How to hack someone’s phone safely without touching it 2023

hack someone's phone

I know you must be thinking if this topic is a thing of fiction but I can confidently tell you that it is very possible to hack someone’s phone without breaking a sweat. Tracking a smartphone is a very complicated process due to the myriad of security features that
most mobile devices are built with now. So it makes it pretty difficult to even bypass these but if there is
a will then there definitely will appear a way.

How to hack into someone’s phone without the installation of an application?

The national governments of any modern day country are known to keep surveillance records on each
citizen. They have professional hackers whose jobs is to perform computational magic. But it is not only
the national governments of the world that pis interested in finding out what is going on in other
people’s lives. Enter cell phone monitoring solutions. With this tracking software anyone who has a basic
knowledge on how smartphones generally operate can gather information on any person they may be
interested in without for once showing their hand.


Hacking another person’s mobile device without touching it may have seem like a James Bond magic a
decade ago but now it is a norm for us now. Anyone anywhere with enough will and a basic knowledge
on smartphone operation can do the same magic and be proud of the results.

Why are people always interested in hacking another person’s smartphone in the first place? According
to the trend in this information age, there are a lot of suicides that may have been avoided if enough
interest have been shown in finding out what was really going on in other people’s lives. No one will just
open up and tell you the emotional and psychological struggles they are passing through. Most of these
dragons are battled daily and penned down on their smartphone journals. Parents have to battle with

the fear of their children’s psychological health in these trying times and may want to know how and
what measures their teenagers are coping with the struggles of life.

Not only kids brood on suicidal thoughts as most adults are also seen taking their lives much to the
surprise of everyone around them. Some of these battles are written down in their smartphones and
gaining access to this vital information could really save the life of your loved ones.

So how do you go about hacking someone’s phone without touching it? One of the surest method would
be by using spy apps as this will ensure that all information you need will be on your fingertips. This will
incredibly remove the barrier of information gap and keep you n =in the know of how things are
transpiring n other people’s lives. But this is a little restricted to a particular type of mobile device and
that is the products of all Apple devices.

If you wish to hack an Apple device, let’s say the iPad, you will need to know the iCloud credentials as
this will enable spy on the person without having to, for once, touching their mobile device.

Before we continue, we will like to educate you on how you can protect your phone as this may help you ensure that your phone is secured at all times.



Do you suspect that someone has unauthorized access to your mobile device and feel your privacy has
been intruded? Do you remember anyone knowing all your plans for the day without you necessarily

telling them beforehand? Does your data consumption go through the roof and you are surprised as to
how this is so? has your phone’s performance really slowed down and its battery life a nightmare?

If you are seeing all these signs and are genuinely concerned, it may be someone has somehow installed
a spyware app on your smartphone without you knowing and is keeping track of your mobile activities.
Or it may just be that your smartphone is trying to tell you that it’s time to change it. Whatever the case
may be if you have the gut feeling that your privacy has been compromised, you really need to do
something about it fast before any damage is done. I am here to tell you what damage control protocols
are available to you in this sort of situation.


The answer; anyone. From the governments, to your parents, to your siblings, friends, employer, jilted
lover or even a total stranger who may randomly hit on your profile while casually gathering data. So
don’t go around pointing fingers at anyone less you offend someone in the dark on the matter. So how
do you go about solving this? I will address this in the next topic.


So you feel that your smartphone has been acting odd recently or that someone knows too much about
you for comfort. Maybe you were casually browsing through installed apps and came across a funny-
looking app with a similarly labeled funny name. and you do not remember ever downloading it. What
do you do in this instance?

The most effective way of securing your smartphone would be for you to restore t back to factory
settings. This will ensure that you keep your present device without having to raise new funds in getting
another and permanently ostracizing the offending spyware. But before taking this step ensure you back
up all vital information to your cloud account (Google Drive for Android or iCloud for iOS devices). This
will protect any loss of documents.

