How to right-click on a Macbook – step by step guide in 2023

right-click on a mac


If you’re transferring from a Windows computer to an Apple one, you may be interested in learning how to right-click on a Mac. Generally, Windows computers feature special mouse buttons that make right-clicking simple.

On a Mac or MacBook, things are more covert. Your mouse or trackpad’s kind will determine how to right-click on a Mac. As a result, right-clicking may take time to be apparent.

It seems quaint to explain how to right-click on a Mac in this day and age. Even though Apple abandoned the one-button mouse in 2005, this topic is still frequently posed.

Why? The Apple Magic Mouse and trackpad are button-free, and there isn’t even a right-side button to be found!

You can see where the misunderstanding comes from when you combine that with the urban legend that Apple still does not support right-clicking. It’s interesting to note that despite Windows users being accustomed to using two buttons for a long time, Apple launched a single-button mouse in 1983 and stuck with it for 22 years.

But right-clicking has long been supported by Apple. Right-clicking with a straightforward two-finger touch or a click in the bottom right corner is supported on all of its mouse and trackpads as of 2005. You can alternatively click with one finger while holding down the control key to accomplish the same result.

Thus, if you use Apple products and have been unsure how to right-click, don’t worry—it’s an easy process. You’ll be right-clicking like a pro if you only remember to use two fingers or the control key and a single finger.

Whether you’re using a mouse or a trackpad, there are several ways to right-click in macOS. You’ve come to the perfect place if you recently went from a PC to a Mac, are doing research, or are lost and need direction.

The right-click capability is integrated throughout MacOS, making it a crucial operating system component. There are numerous ways to right-click while using a mouse or trackpad. Whether you’re a new Mac user or need assistance using this feature, you can rely on us to assist you.

Guide to Right-Clicking

Using a mouse connected to a Mac allows for right-clicking, and the invention of the multi-button mouse gave rise to the idea of right-clicking. When a mouse is linked to a Mac, the right mouse button instantly activates the right-click feature. However, some mice, like the Apple Magic Mouse, lack a clear right-click button. In these circumstances, the user must click the mouse’s top-right corner, typically where the right-click button is positioned.

There are various ways to connect multiple mouse kinds to a Mac. The user should connect a wired mouse to a Mac’s USB port. When a mouse is present, the Mac recognizes it and activates the right-click feature. Similarly, a USB port on the Mac should have the dongle from a wireless mouse plugged in. Once more, the Mac will recognize the mouse’s presence, and the user can right-click by pressing the button on the right side.

Unless it comes with the Mac, the user may need to pair a Bluetooth mouse before using it. To accomplish this, the user must switch on the mouse and make sure the Mac can see it. When using a mouse with a lightning cable, connect one end to the mouse and the other to the Mac, and the device will automatically pair. If not, the user can pick System Preferences from the Apple symbol in the top-left corner of the screen, click Bluetooth, and then select Turn Bluetooth On. The user can click Connect or Pair when the mouse is listed to make it operational and enable the right-click.

Click with Two Fingers on a Trackpad

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A trackpad is a portable and practical alternative to using a mouse for computer navigation. How to right-click on a Mac may not be clear using a trackpad. Fortunately, with simply the trackpad, there are two ways to right-click.

On a Mac with a trackpad, pressing down with two fingers is the standard procedure for right-clicking. This action will open the right-click menu, which, depending on the situation, gives access to some alternatives.

You can program your trackpad to react to a click in a particular corner if you’d instead employ a different technique. To do this, select System Preferences by clicking the Apple emblem in the top-left corner of your screen. Choose the Trackpad option from there, and then click the Point & Click the tab. You will notice a two-finger clicking option that you can modify to a bottom-right or bottom-left clicking option. This will give the designated trackpad corner the ability to right-click.

You can quickly adjust your Mac’s trackpad settings to fit your tastes and speed up your workflow by following these easy steps.

Using the Control Button and Clicking in Tandem

Magic Keyboard highlighting the Control button

You can use the Control button on a computer to conduct a right-click operation using a mouse or a trackpad. Click the left mouse button or the trackpad while depressing the Control (Ctrl) key on your keyboard to conduct a right-click. The options connected to a right-click will be visible after performing this action.

If you use a Mac and need help with how to right-click, read on. Adhere to the directions above to right-click on a Mac. You can troubleshoot and reset Bluetooth on your Mac if you have difficulties associating your Bluetooth devices with your Mac. Also, you can discover how to clear the cache on Mac, edit a PDF on Mac, remote desktop on Mac, fast convert picture files on Mac, forget a Wi-Fi network on Mac, enable the hidden trackpad on iPhone and iPad, and more.

Don’t worry if you’re looking for an emoji keyboard. The emoji keyboard is also available for Mac.


Right-click functionality on MacBook Pros and other Macs is called “secondary click” or “control-click” more frequently. Yet, despite this change, many users will probably continue to use the term “right-click” for some time.

On a MacBook Pro, you can tap the trackpad with two fingers or hold down the Control key while tapping the trackpad with one finger to perform a right-click. The trackpad settings can also be changed so that alternative tapping gestures can be used for right-clicking.

While not strictly a right-click, the function has a similar impact. Since Macs lack separate right and left buttons, “control-click” or “secondary click” would be a more accurate word.

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