases, even command of the target device.

FlexiSPY looks to be the apparent victor here, with all of its capabilities and established experience in the spyware business. However, mSpy also has a lot to offer.

In this comprehensive mSpy vs FlexiSPY comparison, we’ll examine these two industry-leading spy applications in depth to help you decide which one to test.

Comparison of mSpy vs FlexiSPY

Both mSpy and FlexiSPY are well-known monitoring and surveillance software brands.

While many spy apps are available, these two stand out for some reasons, including their superior functionality and widespread device and operating system support.

Is mSpy better than FlexiSPY if they’re both decent monitoring apps? In this part, we’ll examine the many virtues of both applications and explain why you should download them.


mSpy home page

mSpy claims to have spoken with industry professionals to include their advice on how parents may best protect their children using surveillance software in the mSpy app, emphasizing the tool’s parent-friendliness.

Compared to other espionage apps, mSpy always comes out on top, making it one of the best of its kind.

With this program, you can easily monitor your children’s web browsing, email, IM, and SMS communications. Worried parents who could be more tech-savvy will still be able to use the dashboard with ease thanks to its intuitive design.

Here’s how to stop your kids’ devices from going to inappropriate websites.

If you don’t have kids but still want to keep tabs on the phone, mSpy features excellent bare-bones surveillance solutions that will give you all you need to know. With mSpy, you can track someone’s movement, take remote control of their device, and even administer the programs they use in addition to monitoring their internet activities.

It’s compatible with Android and iOS, two of the most popular mobile operating systems, and has helpful round-the-clock customer support. Finally, it has reasonable pricing and subscription options that are great for anybody concerned about safety in the long run

For those on a tight budget who nevertheless want to keep an eye on critical information, mSpy is the best option.

  • Advantages: Compatible with the vast majority of Android and iOS devices
  • keeps an eye on the things you do on your phone, such as texting, calling, and checking your email
  • keeps tabs on almost everything about your internet behaviour, including which sites you visit and which applications you utilize.
  • Provides a variety of pricing tiers to suit your needs
  • Tiers above base have fair pricing concerning the features they provide.
  • Consistently solid support for customers


  • Has fewer options available at the entry-level
  • The price of the basic plan is high considering its lack of features.
  • Costs are associated with providing more than the basic level of service to customers.
  • No more than three gadgets


Flexispy home page

One of the first players, FlexiSPY, claims to have developed mobile surveillance software in 2006. This firm is still heads and shoulders above the competition in the mobile monitoring industry today because of its cutting-edge innovations, unwavering dependability, and superior quality.

FlexiSPY is a powerful tool with a wide range of valuable functions. In addition to the standard monitoring functions, it is also capable of recording audio and video communications and its surroundings. You can use your phone to handle some heavy lifting, but advanced functionality may need root access.

In addition, unlike other spy apps, it can block a wide variety of the most popular social media and IM programs.

If you utilize FlexiSpy, you won’t have to stress about whether your devices will work with it. It works on Mac OS X, Windows, and mobile platforms like Android and iOS, and it’s compatible with BlackBerry and Symbian, two of the more obscure operating systems.

The organization offers competitive pricing that decreases with the length of your membership and helpful customer support.

You should use FlexiSpy if you’re ready to invest a bit extra on a more powerful means of monitoring and managing the target device.

  • Pros:
  • Recordings of voice and video conversations are included in the basic plan, which already exceeds most users’ needs.
  • Compatible with the vast majority of messaging and social networking platforms
  • Tiers vary per supported operating system.
  • Adaptable to a wide range of OS systems
  • 24/7/365 service you can count on


  • Root privileges are needed for modifying some features.
  • The initial cost is high in comparison to similar applications.

Compare and Contrast: mSpy vs FlexiSPY

Here, I’ll contrast the capabilities of mSpy with FlexiSPY. That way, you can prioritize your needs and choose the best software.


mSpy Subscription Plans

Both applications provide low prices.

One month of mSpy’s basic plan costs $29.99. To keep the service active for a whole year, you must pay $359.88 throughout 12 monthly payments.

It has all the features you’d expect from a spy tool, such as GPS tracking, surveillance of photographs and videos, emails, instant messaging apps, text messages, and online browsing history, as well as a list of installed programs, notifications when they’re uninstalled, and 24/7 customer service.

A monthly membership to the premium package costs $69.99, while a yearly subscription costs $199.99, or $16.66 per month. Premium users get extra perks like social media monitoring, app use controls, and geofencing for their money.

The cost of FlexiSPY, on the other hand, is device-specific. The Lite tier is the entry-level mobile service, costing $29.95 per month for a single month’s membership. Therefore, the annual fee for using FlexiSPY Lite is around $359.40.

However, unlike mSpy, it provides a far more comprehensive set of functions right off the beginning, including geofencing features, a browser and application activity logger, a visibility option, and the ability to spy on SMS, MMS, call logs and address book entries. However, I’d stick with the Lite plan if you’re interested in short-term monitoring.

FlexiSPY Extreme, the top plan, costs $199 for three months (or $66.33 per month) to subscribe to. The yearly plan costs $349 and is even more cost-effective than the Lite plan.

The Extreme version is gigantic if the Lite version has a lengthy list of features. It can record and even intercept phone conversations and texts, as well as other functions such as keylogging, remote camera control, email control, and more.