Another option would be for you to scan for any funny-looking app on your smartphone. You can get
third-party scanning software like Kapersky and Avast security solution which will run a deep scan on
your smartphone. If they sense the presence of any spyware, you will be promptly alerted. This will
ensure you keep your smartphone as it is. But even after doing this and you still don’t feel secure, try
the ‘reset’ option I discussed earlier. No spyware can make it through that sort of purge.


Hacking a decade ago was exclusively reserved for the professionals, white-hat hackers, penetration
testers; whose duty it was to break through the firewall of corporate and personal security. It was
unthought of and unheard of that an average Joe can easily monitor and track another smartphone. But
this is not the case anymore as now there is a proliferation of spy apps which makes surveillance, data
mining and information gathering a walk in the park. With technology evolving and solving problems in a

crazily fast pace, hundreds of software are created daily to make knowing what is going on in the world
more easier. So you can now sit in the comfort of your bedroom are be up-to-date on occurrences in
another person’s life. So how do you this and do it conveniently?


Are you suspicious about your smartphone’s health? Check out our article on how to remove a hacker
from your phone to know the steps you can take towards re-securing your smartphone for your use


Do you want to hack another person’s phone remotely? Are you suspicious that something may be
wrong with your kids and want to find out safely without them ever knowing about it? Then you are
reading the right post. What you need to do does not require you having an Einstein’s brain or a
Mozart’s dexterity to make this a success. All you need is a spy app to do the job. Follow the
instructions below and get started.

 Go to the official website of Xnspy and subscribe to a package of your choice.

 Remember to select the device type. If it is an Android, you will need to download and install on
the target device. Grant all necessary permissions so the app can perform properly.

 With an iOS, you do not require any installation as spying on the phone remotely can be done
without this. All that is required is the iCloud credentials of the iOS device. Also, make sure the
back-up option is enabled to synchronize the data to your phone.

 After all verifications have been done, you can now login to your online dashboard and start
spying on the target phone remotely.


Governments of the world are able to keep track of every one of their citizen and even other nationals
by just their phone number. I know you must be thinking how this relates to your search but it does. The
same spying and tracking software they employ is available for your use today. All you need is a spy app
that will do the job properly.


Are you interested in hacking someone’s phone with just their number? You can easily monitor
someones call log with the use of flexispy.
You can also do that by accessing the person’s email
By using the technique below.

After sending the code, you’ll need to deceive the person with a spam email in order to get the code
from the number.


iPhones are considered the cream of the smartphone universe and are treated as such. Every year,
Apple; parent company of iOS devices launch smarter and better smartphones for those in the upper
echelons of life. Within hours, their stock inventory is already exhausted. But with all this does not mean
you cannot monitor, hack or even track an iPhone? This cannot be more further from the truth. iPhones
and all iOS enabled devices running on one central cloud solution which means if you can get access to
this, you will be able to mine enough information on anyone of your choosing.

It is now a cliché for one to say “our smartphone is our world” in this present age. All our life’s
experiences and journey are chronicled on our smartphones making them a vital well to our life. So how
can you hack an iPhone easily and without stress?

The surest and often only way of doing this is to learn the iCloud credentials of the target. Remember I
said Apple runs a central cloud solution; well this is what I was talking about. When you get the Apple ID
and password of the target user, you can utilize any of our spy app recommendations to get started.
Don’t worry; we are not leaving you half-way on this journey. For a more detailed guideline, you can
check out some of our previous works.
Check out our article on how to hack someone’s phone using another phone to learn how to go about
doing this.


Android devices are built on open-source APIs meaning anyone with enough knowledge can modify this
to build an entirely different operating system. Even this may sound not so cool, it is a very good way of
keeping everyone honest. Using a close-circuit and non-modifiable API means only one person or a
bunch of people dictate what goes on in this operating system and this can be used as a tool for
victimization and invariably discrimination. So Android keeping their APIs open-source is great for the
global software community.

