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The Galaxy Buds, like any truly wireless earbuds, are very small and, as a result, are easily lost or forgotten. If you are reading this, you have likely experienced some loss.

Multiple companion apps, incompatibility across models, and the Buds’ present state (whether they’re connected) all add complexity that might make it tough to locate your missing Galaxy Buds.

Have you come here for information on where you may locate your Samsung earbuds? If you’ve lost your Samsung Galaxy Buds, Buds+, Buds Pro, Buds Live, or Buds 2, we have some suggestions to help you find them. We’ve added safeguards you may use to keep your Buds from going missing again. It’s time to get down to business, so let’s not waste more time.

Track Down My Samsung Earbuds

Galaxy Earbuds

If you use the Galaxy Wearable and SmartThings applications, your Galaxy Buds will always stay in sync with your phone, so you can stop worrying about losing them. You won’t even have to tell Bixby, “Find my earbuds, Samsung!”

The Galaxy Wearable app’s Find My Earphones function may be used to locate your missing Galaxy Buds wireless earbuds like Apple’s Find My app.

It is the main purpose of the SmartThings Find an app to facilitate the management and organization of your smart home’s many components. SmartThings Find is an upgraded version of the Galaxy Wearable’s “Find My Earbuds” feature that can locate any device compatible with SmartThings.

The Galaxy Wearable app must be used to pair the headphones with your mobile device before you can use this function. The Galaxy Buds also need to be in Bluetooth range for the search to be effective. It’s impossible to utilize this setting if you misplace them while they’re still in the case.

Users of iOS devices should be informed that this feature is only compatible with the Galaxy Buds+, Galaxy Buds2, and Galaxy Buds Live when paired with an iPhone 7 or later running iOS 10 or higher through the Galaxy Buds app.

Guide to Tracking Down Galaxy Buds and Buds+ Launch the Galaxy Wearable app after your smartphone is connected.

Samsung Galaxy Wearable App
  • Now go to My Devices > Find My Earbuds
Samsung Galaxy Find My Earbuds
  • Locate My Samsung Galaxy Headphones
  • If you press the search button and wait for around three minutes, your headphones start making a series of loud beeps.
Samsung Galaxy Find My Earbuds Search
  • The Galaxy, by Samsung, Seek Out My Headphones Search
Samsung Galaxy Find My Earbuds Stop Search
  • The Samsung Galaxy’s “Lost Earbuds” app Search
  • When you’ve found the buds you were looking for, use the “Stop” button to end the hunt.
  • To Locate My Samsung Galaxy Headphones Discourage Further Investigation
  • The Samsung Galaxy’s “Lost Earbuds” app The Search Is Over

Where to locate the Galaxy Buds, Galaxy Buds 2, and the Buds Pro Live Launch the Galaxy Wearable app after your smartphone is connected.

  • Choose “Find My Earbuds” to access the SmartThings Find menu.
  • The last known position of your headphones will be shown.
  • Ring the earphones to generate a beeping sound, making them simpler to find if you’ve misplaced them.
  • The Navigate button may get turn-by-turn directions to your headphones through GPS.

Infrared (IR) technology and the “Find My Earbuds” feature are used to track down misplaced Galaxy Buds. If dirt or other debris is around the buds, the IR sensor may not pick them up. Possible repercussions include interference with the Buds’ auto-mute and buzzer functions.

Not Linked, But Looking for Your Galaxy Buds

Let’s examine why your lost Galaxy Buds could not beep or make any noise.

There are some reasons why Find My Earbuds may not assist you in finding your misplaced Galaxy Buds.

Either the Bluetooth connection between your phone and the headphones is broken or the earphones are too far away to be utilized.

The Galaxy Buds’ infrared sensor may have been obstructed by dust, lint, or another foreign object.

The battery in your headphones has died, so they won’t beep.

The earbuds can tell when they are really being used.

The earphones’ touch controls have streaks on them. A touch-sensitive sensor may malfunction if it is soiled or contaminated with foreign materials like ear wax or fabric.

The Buds’ location-based beep will only sound if they’re close to your phone. What does it mean, exactly? Will you stop trying to find them? No. Even if you disconnect your smartphone, the Buds will remember their last known location and the time they were last updated.

Your lost Galaxy Buds may be located by following these simple steps:

Finding Disconnected Galaxy Buds with SmartThings

Start up the Galaxy Wearable app on your mobile device.

If you click Find My Earbuds, the SmartThings Find app will launch and provide the most recent location of your headphones.

