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unblock someone

When a user is blocked from seeing your posts, they will not be notified of the action which makes it even more protective. In this article, we would be teaching you how to unblock someone on instagram

Instagram is a fantastic platform for sharing images with your loved ones and serves as a platform for you to share various types of content. Instagram content can vary from career posts, lifestyle, beauty or motivational tips to religious and emotional posts. It is a platform where everyone and anyone can find expression any way and in things that please them. However, one can run into issues when your content is misunderstood and you find yourself the subject of harassment or trolling. In such instances, the block feature is one of the handiest aspects of the platform.

On Instagram, blocking someone prevents you from seeing their posts and prevents them from interacting with your profile. However, you always have the option to unblock someone on Instagram if you change your mind. Perhaps this person has found other ways to reach out to you and apologise for their behaviour. It seems logical that such a person be given a second chance to enjoy your content.

unblocking on instagram

There are three major ways to unblock someone; each one is simple to use and offers a unique set of advantages. Go through your list of “banned accounts” first so you can unblock a lot of individuals at once, or immediately access their profile to ensure that you know who you are unblocking. Finally, use the direct message method which is only available if you have had conversations in the past.

To unblock an account on Instagram, follow any of these three methods:

  1. Banned Accounts

On Instagram, blocking someone adds them to a list of “banned accounts” in your settings. From this list, you can view the people you’ve blocked and even unblock them. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Tap on your profile picture in the bottom right (for mobile devices) to access your profile
  • Click on the three horizontal lines and locate the ‘Settings’ icon
  • Tap on ‘Privacy’ and then click on ‘Blocked Accounts’
  • Then select the account you want to unblock and click on ‘Unblock’ to remove the restriction

Be careful not to accidentally choose the wrong account though.

  1. Activate the Settings Menu

On your profile page, click the three horizontal lines in the upper right corner and choose “options” from the menu that appears.

  1. Enter your privacy preferences.

To access the settings for who can read your profile, tap “privacy” (the option next to the padlock icon).

  1. Select Blocked Accounts

To view the profiles you’ve previously blocked, tap “blocked accounts” in the connections section

  1. Choose Unblock

The “unblock” button is located next to the account name of the person you want to unblock. Tap the blue Unblock button.

  1. Confirm

In the confirmation window, select “unblock”. This will allow the user to gain access to view your profile, follow you or message you. If you want to follow someone you recently unblocked, you can also do that

      2. how to unblock someone though profile

It is simplest to unblock someone by going to their Instagram profile. This functions whether you’re using Instagram on the web, the iPhone or Android app, or both. You can unblock someone by visiting their account directly. This allows you to make sure you aren’t unblocking the incorrect account and, if you are, allows you to quickly follow them afterwards. It will take some time to unblock many people this way.

To unblock using this method, follow these quick steps:

  1. Click “Unblock.”

To unblock someone, visit their profile page and click the “unblock” option.

  1. Confirm

In the confirmation window, select “unblock” to provide them access to your account.

  1. Direct Message

Instagram users can also unblock someone using the Direct message feature, provided that they have corresponded with the person. If you want to unblock someone on Instagram through direct messaging, all you need to do is:

  1. Click on the Message icon

By clicking on the message icon, you have a list of all your friends and followers that you have corresponded with, including those you have blocked.

  1. Select Blocked Account

Scroll and search for the blocked account you wish to unblock. When you have found it, select the account.

  1. Click on Unblock

After you have located and selected the account, at the end of the message thread, you will find the Unblock option in red. Click on Unblock. A confirmation message will pop up, select Unblock to confirm the action.


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Irrespective of the reason you had to do it, you now know how to unblock someone on Instagram, even if they had already blocked you. Now, this user can look you up in the search box, message you directly, and see your posts and articles. However, they’ll also need to unblock you before you can do the same for you to view their content as well.

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