But it being open-source does not make it easy to hack. Far from it, Android devices are one of the most
difficult operating systems to hack primarily because the hacker will have to physically handle the target
phone before anything can be done. And in a situation where this is impossible, it certainly rules out the
possibility of it being hacked. Now one other option hackers may try out would be trying to install
malwares remotely. They are always disguised a email messages but this does not ensure success as the
target may end up not even clicking the email at all. So it still boils down to physical access to the

Once you are able to physically access the target device, you will complete a one-time
installation on it in order for it to be hackable. After this is done, the spy app will automatically begin
operating in the background so the victim never really finds out what is going on.
Another bottle-neck you may be considering is if the target device needs to be rooted before this
approach works. Not for once do you need to root the phone. The spy app will run on all versions and
keep the battery consumption to a bare minimum and phone’s performance running as before.


Are you feeling cheated in your relationship with someone else? I do not mean only romantic
relationships in this case. Do you want to uncover the act but do not know how? Are you desirous of
having video evidence in order to prove your point? Then you are in the right place.


Gathering video evidence on another person is very possible using your smartphone. You do not have
to follow the suspect up and down the country trying to get that incriminating shot that will seal your
case in the court of law. Neither do you need to hire someone to do this exhaustive and time-wasting

task for you. You can be somewhere as far as another state or country and still be able to get what you
want easily. How is this even possible?
With the solutions spy apps now proffer, it is very possible and very easy to do this. How do you now go
about this? You can register and create an account with some of our top recommended apps on our
website and begin almost immediately. Check them out here (please input backlink).

After you are done creating and filling in the necessary details on the target phone, you can begin
remotely hacking and spying on the target user’s device without them ever knowing. With the remote
hacking of their phone’s camera (Highster Mobile is especially good at this), you will be able to access
their photo gallery, view the images and videos they have stored there, delete and edit, and even take
pictures and record the occurrences in the smartphone’s surroundings.

Have you seen the classic spy
movie Snowden, this is you doing the same things a top-hacker does without necessarily spending the
years needed learning the skill.


Have you ever considered if it is possible to hack a smartphone? I mean with the face unlock, biometric
unlock, pins, passwords that most smartphones are enabled with have you even remotely welcomed the
idea of hacking one? Well, if you haven’t you can take it up as a fun side project cause I can tell you it is
very possible and very easy to do as well. Now who would want their smartphone to be hacked in the
first place.

As crazy as it sounds, there are people that want their smartphones hacked although you will have to
put it in another way to them. Take for instance, your elder sister who is always losing her phone and
can’t seem to remember where she last kept it. You can suggest this as a permanent solution to her so
she doesn’t go about rending her hair trying to find out where it could possibly be.

If you put it this way
to her, I bet you she will whole-heartedly welcome the idea and task you with the job of making this
possible in the shortest time possible. From this your first milestone success, you can table the idea
during dinner to your dad and mom and your other siblings and gauge their reactions.

Tell them it’s just
a precautionary step towards ensuring no one gets their smartphone stolen. Although they may not be
open to this idea, you can let them know that it will take some time for them to track their phone with
their service provider-in the event of loss- due to the red-tape involved but this will put their phone’s
safety and security in their hands. Putting it this way will definitely turn the tides in your favor as even
your sis will chip in a good word for you.

From here, you get your family’s blessings to spy on them. Do not disclose the full details of how this
works or else they will kick against the idea. Just stick to “I’m thinking of you” line and you should be
fine. Now how do you go about this without wasting time and exhausting your keen interest? Read on.


Hacking your child’s mobile may be for a couple of reasons best known to you but if they are using a
symbian or any other operating aside Android, iOS or Windows, you may not be able to hack. The only
way you can find out what is going on in their lives will be to physically handle their phone yourself.


Are you still interested in making up with your ex? Do you want to rekindle the fire that once was
between the two of you? Even though it may seem impossible you can use your long-time contact as a
way of surreptitiously spying on her. If she uses an iPhone, you can try finding out if she still uses her
former Apple ID and password. If she still does, you can use the processes we have covered extensively
to see what is going on in her life. This is the only way you can get through to her in this situation.

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Conclusion: How to hack someone’s phone without touching it

Spy apps is your best bet to hack someones phone or a phone without touching it. And the most exciting
thing about these apps is that they don’t cost a fortune. These apps are quite accessible and easy to use
or purchase. We recommend flexispy to anyone who wants to hack

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