If you click the button labelled “Navigate,” Google Maps will take you to where your Buds were, when they were updated, and when they were last used.

Once you’ve arrived, use the menu item Search Nearby to find nearby establishments. This will begin searching for the Buds, and the app will alert you when they are found. The odds of discovering them increase as you roam the area.

Remember that there is no guarantee that the final location will lead you directly to your misplaced Galaxy Buds. As an additional feature, it may help you locate the headphones. If your buds were stolen from the last known location, you may go there and discover nothing.

Tips for Tracking Down Your Misplaced Galaxy Buds Case

When paired with a Samsung or other compatible smartphone, a lost set of Galaxy Buds may be identified, but the Galaxy Buds Case cannot.

If you lose your Galaxy Buds Charging Case, you will need to buy a new pair of Galaxy Buds since Samsung does not sell replacement cases separately. You may check out our comparison of the Jabra Elite 75T and the Jabra Elite 85T if you want to save money on something other than a new pair of Galaxy Buds.

If you need to find your Galaxy Earbuds, here is what to do.

So, you’ve scoured the house, the car, the office, and the bathroom for your missing headphones, but you need help to get through. If one of your original Galaxy Buds ever broke, Samsung’s customer service team or a nearby Service Center might help you get a new pair. However, this is no longer the case with the release of the Galaxy Buds Pro, Galaxy Buds+, and Galaxy Buds Live.

If you misplace one of your earbuds, you’ll need to contact Samsung Support and purchase a new set. You’ll have to foot the bill if you lose one of the earbuds since the warranty won’t cover the replacement cost. You’ll be out an additional $170 for three earbuds and two storage cases.

In certain countries, including Australia, you may call Samsung’s customer service staff, describe the incident, and ask for a new charging case, new earphones, or a replacement. The price will vary depending on the brand, model, and parts you want to upgrade or replace. When it comes to customers in the United States, however, if one earbud (or its charging case) is broken, they’ll have to purchase a new set.

What to Do If You Misplace Your Galaxy Buds

Remembering where you last used your Galaxy Buds might help you track them quickly. To do this, activate the Notify When Left Behind feature.

These upgrades make it less likely that you may lose your Buds. If you misplace your Buds, you will be informed instantly and be able to track them down easily.

Enable the “Warn Me If I Get Left Behind” Function

Samgsung Galaxy Buds Notify When Left Behind

We suggest activating the alarm feature if your headphones are left behind. The Galaxy Buds include a “Notify When Left Behind” feature that sends a notification to your phone if you forget to bring them along. So, if you lose or forget them, you will receive an immediate alert.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds will sound an alarm if they are forgotten.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Sound an Alarm If Discarded. Feature

To activate and configure this function, please read on.

Launch the SmartThings app and go to Devices > Galaxy Buds > Find device.

To set up app notifications for when a device is lost or forgotten, go to the “Find Device.” menu and press “Notify When Left Behind.”

You may designate a certain area as a “safe” zone and be notified if you are left behind by setting up the “Notify when left behind” function and tapping the “Add Safe Place” button.

When you put your Buds somewhere safe, like your home or office, they won’t annoy you or anybody else.

The FAQs

We hope the above information answers any queries about utilizing the Find My Earbuds function on your Samsung headphones. Let’s go on to some more questions on the subject now.

If I put my earphones in the case, can I locate them?

The case must be opened or the earbuds removed to use the Find My Earbuds function to find your Galaxy Buds. The app will show you their last known location if you misplace your earphones while their case is closed.

Exactly why am I unable to utilize the Find My headphones feature?

The infrared (IR) sensor inside the earbuds is what the “Find My Earbuds” function utilizes to track down your missing headphones. If the signal is disrupted by nearby sounds, the sensor becomes clogged with dirt or ear wax, or the battery dies, the connection may be lost, and the buzzer may become inaudible.

Is there a program to locate misplaced headphones?

You may utilize the “Find My Earbuds” or SmartThings function inside the Galaxy Wearable app to track down your misplaced headphones.


Unfortunately, the Galaxy Buds’ absence of a cord makes them simple to lose. If misplaced Galaxy Buds could be located using ingenious methods and features, it would be a significant relief for everyone who has ever experienced this dreadful situation.

Samsung’s Find My Earbuds and SmartThings are two of the most valuable tools available to anybody who has lost or misplaced their Buds, regardless of whether they use iOS or Android.

The app will notify you that your headphones are disconnected if they are more than 32 feet away from your smartphone. This feature cannot be used to locate a lost charging case.

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