In conclusion, FlexiSPY’s packages may have many helpful features, but at a hefty price. However, mSpy provides a more reasonable and well-rounded service for a lower price.

I’ve concluded that the mSpy bundle and price is preferable since most individuals won’t utilize all the functions FlexiSPY has to offer, mainly if they’re dipping their toes into the world of spy software.

The Scope of Compatibility

mSpy Compatibility

If the device you want to monitor is not supported by the monitoring app you purchase, there is no justification in investing in the app. Before committing to a pricey subscription, be sure the app works with your preferred devices.

Only iOS and Android devices are supported, although the dashboard may be accessed from a computer’s web browser for remote monitoring. Although its reach is restricted, its simplicity of setup, exceptionally if you choose the no-jailbreak route, helps make up for it.

FlexiSpy compatiblity

Whereas FlexiSPY works with the most recent versions of Android and iOS, it is also compatible with Windows and Mac, as well as Nokia-Symbian and Blackberry mobile devices.

FlexiSPY has more device and operating system compatibility than mSpy. So, choose FlexiSPY if portability between platforms is essential for you.

Hidden Characteristics

A successful monitoring app must operate invisibly on the target device. Owners aware of surveillance are more likely to knowingly change or fabricate data, and a spy app’s ability to remain undetected is crucial to its success.

After mSpy has been installed on the monitored device, the leading app will not appear in the drawer. It also effectively conceals evidence of the app’s activity so the phone gives the impression of normal functioning. This is also true for FlexiSPY.

The existence of any espionage program on an Android device may be detected, though, if you know what to look for.

To enable the Android security features, go to Settings > Security. There, you’ll either discover Device Admin Apps or Device Administrators, depending on the make and model of your phone. Finally, try to track down a program named “Update Service.” However, there is no simple method for iOS users to determine whether or not their phones have been compromised by surveillance software.

Both spy applications win in this area since they remain undetected in everyday use and don’t interfere with the functioning of the target phone.

Able to Keep Tabs on Things and Follow Progress

The most apparent reason why anybody would want to subscribe to a spy tool like mSpy or FlexiSPY is so that they can log in and follow the target device.

For $29.99/month or $99.99/year, mSpy’s Basic plan allows you to keep tabs on a target device’s camera roll, video chats, text messages, phone logs, calendar, and notes, as well as its app installation history, bookmarks, and visited websites. The GPS on the target device may also be used to monitor its whereabouts.

However, FlexiSPY’s Lite membership tier is just $29.95 per month or $359.40 per year, and it comes with many tracking and monitoring options.

You can keep tabs on the target’s call records, text messages, multimedia message service (MMS) content, web history and bookmarks, social media use, and even their media assets, including photographs, movies, and music, with FlexiSPY Lite. There are some status warnings, remote instructions, and a keylogging feature.

FlexiSPY is the most incredible monitoring and tracking solution because of its comprehensive functions.

Other Functions

Additional capabilities make both mSpy and FlexiSPY more valuable to any worried parent.

Flexispy dashboard

Network monitoring allows the user to see which wireless networks the target device is connected to, a feature shared by both programs. Knowing the location of your kid’s point of connection can help you evaluate the safety of the network your child is using.

Users of either app may enable notifications for specific search terms. As a result, the app will notify you whenever the selected phrases are used in any of your phone’s functions—text messages, instant messages, emails, or multimedia messaging services (MMS)—that you’ve enabled.

Another great feature shared by mSpy and FlexiSPY is a keylogging function that reveals any text inputted into the target device.

Comparison of mSpy versus FlexiSPY’s Most Notable Functions

mSpy’s application control tools allow you to keep tabs on what’s on the target device, installed and removed, and even prevent particular programs from being accessed. It’s a helpful resource for parents who want to prevent their kids from accessing inappropriate or potentially dangerous applications.

With mSpy, you may get notifications if the target device’s owner does suspicious actions, such as removing or replacing the SIM card. The executive dashboard may access the phone’s alert settings and other administrative functions.

You can safeguard your children from predators, bullies, and unknown numbers by using remote blocking tools, which let you remotely ban phone numbers, websites, and apps that you feel are damaging to your charge.

With mSpy’s remote wipe capability, you may delete all data from the target phone without touching it. This is helpful if you lose or have your target device stolen and don’t want your private information leaked.

Preview window: Still hesitating about signing up for mSpy? If you’re still not convinced that mSpy is trustworthy, or if you want to get a feel for the software, you may do so with the help of mSpy’s risk-free demo screen function.

FlexiSPY’s recording capabilities are what set it apart from other spy apps. Not only can you record phone, video, and FaceTime chats, but you also capture pictures using the target device’s camera and record the surrounding area. In FlexiSPY, you have complete control over the recording process.

A hidden camera with a flexispy recording function

Intercepting a live call means you may listen in and evaluate the data while the call is in progress rather than wait until it has concluded. This provides real-time confirmation of wrongdoing as it occurs.

While mSpy’s remote operation includes features like data deletion and app blocking, FlexiSPY takes this capability to a new level by enabling users to remotely alter, uninstall, deactivate, and update the FlexiSPY program itself. A device restart is also possible at any moment.

FlexiSPY users may now provide remote app instructions from their desktop computers. mSpy can only be used to monitor a target phone remotely.


There is no denying that mSpy and FlexiSPY are excellent options for subscribers. Selecting a specific software to meet your requirements is possible, and as a matter of fact, both are fantastic.

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