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Ultimate guide to Find the Owner of a Gmail Account in 2023

owner of a gmail account

You’ve come to the right place if you have an Gmail in your Gmail inbox from someone you’ve never spoken to before and would like to find out who sent it. This guide will show you how to identify the person behind a Gmail account quickly.

Estimate as Best You Can To Crack The Owner of a Gmail account

Many users use their names or social media handles when setting up their Gmail accounts. Before you continue, look at that specific Gmail to see if you can get any information from it. Using a reputable Gmail lookup service is your best option. An Gmail lookup is the best option if the Gmail address appears to have been formed randomly and the owner cannot be determined from it.

Utilize BeenVerified to reveal the owner of a Gmail account

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The quickest and safest way to use Gmail to obtain specific information about someone is to use Gmail lookup tools. A reverse lookup service like BeenVerified requires the Gmail address to be entered before clicking Search Now.

When accessible, BeenVerified will assemble all the data associated with that specific Gmail address into a single report. The data may include the Gmail sender’s full name, age, and present address in its entirety, court records, and more.

Utilize Social Catfish to lookup Gmail addresses

Another robust people search tool is Social Catfish, which has one of the largest databases of background data, dating site profiles, and public records. It enables you to look up someone’s profile on several social networking and dating websites, confirm their identification, and read extensive background information with just a Gmail. If you use Social Catfish to check the Gmail, it cannot show you the owner’s name. Social Catfish can also show you potential pictures, contact information, employment history, social network profiles, and more!

Use Spokeo to determine the owner of a Gmail account

Spokeo is another effective and quick method for finding people. Spokeo provides a simple way to privately look up information about anyone by compiling all the data from public sources and storing it in one database.

You may find out who uses a specific Gmail address by visiting Spokeo, typing the desired Gmail address into the search box, and then clicking SEARCH NOW. If Spokeo discovers any details connected to the Gmail address, it will gather them all in a single report.

Use PeopleFinders to look up Gmail addresses

PeopleFinder offers one of the largest and most complete public records databases, and it is a prominent data distributor as a service.

In contrast to most reverse lookup programs, PeopleFinder provides you with a few search results details for free, like the person’s age, family members, and the first few digits of their phone number. You must pay for the membership or the trial if you want to access the entire background report. Enter the Gmail address in the search area on the PeopleFinders Gmail lookup page, and then click the Search button.

Search Reverse Gmail

Discover the owner’s name, age, and profiles on 55+ social networks.

The initial Gmail lookup is free to determine if the website contains the sender’s information. Still, a complete background check on the person will cost money.

Google the Gmail address

owner of a gmail account

Google can also be used to find persons online using reverse Search. Type in the Gmail and click Search to see if Google finds anything that matches. Remember to enclose the address in quotation marks when doing this, for example, “” By doing this, you can eliminate ambiguous search results and get websites with exact Gmail addresses. Using this method, you might get the person’s name or social media profile page. Still, if you’d rather have a thorough report on them, you might need a reliable person’s search engine like BeenVerified.

Examine social media for the Gmail address.

Many individuals use their Gmail addresses to create profiles on social media and make them public. Due to this, finding someone using their Gmail address and a reverse Gmail lookup on those sites can be straightforward. 

Can I use LinkedIn to find the owner of a Gmail account?

LinkedIn gathers information on people and businesses in one location. It can give you access to valuable details about specific people, such as their contact information (phone numbers and Gmail addresses, among others). Even if LinkedIn doesn’t make it simple, you can access a person’s profile by Gmail address.

You may find someone’s LinkedIn profile by following the instructions below if you only have access to their Gmail address. To proceed, you would want a LinkedIn and a Microsoft Outlook account, which are connected to the same Gmail address.

  • Open Outlook and sign in with your credentials.
  • Select “New contact” by clicking the People button on the left.
  • Enter the desired First Name and Gmail address for the person whose profile you’re looking for, then select Create.
  • Return to your Contacts page and select the newly created contact.

To link your Microsoft Outlook account to your Microsoft LinkedIn account, click LinkedIn and sign in to your account. Returning to Outlook, you may now see the Gmail address you were looking for’s LinkedIn page! Click the “See complete profile” on the LinkedIn button to view it on LinkedIn. If there isn’t a profile, then the Gmail address isn’t connected to any LinkedIn accounts.

Can I use Facebook to find the owner of a Gmail account?

The most widely used social networking platform is Facebook with hundreds of millions of users worldwide. The possibility that the owner of the Gmail address also has a Facebook account is highly significant. Your Search should be made more accessible because Facebook allows you to search users by Gmail address.

  • Go to the Facebook website or use the app.
  •  Enter the person’s Gmail address into the Facebook search window, then hit the Enter key.
  • If the person you’re looking for doesn’t link the Gmail address to their profile or if the person decides not to make the Gmail address public in their “About” information, you won’t be able to discover results.

Then, adhere to the guidelines below to learn how to add individuals by Gmail to Twitter:

Can I use Twitter to find the owner of a Gmail account?

Users cannot conduct a direct search for individuals on Twitter using Gmail addresses. However, you can import your Gmail contacts to Twitter; if it exists, discover the Twitter page linked to that Gmail address. Make sure to add the Gmail you wish to track to your contact list before you begin the search.

  • Log in to your twitter account
  • Select Menu > More > Settings and Privacy > Security and privacy > Contacts and discoverability.
  • Enable sync address book contacts and, if prompted, give Twitter access to your contacts. Twitter will upload your contacts and utilize them to generate follower suggestions.

You can locate the profile page of the person you’re looking for if they use their Gmail address on Twitter. Suppose the user isn’t utilizing social media or that specific Gmail address to sign up for social media accounts. In that case, this router could not function properly for you.


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While emailing the unknown account, gently introducing yourself and explaining your interest in the person’s identity is the most straightforward approach to finding out who owns a particular Gmail address. This method rarely works when the individual intended to send you an anonymous Gmail in the first place.

A good way to find out who sent you a Gmail is to use a reverse Gmail lookup program, which costs money in exchange for a background check on the Gmail account’s owner. If you’d instead use free techniques, consider using Google’s reverse lookup feature or looking up the Gmail address on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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