How to find out an unknown number caller id in 2023

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It is difficult to recall when we used to answer the phone whenever it rang without knowing who was on the other end. Many of us don’t take personal calls from unknown numbers since we are so used to knowing who is calling. When calls potentially are business leads, it can be more challenging to let them go to voicemail. Still, it is not worth wasting your time if the caller is probably trying to convince you to buy an extended car warranty.

 It is tempting to disregard “No Caller ID” when a call comes in from a blocked, masked, or unknown number and the message appears on the screen. What if you require the caller’s identity? If you often get phone calls from people you don’t know, you’re undoubtedly annoyed by the situation and seeking solutions. Due to your ignorance, you are unable to block that number. Now, what can you do about it? You can learn how to identify an anonymous caller with the help of this article.

Is there a way to prevent an unknown caller number?

First of all, how are they able to conceal their phone numbers?

Since this system uses No Caller ID, anybody may avoid being identified by their phone number. You may be labeled an Unknown Caller if you use this method to contact someone. As simple as entering a few numbers, it is.

To make a call, start with *67 and then dial the number. Caller ID will be disabled immediately after you do this. Here is the format of the phone number you would dial: *67-555-555-0000.

The “No Caller ID” option is often intended to avoid being followed. However, it has been known to be abused for illicit purposes like harassment. That’s why it’s essential to find out how to decode a masked phone number.

What are the Best Ways to find out an Unknown Caller number?

You may identify and block the number to stop getting calls from an unknown number. Here are a few ways you may try to place an unrecognized phone caller’s identity.

  • The first step is to contact your phone service provider

Phone companies often provide their consumers with an Anonymous Caller ID service since they can access call history information. You might activate the *57 services via certain carriers and secretly decipher a hidden telephone number, along with some information.

Sadly, not all service providers provide this feature, and the ones that do often charge a price whenever it is activated. Check with your phone company to see if dialing *57 can help you identify an unknown caller. However, immediately after the anonymous call, you must dial the star code.

  • Make use of TrapCall

We have found TrapCall to be one of the most dependable systems for unmasking and blocking anonymous callers. For example, using the TrapCall app, you can do the following:

  • You may now quickly reveal anyone’s phone number.

If you have No Caller ID enabled, you can use this feature to display the caller’s identity (name, address, and picture).

  • Your number will be disconnected or out of service if a blocked number call again.
  • To stop unwanted calls, you need to install an automated blocker.
  • Record all of your incoming calls.

To begin using TrapCall, register for an account on the service’s main website. When you’re ready, activate the plan on your mobile device. The whole thing is simple and takes just around 5 minutes. If you’ve activated TrapCall, you’ll need to ignore calls with no Caller ID. After the call is sent to TrapCall, the number is unmasked, and a notice containing the number and other details is sent to you.

Android and iOS mobile phones are both compatible with TrapCall. This service is unfortunately only accessible inside the United States of America. You may try out TrapCall without spending any money. Registering here will allow you to try it out.

How can I stop receiving calls from an unknown caller?

Manufacturers of mobile devices have made it easy to disable calls from unknown numbers. It would help if you kept in mind that many con artists attempt to use a new number each time.

  • The first step is to access the preferences menu.
  • Select “Phone” from the drop-down menu.
  • Turn on the switch for “Silence Calls from Strange Numbers.”

How can I Block Specific Numbers on my iPhone?

unknown number

Apple iPhone owners may block calls by following these instructions:

  • Open the Recent Calls on your iPhone and navigate to the number you’d want to ban.
  • Second, choose the number by tapping the I with a circle that appears to the figure’s right.
  • After you’ve gotten to the bottom of the page, choose Block Caller.
  • Then, after entering a password, if prompted, select Block Contact to confirm your decision.

Once this occurs, the caller will hear a message indicating that you’re not taking calls or anything of that type.

How can I restrict Certain Phone Numbers on Android?

Although Android instructions might vary by device type and software version, most phones should follow similar steps.

  • The first step is to open the phone’s dialer
  • Select the number from the “Recents” section of your call history and tap it.
  • Select the encircled “I.”
  • Select the Block option at the bottom of the screen.
  • Click the Confirm button.

The blocked number owner has no idea you’ve taken this action. They’ll get an automated message that sounds like a phone accidentally switched off.

How can I stop receiving Annoying Calls on Android?

To use your Android’s phone features, you should:

  • Go to call settings on your device (if available)
  • Select the ellipsis (three vertical dots) to access the app’s submenu on the right.
  • The following action is to visit the preferences.
  • Hit the Block Numbers button.
  • Put the “Block Unknown Callers” switch in the “On” position.

Once you discover an unknown caller’s number, you may quickly block them by utilizing your Smartphone’s functions.

Can I find out an unknown caller number using Call Return and Call Trace?

The traditional method of learning who called you and you need to know their identity is to use call return and get in touch with them again. You only need to dial * followed by 69 to access this service, supported by various landlines, VoIP providers, and mobile phones. This brings up the most recent call, enabling you to talk to the caller and, if the number was previously hidden, view it on your phone.


Providers, sadly, are unable to identify an anonymous caller. Otherwise, the privacy of the user and their actual callers might be compromised. You won’t be able to receive this information from a carrier, whether you have a mobile phone or a landline, since neither service monitors who is calling and who isn’t.

The vast majority of phone calls you get are harmless. Only an annoyance, but you should still exercise caution when answering calls from someone you have never spoken to. Naturally, you shouldn’t pick up these calls. Scammers are to blame for this predicament. If the number you don’t recognize is international, your phone company may charge you a lot to answer the call. In addition, if the caller is legitimate and has vital information, they will leave a voicemail.

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